Odessa Files: Truth About Abortion Clinics – Government Sanctioned Mass Infanticide

Not much to say in this article, I rarely write about abortion, but certainly have opinions – both emotional and logical about the subject. I do believe strongly that government has no business entangling itself in such matters, and worse, making it so easy to just walk in and have it done – without parental knowledge or consent.

However, the following video is behind-the-scenes look at the government managed and control of infant death clinics. It is so compelling and damning that I had to share it.
Government began with required sex education classes that soon led to what is happening today. Abortion is money, and as I have stated before, if you want the source or reasoning, follow the money trail.
The particular clinic being depicted in this video had on the average, 20 to 30 abortions an HOUR! We have become a throw-away society in materialistic terms, but this is throwing out the lives of infants like they were pieces of garbage, and in order to get the funding (money) they would lie and convince patients they should get an abortion for there is no other way.
Warning this may upset you, while there is no graphic images, it is intensely emotional. It is primarily a former abortion provider and clinic operator speaking out about what is happening in abortion clinics and how bankrupt our society has become when it promotes mass infanticide … it is barbaric.