Norquist: Politicians Are Backing Away From Pledge

The media is on a kick again. This time it is gleefully reporting that Republican congressional members are disavowing their signed pledges to not raise taxes (instead curb spending). The media thinks because the pledge was signed by some members ten or more years ago, it no longer applies. On the contrary, it applies now than ever before because spending has never been curbed, thus the national debt problem and the “fiscal cliff” phenomenon. Both political entities are responsible for this dilemma. It is because they and the Supreme Court have allowed powers exercised by federal government that is not constitutional. The Constitution clearly dictates what powers the federal government has, but has for decades, increased its power in the name of helping the people, circumventing what the Constitution is all about. The economic status presently looming over Americans’ heads is definitely proof of that constitutional transgression.

One of the more amazing post-election spectacles is the media celebration of Republicans who say they’re willing to repudiate their pledge against raising taxes. So the same folks who like to denounce politicians because they can’t be trusted are now praising politicians who openly admit they can’t be trusted. The spectacle is part of what is becoming a tri-partisan … attempt to stigmatize Grover Norquist as the source of all Beltway fiscal woes and gridlock. Mr. Norquist, who runs an outfit called Americans for Tax Reform, is the fellow who came up with the no-new-taxes pledge some 20 years ago. He tries to get politicians to sign it, and hundreds of Republicans have done so. He does not hold a gun to their heads. Grover’s … apparent crime against Washington is that he now actually wants to hold politicians to what they willingly signed. If enough Republicans will disavow their tax pledge, then the capital crowd can go about agreeing to a grand fiscal bargain that raises taxes, pretends to cut spending and avoids the January 1 fiscal crack-up that the politicians have set us up for. Voters are supposed to believe that only Grover stands in the way of this happy ever-after. … The truth is that Mr. Norquist doesn’t have such power. The voters do. Mr. Norquist merely had the wit to channel the electorate’s limited government beliefs into a single-issue enforcement mechanism. … The real problems are a political class that won’t control its spending and economic policies that are retarding growth. That’s where the GOP should keep its public focus. Mr. Norquist’s tax pledge has been one of the few restraints over the years against those bad Beltway appetites. Democrats demonize Grover because they know this. They want to pit Mr. Norquist against other Republicans precisely so they can dispirit the tea party grass-roots and take away the tax issue as a GOP advantage. Republican voters know that elections have consequences and that Mitt Romney’s defeat means there will be policy defeats too. But they will give the House and Senate GOP credit if it fights for its principles and drives a hard bargain.

Norquist Groverhas been a long-time advocate of a congressional no-tax pledge that has not just Republicans signing it for decades. As ABC News tried to show that the pledge signed years before is outdated, but Grover states this is not so.
To some politicians, their signature and the no-tax contract is not worth the paper it was printed on; and in effect and unfortunately, most politicians feel the same about OUR Constitution. We need constitutional politicians, not Democrats or Republicans if they are not so.