Obama File: Above the Law and Election 2012


bama and company believe they are above the law – whether they are caught at it or not. Fast and Furious, a major example, and more recently the embassy scandal, and this, revealed by two Heritage Foundation ‘Morning Bell’ writers – Hans von Spakovsky and Amy Payne:

The Obama Administration’s disregard for the law has struck again — and this time, it’s encouraging others to violate the law at taxpayer expense. … The law in question is called the WARN Act, and it requires that federal contractors send employees layoff notices 60 days before a plant closing or mass layoff.

The inconvenience: Massive defense spending cuts under sequestration are scheduled to hit on January 2, 2013. Defense contractors affected by the budget cuts would have to issue notice letters to employees by November 2 (four days before the election) to meet the January 2 start date for the spending cuts. The penalty taxpayers would pay: Employers who violate the WARN Act are liable to their former employees for ‘back pay for each day of a violation’ and ‘benefits under an employee benefit plan,’ as well as a penalty of $500 for each day that notice has not been sent to the local government where the layoffs will occur. As an example, Lockheed CEO Bob Stevens has said that 123,000 of his employees would receive layoff notices. If companies fail to meet the WARN Act’s deadline, lawsuits from employees could result — but the White House has provided a taxpayer-funded guarantee as a way to counter their fears of enormous litigation costs. This guarantee is not only unprecedented but also potentially unlawful. … This is the ultimate abuse of the President’s executive authority: inducing federal contractors to violate a federal law and promising to use taxpayer funds to reimburse them for any resulting liability that they incur for violating that law. Refusing to follow federal law has become the hallmark of this Administration, but the White House’s latest arrogant, unlawful ploy goes even further and may end up costing the American taxpayer a great deal of money.

Amy also wrote about Obama’s jobs record
Yet, I still see signs on fellow American’s property that read:
What will it take to convince Americans how bad a president and commander-in-chief that man is?
How much proof of incompetence and outright unlawful actions of Obama and associates must be presented to convince them that the United States cannot afford to have this kind of leadership?
The percentage of voters who vote for Obama and company this election will provide the rest of us clear proof how many Americans continue to allow others to override their common sense and trade so-called government benefits for freedom and liberty.
So-called unbiasedpollsters (PEW) has Obama with a 47% nationwide voters’ poll in his favor. That magic number – 47% – is what Obama and friends whined about when an unauthorized video in a private meeting, most likely for revenge of Obama speaking his mind with Russian president without knowing the microphone was “hot”, is exactly who Romney referred to in that political strategy comment. Some of those may be people who are undecided. Many of that 47% is on some sort of welfare program. Not that being forced during unemployment to obtain welfare is wrong; too many of that 47% believe they are entitled to it for just being “poor”. 
Moreover, speaking of the “poor” in America, after visiting war-torn and economically depressed countries, I can tell you that only in America are “poor” people obese, drive cars, have air conditioning and plumbing in their dwellings; but they can afford to drop $10 to $100 on state-run lottery tickets each visit. If they want to know what poor is, just keep the likes of Obama and friends in charge. With all that time on their hands, they will listen to the political propaganda and head for Wall Street to protest, when the real culprits resides in the White House and operates in the halls of Congress. The so-called “99%” is really the 35%. Since Democrats profess to believe in democracy, that is not a majority of mob rule. Moreover, they would not know that because they were educated in government-controlled schools that lower standards so the graduation rate is higher.
As far as Mitt Romney, his character far exceeds that of the present leadership, despite being backed by the GOP elite establishment. Just how well he performs as a constitutional president can only be surmised, based upon his actions and policies as governor of Massachusetts. However, he has been successful in matters of business, where Obama never had the experience or knowledge of any common sense economic actions, as well as having a VP candidate who is savvy about government budgeting. Joe Biden is nothing but an obnoxious, loudmouth politician who follows socialism enthusiastically. 
As Will Rogers, American cowboy and humorist (1879-1935) stated:

I don’t know who started the idea that a President must be a politician, instead of a businessman. A politician can’t run any other kind of business, so there is no reason why he can run the U.S. That’s the biggest single business in the world.

Alexander Hamilton, who could never have been President of the United States because he was born outside of the United States (Caribbean Islands) was our first Secretary of the Treasury and had fundamental economic knowledge, as well as applied common sense. His program, called the Hamiltonian Economic Program, explained in three notable reports implemented by Congress during George Washington’s first administration:
Every politician in OUR government, at least the person who is Secretary of the Treasury, should know Hamilton’s principles of economics, its success and faults and have some professional or educational background in economics. Not socialist economics, but economics that actually works.
Thomas Jefferson was a plantation owner and successful in the field of operating a business. His major economic policy and belief was toward a Laissez-faire economic policy, which lets the people follow their own pursuits to produce a living based on their own goals and objectives; unlike BH Obama who stated that Americans did not build US businesses, the government did. [See Friedrich Hayek and Ludwig Von Mises]

Jefferson is often overlooked in the field of economics and capitalism in America due to much of the credit being given to Alexander Hamilton.  In my opinion that is due to a fundamental misunderstanding of the term American capitalism. … It is true that Jefferson did not want America to become like the manufacturing capitals in Europe, but I believe it is not due to a dislike of capitalism, but rather an intense yearning for individual freedom. … By understanding the foundations of the influences of Thomas Jefferson on his philosophy of government and economics, I believe it is clear that Jefferson believed the best way for one to pursue their happiness; it is best achieved in a pure form of capitalism.  It is a fundamental concept in economics that people are rational and will act in their best interests to achieve their goals.  Jefferson believed that concept was never fully achieved in England, but he built the platform of capitalism in America by not taxing the product of one’s labor and by letting the people pursue their own self-interest with no interruption from government. … Never before in history has a Government allowed its people to be completely in control of their economic destiny without mandate by the State and without excessive taxation on their labor.  Today we take this concept for granted, but the restraining Government and allowing citizens to pursue their own destiny was a radical and revolutionary concept and is still considered as much today.

The economic problem today during a deep recession, is not Wall Street, but over-legislation in Congress and presidents not using their veto power when it is necessary. An example: GW Bush, who said it was the job of the Supreme Court to decide, referring to a bill he should not have signed because it contained articles that were against constitutional law, stated he signed it for Supreme Court to do their job. A flurry of bills hit the voting floor every week, too many voted upon without reading it or researching its short- and long-term impact. Politicians gauge their success, as legislators by how many bills are pushed through Congress rather than a fewer amount that are efficient, meaningful, and have the quality to pass in a constitutional congressional vote.
The problems we face today in our government, its unconstitutionality, and providing itself more power than mandated in the Constitution. It is not the fault of just one political party; despite the overwhelming evidence of deeply bedded corruption and socialist ideology in the Democrat Party and it being the major problem in OUR government. In order for government to reform, those political parties, even if just one, and the American people must reform simultaneously. Those corrupt that take office or become corrupted after taking office are products of OUR society – and the result of who We the People vote for as a majority. Therefore, the gist of the blame truly falls upon We the People who allow such things to happen.

Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.
Winston Churchill

 The SEALs removed one threat to America, now it’s time for the voters to remove the other.Brad Nagel – retired Navy SEAL

Last Note:  Remember all the fuss about Mr. Romney’s wealth? Well, it seems that Mr. Obama has a bigger pension fund than Romney, AND has financial holdings in the Cayman Islands, and in early January he and Michelle and mother-in-law will move into a mansion on one of the Hawaiian Islands. Now, what was that about the “1%” the protesters cried out and put on their demonstration signs at Wall Street?