After Shock – Election 2012

Although I did not support Romney in the Primary Election because the GOP elite establishment had made him their “poster boy” – I thought he would win, even by a small margin, the presidency.
It was because I had faith in the American people to give someone a shot to fix our government, thus the economy, especially since his success in the world of business. More shocking was the local statistics revealing that in my county, Obama also had the lead in votes – a county with one of the highest unemployment rates in the state of Wisconsin. If Obama could not only fix what he said he would in 2008, but also make matters worse – I truly thought the American voter had more in them. Therefore, the shock is twofold – wrongly thinking that Romney would win by a narrow margin at least, and that the majority of voters would have figured out the ineptness of this president and his associates, as well as see the corruption, detect the lies, and see that something is not right in Washington, DC – not just Wall Street. To me, the latter is most disconcerting.

Of course, as political pundits and politicians do, they blame the GOP for not “reaching out to the Latinos, young voters, and women”.
Let me be frank.
Latinos that are here illegally (estimated to be 10 to 20 million) have obtained fraudulent identification and have been known to vote, and when they do, they vote for the political entity or person who supports amnesty or at least is willing to continue the government’s path of turning its head and not enforcing immigration laws.
If women believe that Romney is “anti-women” – they need to reevaluate their sources of information and wonder if they have any common sense. Romney is not out to make abortion illegal, he just wants the government to get out of it. Taxpayers pay for legalized infanticide, and looking at the number of abortions each year, it is truly mass infanticide. Sex education was not instituted in the curriculum of public schools for the purpose of handing out condoms and encouraging them to have promiscuous sexual relations.
ABC News, The Note, strategist stated:

This wasn’t a problem of candidate, it was a problem of fit. The GOP no longer fits the modern electorate. We have fundamental issues with Latinos, young voters, and women.

Partly true.
Conservatives, whether GOP or independent, apparently does not “fit the modern electorate” because We the People have created a generation where values are reduced, tradition is “old school”, and the Rule of Law is bendable, just like the Constitution. It is generations whose faces are buried in a screen monitor playing role-playing games while the world outside marches past them. They have not been educated in classic curriculum; most cannot spell or lose in reading comprehension, and are thoroughly brainwashed that they are entitled to be pampered and their income assisted by their new god, the government. Once in a parking lot, a young woman was upset because I complained when she banged her door into my vehicle. After a flurry of rage and expletives, she stated that she hoped I would die soon so she would not have to pay for my social security. That is a true story. It is also how brainwashed and selfish youth of today are. Every American pays for social security, the so-called government retired program all their working lives. They expect to get a return, like all retirement programs, and plan a certain retirement age. The government whines they have not enough funds; the retirement age must be raised because people are living longer, and the “baby boom” caused the SS trust fund to go bankrupt. Truth is, the more people there are putting money in a so-called trust fund that Congress has been dipping into for decades to cover their frivolous spending, and the more funds will increase. It would have been better for Americans to put that money taken out of their checks forcefully to have invested it in an investment package, far less risky than in the hands of politicians in Congress. When Clinton announced there was a “surplus” – he must have meant there was still money left in the Social Security trust fund, for the word “surplus” was a lie. Indeed, the economic stability was a backlash from Reaganomics, not Clinton; and six months before election day in 2000, Clinton was told that Recession has crept back into the scene, but they were told to not to release that fact until after the election. Of course, GW Bush only slowed the problem down he did not fix it.
David Brody, Christian Broadcasting Network, placed the blame for the loss on the GOP choice of candidate, as I did. It is not that Romney’s character is at fault, America needed a communicator in this election, and Romney is no Reagan. Brody stated:

He was never the right candidate. Plain and simple. The anti-Obama vote got him close but it wasn’t enough. He wasn’t a sweeping vision candidate. People weren’t voting so much for Romney. People were voting more against Obama. It’s tough to win that way.

Indeed, people are tired of choosing the lesser evil in elections. The media and the political elite decide who runs for president, not the people. Viable candidates are not given airtime and when they do, they are made to look ridiculous, like Ron Paul. The GOP elite helped greatly there.
Pundits are already talking about who is going to run in 2016. Assuming the US does not go bankrupt or is capable of a free election. One of these is Chris Cillizza at Washington Post’s The Fixpolitical blog, entitled: Handicapping the 2016 Presidential Field

The 2012 election is behind us. Let the 2016 speculation begin! (Heck, if Jon Stewart can talk about it, why can’t we!) … the line of demarcation between people who like politics and people who are obsessed with politics is that the former’s eyes glaze over when talk of the next election begins soon after the end of the last election while the latter’s eye take on a wolfish intensity that might scare some. …

He goes on about who are the next “contenders” … Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Paul Ryan, and Rand Paul.
That was the Republican list, he also wrote a Democrat list: Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Andrew Cuomo, Martin O’Malley, Kirstin Gillibrand, Amy Klobuchar, and Elizabeth Warren.
Frankly, except for Rand Paul and possibly Paul Ryan … I do not see a constitutionalist among this list of politicians.
Romney was right about the 47% … this election proves that Americans would rather go with those that will give them “free” stuff, piss down their backs and tell them it is raining, rather than have the opportunity, liberty, and freedom to get it on their own.