Obama File: Harry Reid’s Form of "Cooperation"

Apparently Senator Harry Reid did not get word from Obama concerning his promise to work with Republicans.
The despicable foul-mouth, rumor mongering senator from Nevada is spearheading a move to write new rules for the chamber limiting filibusters. Well, senator it works both ways. When Republicans had the majority the Democrats did the same thing. It will take two-thirds majority for such a rule to pass. Republicans say that Senator Reid blocks them from adding amendments to legislation, thus requiring a filibuster.
Those who watch classic films would know that the 1939 movie starring James Stewart was about a filibuster to stop a corrupted bill from passing in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. It appears on AMC and other channels that show classic films. It was also a short-lived TV series starring Fess Parker (as Eugene Smith) running for one season from 1962-1963.