Vote Fraud: North Carolina Absentee Voters

The reality of why Democrats are against anti-voter fraud measures, like Voter ID, has been revealed: they do not want to get caught using fraudulent people’s identification of dead people, called “vampires” in John Hayward’s report of North Carolina early voting. In absentee ballots there have been found – 

at least 832 votes from people over 110 years old.

Revealed by the Examinerthat 70% of those 832 vampires voted Democrat, which means 20% of the votes were for Republicans (shame) and 5% for independents. Thus far, 2,374 seniors between the ages of 94 and 100 have already voted in North Carolina with BH Obama in the lead in the absentee vote count. The Examiner got a top from a senior voter, when she was told by her friend that he voted and he was going back to vote again tomorrow. The polling place did not ask for names or check voters off a list of registered voters, much less ask for an ID. There is suspect that cash is given for people voting more than once under false names or names of those deceased. Shame on those Americans whoever they voted for.
Voter fraud is REAL, folks – and it must end. If the one I choose loses in a fair-and-square election, I am disappointed – but if a person loses because of fraud that is destroying our rights and liberties of voting. Democrats are desperate, and apparently 20% in North Carolina Republicans are too. It is wrong whatever political party (or independent) is encouraging this grievous scandal. Authorities should be watching the polling places like a hawk this election (all elections) especially because it looks like this race is going to be close. A poor image of the American voter, to be sure.