State of OUR Union: Fiscal Cliff is Just Another Phrase for Bad Government

It is almost amusing how things are named; politicians use code words and other such thing. Let us take the Fiscal Cliff phenomenon into view, people trying to determine just where this term came from. However, the brain image is probably envisioned as in the scenes from Thelma and Louiseclimatic ending.

Mark Alexanderwrote at Patriot Post:

Good news, America: Those who believe that our nation has “barbarians at the gates” are dead wrong. The bad news: The barbarians are already well inside the gates, running the federal government.

McCarthy had the right basic idea of subversion of our constitutional republic government.
Obama administration, specifically Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, (did he ever pay his back taxes owed in 2008?) is heading a White House deal to Congress: Raising taxes over the next ten years with higher rates on the wealthy that total to $1.6 trillion, while increasing spending by $180 billion, and promising to cut entitlement spending at some undetermined date in the future. It will only generate $80 billion from the wealthy.
This proposal is the usual – higher taxes now and unfulfilled promise of spending cuts later. The reason why the national debt is out of control is spending beyond budget means, not that not enough is taxed. However, I would certainly concede that the tax system is not fair when some pay less than others do, and some chosen ones pay nothing for a specific period of time, when it comes to corporate taxation. The tax system requires an earnest overhaul – and fast.
Repeatedly, over the past 30 to 50 years, congressional members (and the electorate) have fallen for this ruse. Despite some Republicans reneging against their taxation pledge, the majority of GOP legislators are rejecting White House offer.
I guess the White House and cohorts in Congress can raise the ceiling debt because it just a matter of printing more paper money with no gold or silver to back it up. The problem is that when the US dollar finally hits bottom and no longer is the world’s reserve currency, bad times will be a mild description of what ensues. This then is the Fiscal Cliff that Congress and the media are talking about.
Now Obama is telling folks (at a Pennsylvania toy factory) that the Republicans are Scroogesbecause they are ruining Christmas – stirring up emotions that override reasoning, something he and his ilk are good at accomplishing. If he only intends to tax the “rich” – they will be the only ones who suffer at Christmas. Besides, Obama seems to forget the true reason for the season, and it is not Santa Claus.
Meanwhile, the markets are watching the politicians and the politicians are nervously eyeing the market as a deeper recession looms ahead – not making much progress. Did the electorate think that this administration and congressional members keeping their seats would really turn away from broken promises and bankrupt ideology in how to fix the problem? Apparently, it did not matter that the record in the past four years of success has been nil.
What is a political game to politicians (on both sides) is serious business for the People.
The clock is ticking, wails House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi. She wants a quick bill that will raise taxes on the wealthy. A potential compromise is in the making, says Rodgers via Fox News – but at what expense to the economy and the people? They have not learned that “quick fixes” are not a solution. They are paid to be innovative in finding long-term solutions. 
To me the most unbelievable offer is another stimulus coming from the White House. Just a Dutch boy’s finger in the dike holding back a deluge held off only for a limited time – and raising the national debt further.
The real reasons for economic ruin ignored, refusing to step out of the box and see that what has been going on for much more than four years. It is because of politicians who refuse to seek alternative answers that actually will work.  
It is time to get more accountants, business- and economic-savvy people elected instead of so many lawyers whose idea of law is just something to find the grand loophole.