Obama File: Transparent Government?

This “Obama File” continues, when it should have been laid to rest on November 6th 2012. It is a large file.
Instead, the popular vote and the electoral vote, which many have questioned its usefulness in a popular vote election, has decided that America must deal with Obama, his appointed administration, czars as well as cohorts in the Senate (like Harry Reid) for four more years.
Yet another scandal breaks in the news, and after days of investigative reporting, it is discovered that the FBI knew of General Petraeus and his affair(s) months before the election, as well as a compromise against security in an office of particular sensitivity towards classified documents, events, and actions within the Director’s office of the CIA.

Either the FBI waited months to inform the President and associated staff, including the national security committee in Congress, or the White House was told, but failed to allowed the information to be revealed to the public until AFTER the election.

Every administration has at least one incident deemed a scandal during a president’s term, so to be fair one must recognize that. However, the character of a president is that culprits involved be punished and the matter revealed to the public. It is what is called “transparency” in modern politics, firmly lacking in this administration after Obama promised that government would be more transparent than the previous administration. As other promises made, it was never fulfilled, indeed, the opposite in the last tenure of this executive administration.
Despite being revealed of the seriousness of the so-called “Fast and Furiousscandal, voters still backed BH Obama.
Then there was the Benghazi scandal, which once again the Obama administration proved to be not only transparent, but indicated that treason may have been committed. It is treason to provide arms or any support to the enemy of the United States. The Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaeda, Hamas, and other such factions are enemies of the United States, and indeed the free world. They have declared so publicly several times in words and action. The so-called War against Terrorism, the war against organized Islamic fundamental fascism has been ongoing, declared by the Bush administration and sanctioned as an ongoing defense and offense of enemies of the free world who use religion as an excuse to commit mass murder, suicide attacks, extortion, and beheading of kidnapped civilians on video camera. Enemy combatants and organizers captured are technically prisoners of war, but instead, our government makes the decision to treat them as international criminals to be tried in a civic court of law. Prisoners of war are held until the war ends. The only trial that is legal is if the prisoners had committed crimes against humanity or broke the laws of the Geneva Convention Accord – which allows spies (enemy not in uniform) and saboteurs. The latter may be killed on the spot if caught enacting operations to commit sabotage. Most often a military tribunal is in order, for judicial fairness.
Voters on November 6th 2012 could have saved America much embarrassment and prevented dangerous scandals that threaten the internal infrastructure and our national security if they would have used their common sense, even if they were not totally aware of just exactly has been going on for the last four years. It is true that Romney was no solid pick for the office. However, he has good character and is/was not tied to subversive organizations, scandals, or other indiscretions. Anything negative against Mr. Romney was proved to be either false or misuse of existing information or all of the above.
The things going against Romney were his flubs in public speeches, his failure to address absurd accusations, and his past record of being “moderate” (RINO) when it came to issues – or worse, changing his policies in midstream. Indeed, he was not my choice in the primary elections – but the media and the political elite establishment seems to pick those who will not “rock the boat” in Washington, DC. They should have known Romney could not stand against the rhetoric and propaganda machine of Obama when he failed to be elected last time.
It is the same old story of repeated mistakes caused by ignorance and failure to realize that past policies and ideologies have not worked, but too stubborn or corrupt to change the approach to issues and problems those we elect are required to confront.
The majority, if we can rely upon the fact that all the votes Obama got were legitimate, is an embarrassment to our nation. It points guilt to a populace who would give up that which was founded by the original men of our government as well as freedom and liberties for promises and welfare they have come to believe are entitlements as if the Constitution and/or its amendments dictates so. The form of government that Americans have voted for has proven in history to swamp governments into economic ruin, as well as create an oligarchy form of government where the elite rule for benefits of the elite and its important supporters – and NOT We the People.
In all those respects, those transgressions, both traditional political entities are at fault in one area or degree with the media operating as the tool of government, specifically a government ruled by Democrat majority instead of the tool of the People who require transparency and important information.
If committing honest investigation, one would immediately realize that whatever the Democrats accuse, political opponents, and their organizations of, they are guilty – often far more guilty when truthful transgressions of Republicans have been made public. It is in this respect that the media has failed its purpose as well as its code of conduct that is protected by the First Amendment, of which the media seriously abuses.
Ben Stein at Ben Stein’s Diary, an American Spectator article entitled An Embarrassment to the Nation writes of an embarrassment of yet another scandal. However, he failed to describe the embarrassment when the majority of Americans vote with emotion instead of logic and/or undeserved loyalties to any one particular political entity – with no regard for the character or record of a candidate. Of course, this is assuming that the election votes not honestly recorded and/or ballots become mysteriously lost or discarded without explanation in an unsubstantiated recount. Even the judiciary fails to do its constitutional duty and abide by their oath of office in request for investigation into probable voting fraud in Florida, even when there is an eyewitness or eyewitnesses who have testified a possible ballot fraud enactment. Indeed, it was reported that union members were present (not to vote) wearing Obama shirts, creating more suspicion. The unions gained much power concerning our government through its private employment enterprises, harassment, political payoffs, and other corrupt actions. They have coerced the public and created domination through powerful political support that has made it difficult to remove the private union entities from the business of government.
Our government has so much reformation to put to task; one knows not where to begin. It would take an honest constitutional president and a non-corrupt Congress more than four years to set America back on track as to the form of government the founders created so diligently and with great discussion and endeavor.
Benjamin Franklin called our form of government a republic, and also pessimistically stated “if we can keep it”.
The greatest and longest-lived civilized power was the Roman Empire, and it fell from within before it fell from without. When society allows its government to follow the same corruptive path of its government and among themselves – no other future is eminent.
BH Obama did not create the mess our nation is in, regarding both domestic and foreign issues, but he has certainly increased problems instead of fixing them as promised. Still the voters have decided to keep him and his cohorts.
It appears that in order for our government to reform, our society must first reform and reeducate itself. Values like character, honesty, and integrity are ageless and always apply no matter how any society progresses in technology; and morals are not just for the religious – the international Golden Rule applies to any civic matter and especially those who are in charge and operate OUR government. 
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