Election 2012: Last Message Before November 6th

Reasons why BH Obama cannot be reelected:

  • President Obama added $6 trillion of debt. In 2008 he stated he would lower the debt, yet made a comment soon after election that more spending was inevitable in order to “get the job done”. Every citizen in the United States, including children owe over $51,525.
  • The Federal Reserve is printing money without having gold reserves to back it up. When Obama took residence in the White House gasoline was no more than $2, today it is just under $4. The cost of food has increased by 31% on the average.
  • Since January 2009, the average household income has decreased by $4,019.
  • 8.2 million Americans have given up looking for work and some have settled for less hours, less pay in order to make ends meet. The real unemployment rate is 14.7% as of October 2012.
  • President Obama and Congress have passed 106 regulations that cost more than $46 billion per year and puts more burden upon employers.
  • ObamaCare new tax increases, several. 
  • Fraud has increased during President Obama’s tenure. Just the healthcare segment has suffered at an estimated $750 billion waste and fraud.
America requires REAL change, and that change is in the capacity of serious reform that will not occur overnight, but must be seriously addressed by a Congress who believes in earning their annual salary and benefits they receive, and a president focused upon constitutional law and common sense foreign policy. A president (and Congress) proud of America and determined to gain back its former prestige and reputation among the nations of the world; a president and Congress that will not kowtow to United Nations assembly and Islamic fundamentalists’ goal of world domination. We need legislators who pride themselves upon quality, not quantity when it comes to passing proposed bills into legislation. A president who knows his/her responsibility is to use veto power when bills arrive for his signature that have not been properly prepared, studied for short- and long-term impact, and that are NOT constitutional. We require a president whose policy is that the buck stops at the Oval Office.
It is a tall order to fill, whether the position is in the White House or Congress or the Supreme Court. It is and must always remain the requirement if Americans want their nation to continue to be the best of the best and a land of freedom and liberty for ALL, not a nation of entitlements and expectations of a government that provides everything from cradle to grave.
Vote with your eyes open on November 6th, 2012. Perform YOUR duty with responsibility and foresight.