Retrospect: For Those Who Voted For BH OBAMA

Nothing could be more precise in Truth, more clear in understanding, what Barack Hussein Obama and his record in the last four years stands for. This video was published at Faded Glory Journal the day before Election Day in hopes to awaken those who still supported Obama and those who could not make up their mind …

This video says it all! 

Because voters believed in his lies, feared what his negative untruthful campaign propaganda projected, and ignored the warnings, the true statistics and records, and the ignoring the revelation of what Obama says he will do, never occurs … Obama is in the White House and his cohorts are in the Senate and the US House of Representatives.

Even if it is considered that rampant voter fraud took place in many states, one must consider the closeness of how Obama won – which means that the people of the United States of America and those who came here uninvited, illegally, but still voted anyway represents a generation that no longer uses common sense. It represents a people who do not believe in Natural Law and Natural Rights, believe that not only government can improve their lives and not believing in themselves, believe that entitlements are their right as an American citizen, instead of a fallback in times of economic problems. It represents a society whose political views mimic those of other nations who have failed economically, giving up freedom and individual liberty for a powerful government that preaches collective rights that are mandated by the elite who operate their government. 
Since the government controls our educational system, whose administration are made up of an elite who promote socialism, political correctness, and teach that the Natural Law and other winning political philosophies that created a nation like no other, conceived by Founders who had no model of government to follow other than types of government they did not want – We the People will regret the day of infamy when Barack Hussein Obama, Republican cohorts, and his political party’s deceptions, corruption and subversion has been realized — it will be understood when the people of the United States gave up a constitutional republic for a socialist tyrannical government. 
Obama or not, the economic crisis increases to a point that the government that the majority of voters kept in office or placed in office are wringing their hands as the Fiscal Cliff looms ever so menacingly; failing to realize that they are continuing policies and political ideology that created the problem in the first place. 
A nation is people, its government operated by selected individuals By the People, whose purpose is For the People. Society in America and those of other nations need to reflect honestly and realize that whatever type of government that exists it is because the People allowed it. Once that government uses coercion and fear to rule – the People lose control and all else that constitutes a free society.
If you wonder how all of this could happen, try looking in the mirror.
The same people who voted for Obama and ilk will be the same ones rioting in the streets because of economic collapse like in Italy, France, and Greece.