State of OUR Union: Big Govt Equals Big Debt

When it comes to Big Government advocates, there is no demarcation line.
House Democrats are now proposing to add to the high cost of ObamaCareto cover children of illegal immigrants included in the DREAM Actinitiated by the Obama administration, that did not pass Congress, but the government website is taking applications as though it is a legal law. Some states, like California and Illinois already instituted the Dream Actfor their state universities. Wisconsin was one of the states that support the Obama amnesty program. The Dream Act passed the House in 2010, but still has not passed the Senate.
Rep. Barbara Lee(D-CA) is pressing the Obama administration to open federal healthcare programs to children who received deferred action under Obama’s plan – yet, the Dream Act did not pass the Senate yet nor has Obama signed it to make it legal legislation.
The Progressive Democrats called the Gang of Six: Jan Schakowsky(D-IL), Keith Ellison (D-MN), John Conyers (D-MI), Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ), and Barbara Lee (D-CA). They are promoting a progressive tax under the “fairness” doctrine, where their “fairness” means that 2% of the population will pay the most for benefits of the rest of the population. This is all part of the “fiscal cliff” deadline. The Gang of Six states that this is just the beginning of aggressive taxation.
What happened to raising taxes to REDUCE debt? 
Reducing debt will never be accomplished if raising taxes only brings about more spending.
What part of that does anyone not understand – whatever the political party affiliation?