Alex Jones: Video Tribute to Farewell Address of Ron Paul

I wanted to share an annotated version of Farewell Address of Ron Paul to Congress and the American People, produced by InfoWars, presented by Alex Jones. It is a well done tribute to Ron Paul who served his political office with the Constitution and the American people in mind – not big business, elite factions of political clubs, or whatever. Most of what he predicted since 1984 has come full circle, yet he is still made to look the radical and the fool, by the media, Democrat-Progressives, and even the establishment elite within the Republican Party whose founding was based on the principles of what Ron Paul has advocated all his political career.

Without further ado, here is the InfoWars tribute video by Alex Jones to Ron Paul and his Farewell Address to Congress and the American People. …

God bless Ron Pauland those like him, and the future of the United States.