CDC Infant Homicide Report: Abortion Death Rate Left Out

Terence P. Jeffrey(CNS) provides a report from CDC(Center of Disease Control) that states that in 2011 more infants died by homicide than disease or complications. The report states that 256 babies aged one year or less died as the result of homicidal assaults in 2011, while 25 died of influenza, 157 died of pneumonia, and 68 died of congenital pneumonia. 

The total death count for infants in the United States in 2011 is 23,907 that were one year or less.

The top five causes of death for infants in 2011 were congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities (4,984), disorders related to short gestation and low birth weight (4,116), sudden infant death syndrome (1,711), newborns affected by maternal complications of pregnancy (1,578) and unintentional injuries through accidents (1,089). (To see the CDC’s full list of the causes of death for American infants in 2011 click here and scroll to Table 5.)

What the report and Mr. Jeffrey failed to relay is the amount of death caused by abortions was 1.21 million infants in 2011, of which 61.8% was less than 9 weeks old and 1.5% were over 21 weeks old. Abortion is not listed as a disease nor is it listed as homicide. The report also shows that most of the pregnancies aborted were Black and Hispanic. The latter is surprising to me considering the majority of Hispanic religion is Catholic.  
In addition, according to the report, no American babies in 2011 died of measles, chicken pox, mumps, polio, tetanus, diphtheria, gonococcal infection, or disorders related to long gestation and high birth weight. Which means that the biggest cause of death to infants, even if they consider a fetus not an infant, mass murder (infanticide) is taking place and the biggest reason is that the pregnancy was unplanned, therefore unwanted. 
Most of that infanticide was enacted because of government-controlled organizations paid for by taxpayers who consider abortion a form of homicide and therefore a sin or at least not acceptable.
How can one write about infant homicide without including the abortion rate in those statistics? Simple, CDC is a government entity that backs the Planned Parenthood policies of the federal government, who think nothing of using taxpayer funding to pay for abortion.
It is horrifying that babies are murdered at all, but to ignore the largest murder rate occurring with government approval (federal and state) with a death rate of over one million is inexcusable. It is government sanctioned murder. It does not matter whether the infant is nine weeks or 21 weeks old. It is life at any stage. 
I guess abortion is like state government lotteries, gambling is legal when government is in charge. When government is in charge they make it easy because they redistribute income from one group and give to another group. Every member of Congress and state assembly should be forced to view aborted infant bodies. It may make them see how their abortion death factories are a disgrace to humanity.
Government should not be allowed to interfere with such personal decisions in matters like abortion. Women’s rights movements state that they should have the options of decision concerning their body; yet those same people think nothing of preventing smokers from smoking in restaurants (smoking section), bars and now motels and hotels – whether the OWNER of that business wants customers to smoke (or not) or separate smokers from non-smokers. It is hypocrisy that irritates me. It is violation of property rights.
Abortion issues should be between a medical practitioner and the patient, and government should keep their nose out of it – and never allow tax dollars to be used for such purposes. Every right and liberty should be based upon personal choice as long as those choices do not interfere with the rights and liberties of others. Every choice requires responsibility of accepting the consequences.