Myth Blaster: Obama Youth Email on Fright Night

Fright Night – 1985

Fright Night is here in your neighborhood … October 31st 2012, (not 2011 remake Fright Night edition) … the fear this Hallowe’en is OBAMA GETS REELECTED

Glenn Beck broadcast about BenghaziGate:
At the beginning of the presidency of Obama, his plans of what people would call “Obama Youth” being no surprise to those who know history of how socialists and communists know the value of brainwashing youth of a nation. The family unit slowly destroyed over decades, replacing common sense values and moral character with state-infused ideology by using the government-controlled education system. Marriage is no longer a sacred, traditional entity. In the following short clip, he stated this plan of a “civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded”. To Do What?
The big deal over Romney’s 47% when this president says so much behind our backs. “It is his prerogative to share private information with his campaign donors”. [CNN] But not for Romney. He also promised to be “more flexible” when reelected to Russian president via a “hot” microphone.
Obama administration has informed the courts that the Fort Hood Massacre will not be referred to as a terrorist action.
Aaron Dykes at InfoWars quotes what Obama stated in 2008 and what he calls “Brownshirts for Homeland Security Emergency Response”:

We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.

Despite knowing the abuse of the Second Amendment after Hurricane Katrina disaster, Homeland Security will be in charge of FEMA Corps.

Further, greater federal control through FEMA has proved disastrously inefficient in its own right. The failures of the feds at Hurricane Katrina are legendary. Less known are other cases, such as the fires that spread across Bastrop, Texas last year. FEMA was caught preventing numerous local bonafide fire fighters and emergency responders from giving aid or helping locals.

Meanwhile, Homeland Security has been demonizing American organizations who are legal constitutional militia, not meant to be subversive, but instead a civilian force operating outside the corruption of government For the People; all the while ignoring the over 25 Islamic training camps spread across the United States and their identifiable terrorist-type training. Constitution militia is not based on racism or any other bias, but based upon constitutional law and preparing to face enemies of the United States from within or without in conjunction with local constitutional law enforcement.
The following is a picture of the FEMA Corps:
Alleged FEMA Corps “Brownshirts” – Chain Email
No Brownshirts there.
This article was initiated by a chain email that depicted that Obama and Homeland Security director has authorized the training of youth as emergency responders is only a front for “brownshirt” activity. One site link goes nowhere and the other to a dysfunctional website that covers everything from supernatural occurrences to truly bizarre conspiracy theories. [Rense] The website is officiated by a radio personality by the name of Jeff Rense. The major theme of the website is any type of conspiracy one could think of – based upon hard evidence or not. Most of the website is ads that direct one to health foods and wacky stuff that people make money on. One of the good part of the site is under CLIMATE where sources show how wrong the global warming theory is. Searching for those pictures posted on the chain email revealed nothing from this site. Another article, Voter Fraud Inevitable From Digital Elections is something I have warned Americans about since its inception. Now that is true fearful goings on. 
You can’t run from evil when it lives next door.

Much more, but no mention of the FEMA Corps alleged conspiracy, as described in the chain email.

Folks, if chain email does not have viable sources – DO NOT FORWARD!  Unless, of course, you are sending it to me to verify.
Folks, we do not have to make up anything against Obama – he has supplied plenty of information against him and his associates.