Election 2012: Socialism Wins, Republic Loses

This election was lost by the Romney/Ryan team because:
  • Media Bias-Manipulation: It either skimpily covered Obama’s faults or buried them; the media often invented controversies against both Romney and Ryan or falsified “facts” and statistics. The media made a big deal about Romney’s rhetoric at a private political donor meeting. Apparently, a Democrat operative secretly recorded and Mother Jones was more than happy to make it viral on the Internet – yet the media shelved the hot mike conversation Obama had with the Russian president as well as the scandal concerning the attack on the consulate in Benghazi. PolitiFact demonstrated their bias on more than one occasion in determining truth of what Romney or Ryan said. The media “truth cops” only focused upon Romney. Moderators of the presidential and VP debates were obviously bias coverage. The media has downplayed the seriousness of the economy, far worse than when GW Bush was in the Oval Office.
  • Mitt Romney did not counter when hit with unsubstantiated and bias media rhetoric, or crazy accusations from the political left. He was his own worst enemy when it came to debate or answering to charges against him by the opponents.
  • Voter Ignorance: Because of the media, and the fact that too many voters rely on the TV and radio advertisements to make voting decisions, they were too often ignorant of the flurry of scandals and mismanagement by the Obama administration. Too many voters, for a reason I have yet to determine or imagine, completely ignored that Obama only kept one campaign promise – initiating ObamaCare and getting it passed; which the American people are going to see it will be a serious mistake. With a majority only in the House of Representatives, thanks to two GOP candidates who made stupid remarks concerning abortion, as well as the GOP elite establishment not having a clue to what is required – Obama won. Past record made Americans not trust the GOP, and rightly so. Republicans did not do enough to regain that trust. In the 1990s, they had control of Congress and failed to take proper action in true reform then. GW Bush was a failure because in some cases he was no better than Obama in issues concerning the domestic scene. He failed to see  the warning signs, he ignored the plea to get rid of the income tax system, and passed unconstitutional acts, including executive orders that was unconstitutional, at least in part.
Romney is a person of character, no question. 
However, he failed to stand up in debate and return remarks the last time he ran, the major reason why he failed; along with his past record of changing policy on issues in midstream. The GOP elites should have known this and not made Romney their poster boy – which was obvious even in the primary elections. The media was cooperative because they knew that Romney did not stand a chance against the propaganda machine of the DNC.
Americans have not learned that loyalty should not be wasted on political clubs, the entities of RNC and DNC. This election proved Romney correct about the 47%. Romney, with his successful past management of business and an Olympics event, should have provided incentive for him to work that experience into solving our economic problems. Instead, the majority chose an inept (based on last four-year record) “community organizer” lawyer whose obvious ideology is flat-out socialism and a soft spot for Islamic fundamentalism. Instead of focusing upon his birth certificate, people should have encouraged members of Congress to use the knowledge of Obama’s record and involvement in the various scandals, two big ones: “Fast and Furious” and BenghaziGate. If they had, instead of reelection campaign, Obama would be undergoing impeachment hearings. He, his staff, Cabinet, and Czars know now that they are above the law. All they have to do is pull the “race card” out – and it works well against spineless elected misfits.
The serious mistakes of the GOP establishment have cost more than an election. It has cost the chance to fix what is horribly wrong with America and its government. It also shows how low American society has fallen from important values that are the difference between success and failure.
I have lost confidence in fellow Americans.
They have fallen prey to what the Germans in the 1930s allowed to happen. Common sense is, apparently, dead when it comes to the majority of voters who recklessly waste their prized liberty. Obama and company are not the only ones who won yesterday, the biased and manipulative media has won a major victory, and for those who see it, means that it is the media who decides upon elections through manipulation of people who have not a clue to the reality of any issue or situation. It mattered that the economy was slipping when GW Bush was president, but it does not matter that Obama made things worse.
What does that mean to the rest of us?
As, fellow Erica at Jefferson’s Rebels stated in her article …

Weep for the Death of America

We Lost the Republic that Benjamin Franklin thought we could not keep.

It reminds me of what Jesus of Nazareth was to have said as he was being crucified …

Father, Forgive them for they know not what they do. [Luke 23:34]

And why are we losing our Republic?
We lost the Republic in the classroom long before we lost it in the voting booth.
As Ronald Reagan stated: “It is a time for choosing” … well, majority of Americans, well most of who are legal citizens, have chosen. Unfortunately, the rest of us must bear the brunt of the outcome along with those guilty of not choosing wisely