Veterans Day: November 11th 2012

Today President Obama spoke at the Arlington National Cemetery for the veterans on Veteran’s Day.

This is the first Veterans Day in a decade in which there are no American troops fighting and dying in Iraq. After a decade of war, our heroes are coming home. Over the next few years, more than a million service members will transition to civilian life.

They will most likely be standing in the unemployment and food stamp line.

Wrong, troops requiring such care have not received promised care and benefits. For example, it took ten years for the government to finally recognize so-called Gulf War Syndrome – a combination of environment and the administering of an undocumented and mysterious two-stage vaccine (“A” and “B”) that Congress, even after sending copy of proof did NOT respond nor address the issue or investigate. I know because I was part of the medical team administering to our brigade and made the recordings.
When the government finally decided to approve benefits for previously mentioned maladies, they screwed over veterans by not paying them over the ten years they had to wait, stating it was past the cutoff date. In addition, in 1996, after there were so many medical issues of all sorts from the Gulf War, Congress decided to put retirement funds received into the medical compensation basket; thus the retirement benefits were deducted from the medical compensation. Those who accepted the early-out program with severance pay were also included, despite NOT being retirement benefits. In every state, VA hospitals are located in a major city, usually the capital of that state; which means that veterans must travel far to get medical treatment. Despite requests to close state VA hospitals and liaison with local hospitals via VA administration and only keeping the Michael Reese Hospital complex in Washington for troops recovering from wounds and requiring special medical and surgical needs – Congress has ignored the idea despite its cost-saving planning. Of course, veterans are provided travel compensation who live over 50 miles from a VA medical facility, but that would not have to be paid if VA hospitals were not operating and veterans could just visit their liaison officials and go to their own doctor or one appointed by a local hospital. The complaint that people would lose their jobs if VA hospitals closed their doors and the real estate sold, is incorrect. Those personnel would be required to be employed at local hospitals to alleviate the increased patient load of veterans. But all of this is common sense. Another concept is that only VA doctors understand war wounds and other injuries and diseases. That is false. Doctors in major cities take care of knife and bullet wounds regularly, and are knowledgeable about everything a VA doctor knows, except for being aware of the bureaucratic procedures of the VA department – and that can be learned.

Obama in his speech, stated:

No one who fights for this country overseas should ever have to fight for a job, or a roof over their head, or the care that they have earned when they come home.

Indeed, Mr. President, apparently you do not know about the myriad of cases, procedures, and veterans who are disabled, cannot find work because people do not hire disabled, and have been left behind by the government who sent them to war.
Spending cuts is required as well as sensible budgeting, but too often; cuts occur in the wrong places. Domestic programs that help people help themselves and veteran programs are falling by the way while our government sends checks for the benefit of foreign people and high-speed railroads to nowhere.
The last three administrations have continued to decrease funding, or remain the same despite the need of veterans of foreign wars.
I hear people commend veterans on Veteran’s Day and other days for their service, thanking them. Most are embarrassed. All they ask for is that the government keeps its promises and do not figure ways of getting around them.
In unrelated news… General Petraeus scandal was known before election day and all evidence indicates that not even the Congressional Intelligence Committee was informed of the FBI investigation, but it was held back until after the election for obvious reasons. I do not think it would have mattered to the Obama voters, since the Benghazi scandal, much worse, apparently did not disturb them either. The story came our when the mistress (his biographer) began to receive threatening email, scared, she went to the FBI for protection. It turned out to be biographer of Petraeus. Her name is Paula Broadwell.

That makes two scandals that Petraeus is part of and being questioned about. This administration has had more scandalsthan Clinton era, (even counting the Lewinsky Impeachment Hearing) yet fellow Americans chose Obama over Romney (I know, he was a lesser evil). I guess Romney was correct – the “47%” was afraid they would lost their welfare “entitlements”. It would not have been the case. And, part of that 47% worried about an honest immigration reform where illegal aliens with fraudulent identification would not be able to vote and most likely would be sent back from whence they came – creating more jobs.
Fellow Americans, who are part of the “47%” are a great disappointment and embarrassment to American society.