Media Pundits: Double Standards?

The Washington media is all out against Grover Norquist and his anti-tax pledge, like Cokie Roberts at ABC. Not that Republicans do not have their fair share of blame
Media like Washington Post insists that false claims by Susan Rice were “basically right”, so says Ruth Marcus. While the media continues to paint critics of Susan Rice and her Obama nomination to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State as being racist and sexists:

There have been issues raised as to whether she was being attacked, criticized because she’s a woman, because she’s African-American … is there a double standard here?

Apparently, there is a double standard. Remember the horrible way the Democrats treated Condoleezza Rice (no relation)? Let’s see …

  • At a Capitol Hill Hearing, October 24th, 2007, was attacked by an anti-war protester yelling at her: “War criminal!” Strange, no anti-war protesters are out and about during Obama administration. Has he not supervise war activities as commander-in-chief? The war in Afghanistan is the same war in 2007. The protester turned out to be a Code Pink member, and was not the first time that group of radicals (like what Democrats call constitutionalists) have interrupted Ms. Rice.
  • Ms. Condoleezza Rice was invited to give a speech at the RNC 2012 session in Tampa, Florida, anti-war protesters (Code Pink) attempted to enter the event claiming they were there to arrest Ms. Rice for her war crimes. The woman is not part of government office anymore. War crimes? Why are they not protesting events that took place at Benghazi?
These are only two examples. It never fails. Democrats, armed with misinformation and prevarication, always accuse someone or some group of something that they themselves have or are committing in terms of corruption, crimes, et cetera. The gist of their political platform is pure hypocrisy. Moreover, their media counterparts are gleefully arm-deep in it.
Meanwhile, Code Pink continues its rampage in attempting to arrest members of the GW Bush administration, but no one from the Obama administration. In addition, the Left always says the Right cannot ever get over it – especially when their complaints are blamed on nothing tangible towards truth. As stated previously, they are searching for alleged war criminals, against war, while this president is in the thick of it. Code Pink protesters even interrupted a Mitt Romney speech at the 2012 RNC, and this guy was a governor of a state with nothing to do with any of the federal defense policies or offices. Huffington Post has had Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink, writing articles in their Internet progressive media.
Medea Benjamin, Code Pink Co-founder
In fair reporting, Code Pink also harassed Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi for not stopping the war funding for Iraq. Code Pink endorsed a national conference entitled Perspectives for Democracy and Socialism in the 90s at Berkeley, California in 1992.
Code Pink record:
  • Establishing office in Iraq for the purpose of encouraging American soldiers to desert and other support for terrorist entities. [One would think that the Democrats would stay clear of these radicals, Hillary Clinton invited their leadership to her offices to discuss differences when she was a senator.
  • Their protests are usually violent, in 1999 extremely so in Seattle where they burned cars, smashed windows, and tried to shut down the World Trade Organization. [This group is for “peace” not war].
  • They backed Cuban communism over America and its government.
  • Ms. Benjamin (Code Pink) wrote an article in the Huffington Post praising Hamas and denouncing Israel for its “vicious” attacks in 2009.
  • In February of 2012, Ms. Medea Benjamin stated her advocacy of socialist/communist ideology.
John Kerry is one of the Democrat politicians who supports Code Pink.
One of Code Pink mottoes is: 

We support our troops when they shoot their officers.

What distinguishes the right to protest, combined with support of declared enemies of the United States, become a matter of treason? Does anyone in OUR government care about treasonous activities anymore? As all freedoms and liberties, they can be abused. Exercising rights while trampling on the rights of others is not the way it should be.
Meanwhile, the media is all but silent concerning the investigation of just what exactly happened in Benghazi, and circumstances leading to the death of an ambassador and several others. Even a hint of allegations would have renewed efforts to impeach GW Bush if this was his administration.