Media Watch: Hurricane Sandy Becomes Model for Climate Change Argument

Martin Bashir at MSNBC uses Hurricane Sandy as an attempt to reestablish the “global warming” or “climate change” theory-turned-hoax. PBS (govt controlled entity) joined in when Tavis Smiley dreamed of Obama politicizing the storm as part of the traditional “October Surprise” rhetoric. Jennifer Granholmwas quoted:

there’s a clear link to climate change. … Is this a result, this disconnect, the result of the oil lobby successfully confusing the public? How do we convince the people that it’s real and that it’s caused by people?

That’s simple, Ms. Granholm – keep lying to the public, kill common sense, and hope you can dupe enough people to actually believe that climate change has not been occurring before even humans walked the Earth.
Of course, ALL the pundits and useful idiots are not paying attention to the NASA report of increased solar flare-storms that definitely has much to do with weather. 
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