Obama File: Poor Policies, Scandals, and BenghaziGate is NOT Going Away

Barack Obama the “great” president For the People …

 Your going to be successful if you get your ego out of it.

The American voter, in majority and if all the votes were legal, have decided to keep BH Obama another four years; and like his declared hero, FDR, has increased government intrusion upon the private sector, is stacking the Supreme Court, and continues with failed policies. The American voter has chosen someone whose job reference was “community organizer” over a successful, tried and proven executive who is perceptive in removing the red line in budgets and a record of being a true government organizer.
After all, which is easier to swallow? … Democrat false promises and failed policies or Republican establishment poster boy chastised for telling the truth about the “forty-seven percent”?
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Glenn Beck’s BenghaziGateinvestigation … wishful thinking that Obama would be busted with impeachment hearings for his list of corruption and lies. It would take congressional members with intestinal fortitude to overcome claims of “racism” and whatever in order to initiate such a hearing-trial. Beck provides good explanation of events and important questions that the American voter should have been considering in the last national election. But, hey, Obama provides free cell phones to “poor” people … This is the man who mysteriously was nominated and won a Nobel Peace Prize.
The enemies of the United States can back off … we are going to cause our own downfall without anyone’s help.
Obama’s entire political career has had more unanswered questions than any other political figure in US history – but the “people” still believe he is their savior.

The kicker is that the GOP poster boy’s record as Governor and candidate made people wonder if he could truly reform what is needed for the United States. His slip-ups during the campaign with no counter against the Obama propaganda assault is really his downfall, and that downfall reiterates the truthful statement made about the “forty-seven percent”.
There were at least three issues (including Benghazi) for a justifiable reason to impeach President Obama in his last tenure. What makes anyone think that there are enough in Washington to carry out what was not done during the last four years?
There are justifiable reasons to impeach, but we lack the brave to stand up for principles and liberties.

I find skepticism to be the key descriptive word when it comes to the views of We the People versus the federal government.