American Electorate: Reality Check

Republicans are whining that they did not get enough Hispanic votes that helped Obama be reelected. Once again it was the fault of Romney’s lack of being a good communicator and his past indecisive manner – as well as his copy of ObamaCare when he was Governor of Massachusetts. In other words, the Tea Party movement, true conservative constitutionalists, as a “moderate” politician, viewed him and in reality has a reputation as a RINO. And I stated this in the primary elections, to no avail. 
The GOP elite establishment has no one to blame but themselves, in the following examples:

  • Majority Speaker, Boehner, stated in so many words that the Tea Party Caucus does not exist. The GOP elite used the Tea Party momentum to secure votes, but when it came to hitting the wire and getting business done, too many RINOs stood in the way. It is about time that the GOP establishment and directorate start warning members that if they do not put the constitution in the forefront of compromising – they lose RNC support. Like they did to the GOP candidate who made the offensive remark about rape. 
  • The GOP analysts are whining that they lost Hispanic votes because they are “behind times” or “behind the curve”. No, it is because too many of those Hispanic votes that went to Democrats were made by people who are not only here illegally, but also are guilty of identification fraud. The promises made by GW Bush to first secure the US southern border completely across its length, preventing illegal entry and then enforce laws and deport those here who are not supposed to be. A clear policy between legal and illegal immigration must be set, and Americans need to not listen to the DNC when they do not separate legal and illegal immigration issues and use their infamous race card. Historically, Hispanics, specifically Mexicans who became Americans have contributed greatly over the decades to our nation; just as other ethnic immigrated people have also contributed. All of us, especially the Native Americans should be proud of their heritage, but foremost in mind that they are Americans – a factor that unites us, instead of dividing us. 
  • Socialism never worked for any nation in history who tried it. Those nations went bankrupt because the productive population who created wealth could no longer support the rest of the population — plain and simple. Which brings the gist of the reason why the Democrats still hold majority in the Senate and Obama won the election …
The Democrats offered free stuff — more free stuff than the GOP establishment. Yes, let us vote for someone who authorizes receiving free cell phones. It is never “free” – someone is paying for it. The productive “wealthy” society, whose innovations and hard work help them reach their personal goals, must continue to support an ever-growing populace that is less productive (for whatever reason). Instead of being jealous of class or financial situations concerning individuals or groups – why are those that are jealous find out how they achieved that. It was not from looking for “free stuff” – but working towards their personal goals and achieving the “wealth” they have. Do not let anyone tell you that the rich inherit their wealth – that is less than one-half percent of that particular social class that have inherited anything substantial. 
Like Utopia, it is all a pipe dream and political propaganda. Wherever it comes from and whatever side of the political fence it originates.
That does not say much for the majority of voters that voted on November 6th, 2012. It also proves that the comment made by Mr. Romney in a closed session with supporters discussing strategy concerning the “47 percent”. 
Bloggers warned the GOP elite establishment, especially when it dissed and ignored the constitutionalist conservative Ron Paul, treating him like a third-party candidate. The media treated him the same way. He was not depicted as a maverick, like John McCain (RINO), but as a radical misfit. Oddly, the anti-war left also ignored him, despite his clear stance on getting over involved with foreign affairs. His son, Rand, will pick up the baton of freedom, liberty, and government fiscal responsibility and maybe enough Americans will take notice in 2016 of what is needed to restore the republic as it was created.
It is long past due for the Democrats and Republicans to compete against a third party – constitutionalists; for the gap of difference between the two is narrowing. Especially when the GOP elite consider they must compete in giving “free stuff” with Democrats in order to win.
That “free stuff” is what drives the United States into debt – and the “free stuff” is not just going to Americans. Too much of it is going elsewhere. It adds up to more than the cost of the armed forces and defense policies and projects. Unless Congress approves a war, we should not be involved – unless it is a direct attack that requires an immediate counter attack and/or defensive position. 

Once again, Romney is a failed communicator and he and his handlers are to blame. Hispanics must not have paid much attention to Mr. Romney’s family history, which once lived in Mexico as Mormons. Romney’s attitude is not negative toward Hispanics, just illegal immigrants from Mexico. When are American Hispanics going to realize that illegal immigration hurts them like other citizens? It is called logic and common sense. It also involves personal responsibility and rightful convictions.
The reason is a no-brainer: illegal immigration hurts employment and the economy – hurting Hispanic legal Americans just as much.
It is why Obama won in Colorado, Nevada, Florida, and Virginia – and maybe here in Wisconsin. The loss was a combination of Romney’s inability to communicate (good orator, but not reaching out to people) and ignorance of the Hispanic community. A high percentage of illegal Hispanic immigrants have little formal education. Knowledge is power. Ignorance is detrimental. Stupidity is intolerable.
A third important factor is that there were illegal aliens voting as citizens. The voting system must be protected with proper laws that require better identification of voters and the workings of the system to prevent voter fraud.
Obama even stated in his campaign:

And since this is off the record, I will just be very blunt. Should I win a second term, a big reason I will win a second term is because the Republican nominee and the Republican Party have so alienated the fastest-growing demographic group in the country, the Latino community.

THAT is why the Democrats are so eager to provide amnesty to an estimated 20 million illegal aliens in America. Votes. Their welfareis secondary.
Even after Ronald Reagan signed an immigration amnesty law in 1986 (a mistake), Hispanics are primarily Democrats. It is odd because of the Democrat position on disrespecting Christian religious belief and the fact that Hispanics are primarily Catholic. It does not make sense among legal Hispanic citizens, and why statistics show that Hispanic conservatives are growing in numbers – but not fast enough to counter the illegal immigrants with false identification who vote. Or those who vote more than once. Or votes coming from dead people. Or recounts that are illegal and corrupt. Or union thugs intimidating their members. 
As Rep. Lou Barletta, (R-PA) stated:

You should not sacrifice your core beliefs for political reasons.

Immigration laws judge the amount of yearly allowances of legal immigrants for an important reason – unemployment rate. Immigration laws stem from lessons learned when, in the 19th century, hoards of immigrants came to America and found there were no jobs, especially during the Civil War, where Irish immigrants swarmed to New York to get away from the famine in Ireland. There were no jobs, so Irish immigrants were inducted into the Federal Union army right off the ships.
The Republicans are not against legal immigration, after all, their ancestors came from somewhere else as most of us.
Hispanic support for the Republicans dropped from 44% when GW Bush was president, to 27% for Romney. Statistics show, however, that conservative Hispanics like Mario H. Lopez, president of the conservative Hispanic Leadership Fund, are examples that educated and middle-class Hispanics lean toward conservatism worried about national security and increased unemployment due to illegal aliens.
The Founders like George Washington and Thomas Jeffersonwere correct in stating that citizens are better when they are educated and informed. Their personal lives are better and they are invaluable citizens.
If the media in the late 1700s disturbed Jefferson then, he should see what a powerful bias and manipulative propaganda machine it has become today.
Citizens interviewed as to why they support Obama were given policies and comments favored by Romney and attributed to Obama. They had no clue that Obama did not support such things, but because the interviewer attributed it to Obama they assumed through ignorance. It is the sign of the times that people vote via emotion and negative campaign ads via TV and radio, rather than common sense and searching for truth. One young moron American actually stated that if it was on the Internet “it must be true”.
It is no wonder that some Americans state that if someone does not love America (its traditions, culture, and form of government created) – leave it. Instead, morons have bred morons and the government-controlled, politically correct crowd are brainwashing our children. It is why private schooling and homeschooling is favored more today, if folks can afford it. Statistics show that youth who are home-schooled or attend private schools have a higher standard of learning and compete well in higher education institutions and in career choices.
We are losing America as a republic in the classrooms, not the voting polls. It was quite evident during the first term of Obama when children were singing songs of praise as if he was some sort of monarchy – yet, balked at reciting the Pledge of Allegianceto our flag, a sacred symbol of our republic and its people, not government. Another example of outright desecration of our national flag when the stars and stripes flown at Florida Democrat headquarters with Obama’s image instead of the white stars on blue background. Snopes called it the “Flag Flap” as though it was meaningless, but at least reported it as a true incident.
The federal government has taken “God” out of the equation, yet retains a government office based on “Faith-Initiative” policies.
Our government was created to be a republic. Then it was steered toward democracy. Now it is heading toward Oligarchy or worse, anarchy. It is part of the evolution of many governments in several civilizations and demonstrates that humanity learns nothing from its mistakes and does not reflect upon ancient wisdom that should be ageless. The Founders were successful in creating the Constitution and its amendment and a great nation because they were educated in the classics – something Americans know nothing of because they were not taught in government-controlled schools. The government’s excuse from federal to local is funding, yet the education system receives more money than any point in history and more than other nations whose standards and intellect status are greater.
The federal government and too many state governments major problem today when facing issues that reoccur or never go away is not because of lack of funding, but because the politicians (and voters) never learn from their mistakes and that if an ideology/policy does not work, it is time to reflect upon something different instead of politics as usual. In that, both Democrats and Republicans are guilty, especially the American voter.