Strategic Survival: Finding Solutions to Today’s Problems

This essay is an informal thesis, if you will, for American citizens, 21st Centuryhomesteaders and patriots, and concerns an important three-fold topic, not necessarily in this order:

  • To emphasize the importance of the people insisting upon constitutional reformation of the federal government operated and maintained by constitutionalists, not political entity advocates, special interests, or the funding of corporate entities – taking back the power of government back to the people, and honoring state rights as sovereign governments, yet who protect and maintain the Constitution of the United States and its amendments For the People and By the People;
  • No longer tolerate those who would change our government system, established as a unified republic of sovereign states, created through the wisdom and foresight of our Founders;
  • Through promotion of self-education of the American citizens, arm them with knowledge and instill a desire to obtain and retain knowledge of the articles and amendments of the Constitution of the United States, its inspiration from the Declaration of Independence, the reasons and arguments presented by The Federalist (Federalist Papers); and promote unity and establish and maintaining those endeavors.

In terms of unity, we are at a real disadvantage up against the left. It only takes one thing in common for “liberals” to unite. It only takes one difference of opinion for conservatives to divide.
Joel Skousen

Left-Right_Alexander_PatriotPostThe Left or the Right are political descriptive terms, yet it has become the instrument of great division within the our government and society. While the Right cannot be construed as being not being a problem, it is the Left that wants to change the form of our government and do so in drastic measure, gaining its number through coercion and false or misleading information. A more definable term is Liberal (Left) and Conservative (Right). Contrary to some beliefs, the radical movements within Liberal groups are socialism, communism, and fascism. The radical side of the Conservatives (Right) is principally theocracy, in which Christianity is no longer a separation from government and the state. Fascism is a form of National Socialism, not a radical form conservatism, “Neocons” as some people ascribe it. In reality, too many Americans are advocating a change in the form of our government that their ancestors endeavored to get away from by immigrating to the United States and becoming American citizens. Our established national language has always been English, because historically the original 13 states were English colonies under the rule of the monarchy of Great Britain. Recent change to make the United States bilingual has only divided our nation further, and for reasons that makes no sense and ulterior motives. It is also costly in terms of government printed documentation, as well as extra cost for some parts of the private sector – and for no logical reason other than the fact that certain immigrants, primarily those that come here illegally refuse to assimilate and expect Americans to conform to their wishes and standards. Spain did not establish the 13 colonies, England did – so why do we tolerate those who would change our established national language? Would it be right to immigrate to Germany and expect that country to institute our language into their system? No. Decisions made in immigration should include the adoption of the traditions and language as the correct thing to do. That is exactly is what has happened in the United States. Language is a unifying factor of any nation.

Do we wish to end up like the Balkan States? That is what pocket multiculturalism does to a nation.

A divided nation, any nation, cannot last. California was a republic before it was a state, but it was not a republic of Spain, it was a sovereignty – and still is a state sovereignty  that has been taken over by Mexicans, most who arrived through no respect for the laws of the United States. The state, as a state sovereignty, has made the decision to provide amnesty to illegal immigrants and insist, in the guise of fairness and humanitarian reasoning, which they receive all benefits afforded to citizens of the United States. In addition, groups have arisen with violence and racial hatred on their minds that insist that California and other areas of the United States belong to the people of Mexico, who in fact, are descendants from Spanish-Mayans or Spanish-Aztecs who were once under Spanish rule. Native American various tribes were the people north of the Rio Grande River, not the Aztecs or Mayan civilization. People have been brainwashed by their government in Mexico in thinking so, to justify a literal invasion. Not many people know it, but during the conflict of Mexico, it was considered by members of Congress that the option was just to invade Mexico and make it a territory of the United States – but we did not do so. Instead we just aided the Republic of Texas in their fight for independence from Mexican military invasion and authority – because Texas was not part of the United States at the time, and they chose to be a sovereign state. That included Mexicans who had established themselves in the Texas territory-republic previously to the conflict. It made them Americans by right. The subject is presented here for an idea of the problems we face today in the United States and further discussion in detail is warranted for another essay-article in a future date.

We are all citizens of a nation begun with principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence, and a written contract between the government and those chosen by the people to govern and operate that government on their behalf, and abide by their oath of loyalty and support of articles and amendments of the Constitution of the United States.

The United States once was referred to as a bastard nation by a dictator [Hitler] in Europe, joined the United Kingdom and [mistakenly] Soviet Russia to defeat that tyranny and another tyranny in the East whose violent fundamentalism and desire of conquest also fell. It is because we are nation of people whose origin is from various places – native Americans (First Nation) people, English, Irish, Scottish, French, Germanic, Scandinavian, Asians, and Africans. However, we have lost the sense and truth that wherever our ancestors originated from and whatever culture, we are Americans of the United States. The principles that made our nation great can once again be applied. This requires unity in the idea that our nation belongs to the people and the government is for and by the people. Americans have made the mistake of creating pockets of nationalism, whether it be in states or communities, which has created a sense of separatism instead of the tried and proven unity that was intended. In addition, the federal government has usurped its constitutional limited powers and has transgressed against the constitutional articles that provide delegation of powers to the states. For example, Arizona state government and its American citizens were tired of living in fear and dealing with illegal immigrants who arrived in American uninvited and brought with them corruption and criminal elements like the Mexican drug cartel. The federal government in the recent decades has ignored its own immigration laws and national security policies, so the Arizona government, in its right for self-preservation and security, declared that they would do what the federal government refuses to do – enforce the law. Immediately the Obama administration declared that it was unlawful for Arizona to encroach upon federal authority and responsibilities, despite the fact that the feds have shirked its responsibilities in securing our southern border and rounding up and deporting uninvited immigrants. The Supreme Court pays more attention to what can be interpreted from the Constitution and foreign laws, rather than what it actually reads in the Constitution. Rather than recommend to the Congress that an amendment must be established perceived or required changes, it establishes through its judiciary power and previous Supreme Court decisions the rules of law.

After the disappointment of Election 2012, I have decided not to focus so much upon what Obama and company is doing to our nation, although it should be addressed equally (GW Bush and predecessors did not fare well either). Instead, through the Constitution 101 series at Lighthouse Patriot Journal, my agenda is to show fellow Americans, those who allowed administrations like Bush and Obama to be elected, how far removed we have traveled from the original intent of the Constitution and how society has ignored basic principles and values that promotes success for any civilization.

It seems that the Pied Piper Effect has infected fellow Americans.

Pied Piper Effect

It is better to try to encourage fellow Americans to reeducate themselves about the Constitution, make them aware of how important the Federalist Papers are, how the Declaration of Independence tied in with creating the Constitution of the United States; as well as the history that brought America to where it is today. In addition, there is the factoring of the agenda of globalists, a group who have decided that not just one nation, but many or all nations must be ruled under one central power, a global model of what has happened in the United States. They are powerful and wealthy people who want to have more control of what is going on, and install themselves and chosen elite to be the leadership of what people have called the New World Order.

About two percent of the population in the United States are Preppers, which means, for various reasons, they are preparing for some sort of collapse in some form – natural or human design. There is nothing wrong with being prepared for anything that may occur during one’s life. People save money for “rainy days”, have emergency items in the house in case of power failure, et cetera. To some degree, all of us plan just in case. Some are just people who present themselves as types who actually wish it would happen so they can exercise some of their illogical and nonsensical philosophies, treating it as some kind of adventure or noble quest, not realizing that anarchy would be inevitable and tyranny would replace what they had set out to achieve. What happened in 1776, the war for independence, would never be duplicated with the same outcome. Therefore, any mention in this essay or anything I write about this topic using the Second Revolution phrase is purely ideological, which means making those corrections through constitutional law and peaceful solutions, and a drastic reform in order to put our “house” together in the United States requires that American society also reform. For, as the Founders, stated, specifically John Adams – a morally corrupt people can never keep their freedom.

The nature of the encroachment upon American constitution is such, as to grow every day more and more encroaching. Like a cancer, it eats faster and faster every hour. The revenue creates pensioners, and the pensioners urge for more revenue. The people grow less steadily, spirited and virtuous, the seekers more numerous and more corrupt, and every day increases the circles of their dependents and expectants, until virtue, integrity, public spirit, simplicity and frugality become the objects of ridicule and scorn, and vanity, luxury, foppery, selfishness, meanness, and downright venality swallow up the whole society.
John Adams

However, there are those who are preparing sensibly and with the hope it does not happen, but if it does, they will be more prepared than many others will. Included in that preparation is a self-defense plan because, as we have seen during Hurricane Katrina, (looting and government confiscating home defense firearms from lawful citizens) there will be those who will want to take what you have. Unfortunately, there will always be people like that in the human equation. Those people did not work towards becoming self-sufficient, and find themselves in a wanting and desperate situation, so they will take from those that did work hard towards self-sufficiency and preparedness by any means they see fit. There will be others, in addition, who will take advantage of the situation to seek and maintain a power over the people through force. Moreover, the government cannot be depended upon (or most local law enforcement) in protecting you – the opposite according to historical events. The first step in the chaos, if there is sufficient government left to do so, is to establish martial law – which means that what little remains of rights and liberties is thrown out the window – all in the name of law and order and welfare of the people. Those that cannot move and establish a self-sufficient homestead must prepare by establishing pre-established safe haven, most effectively a community preparing to do so. Not all citizens can afford to establish homesteads because their livelihood depends upon more urban locations. To counter this, some have purchased rural land with a small dwelling that is used as a vacation center, but also a place to “bug out” to in case it is required to leave the primary residence. Still others will be forced to gather what they have prepared for in emergency and head towards safer domain, living in tents and nomadic until a safe haven is found.

I hope that it will not come to that scenario, but it is better to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances, and try to prevent such a desperate situation. I have seen and experienced violent conflict and war, and would prefer to prevent it without capitulation or useless appeasement before having to make a stand and fight to win. Much of the scenarios of disasters can be prevented, when it comes to disasters outside of nature. Natural disasters require a different game plan in which one can only prepare and deal with it when it occurs. In the meantime, like Hurricane Katrina situation – life, property, and liberty must be protected at all costs. It is part of the rules of natural law – which the Founders were fully aware of and hoped to maintain. Natural law, or rather the concept of it, is maintained in the Judeo-Christian theological philosophy.

Society must change its views and philosophies toward what government in the United States was intended to do and stick to its constitutional limitation of powers. It must also reform its views as to the importance of the family nucleus. Strong families make strong nations, just as people make up the strength of nations, not those within government. A people can have morals and values without any specific religion – despite our individual beliefs in a religion we have chosen, or is traditional, or whether an individual decides that no religion is relevant to their beliefs. That is natural law, internationally known as the Golden Rule. It is important that generations are afforded the opportunity and stress upon the importance of character, integrity, reasonable tolerance, and honesty – regardless of what may be the religion of any individual or peoples.

They cannot and should not fall prey to the idea that government can control our lives better than we can with cohesive and unified communities and state governments who with and for the People – ultimately as individuals united. The powers the Constitution has authorized, along with checks and balances established for good reason, must be supported and maintained; which in turn guarantees individual rights and liberties that apply to all citizens of the United States.

Society has become corrupted with the government’s corruption; for example, people may advocate practice of their individual beliefs at the expense of rights and liberties of others. Government has removed freedom of choice because it has taken upon itself to involve political policy into what is clearly the choice of the private sector that makes up the society. By enlarging the scope of government and encroaching upon the private sector, the elected become the elite who believe they are above the law and tyranny is easier to establish and maintain.

Ronald Reagan (and others) has said it best: Government IS the problem, not the solution. The gist of the solution is limiting the powers of the government and keeping social concerns in the hands of the people and society as a whole. Yet, that requires a moral and just society whose values and principles conform to the global Golden Rule and the requirements of a successful society and civilization.

To deny established traditions that has not deterred the success of our nation, but instead has unified it and made it stronger is what the government has been doing for well over 70 years. Fads come and go, and sometimes return – but traditions are part of the culture of society, and that creates an atmosphere of people united within those common traditions. Our society of Americans was established when we declared independence from the government of Britain, now the United Kingdom. Today, the nations of the United Kingdom are our valued friends and allies that Americans should honor and retain. The good parts of English law was incorporated into the principles that created the Constitution of the United States and added articles and amendments that represented that which was lacking in British law at the time. Making changes just to make changes is wrong; however changes according to advancement of technology and equality is good. For example, slavery is wrong and against the principle that all men are created equal, yet the government established accepted the choice of state governments to allow slavery within states that established it. Through much conflagration and loss of life, dividing a nation in a civil war, slavery was finally abolished. Yet freed slaves still were not treated as equal Americans. That would be corrected one hundred years later.

Women were not allowed to vote, nor were they treated equally within society when the Constitution was created. That also was changed through amendments to the Constitution.

Unfortunately, today, we have allowed multiculturalism to pervade our traditions of unity as Americans. Our government has established caucuses that are not based upon a group of politicians that believe in a certain ideology or political philosophy, but instead is based upon race – and at the same time, one group is forbidden to establish a political caucus because it would be racism. Racism is wrong no matter what race is enacting it. In this example, the government has not established unity and favored traditions that keep the people united, but instead the opposite effect. Government IS the problem, and shame upon the People who have allowed government to be so.

People complain about the usage of “ism” when describing a philosophy or ideology; but the people complaining about follow the philosophy of socialism and communism, for example. In the political arena, those descriptions have been used for purposes of insult rather than descriptions of an ideology or political philosophy, for which it was created. To say to someone just because they have different ideas that they should leave the country is wrong. However, those that would change the form of our government and counter against the Constitution of the United States and its amendments in favor of socialism and communism – should depart and find a place suitable to their vision of destroying that which people in our history fought and died for to make it a reality. It goes the same way when people address issues with the government in its exercise of powers not established in the Constitution, having a right to protect and maintain the Constitution and its amendments and principles. Those that would change or ignore those articles, amendments and principles of our Founders can certainly leave if they do not like it or want to live with it.

Crafty lawyer-politicians have circumvented too many of those articles and amendments of the US Constitution. Not enough responsibility is given, in delegating authority, to state governments, which is closer to the people and closer to the issues. As the United States has various geographical and climatic areas, so the individual state and local governments working together can provide solutions to issues better than a federal, central government farther away. The federal government should think national when dealing with foreign affairs, trade agreements and the like; however, when it comes to domestic issues, much of what the government has taken upon itself to control what was meant to be delegated. Some of the social issues, for example, are not up to the federal government, and still other issues are not up to the government at all – it is the responsibility of society. Individual freedom of choice, free enterprise, et cetera must be reinstated. Too many Americans depend upon government that which they or their communities can accomplish, most often better than the government can; and those in government are using that to bring total control to a point of no return. They may say it is better for the people, but they are either delusional or have evil purpose in mind.

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy; its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.
Winston Churchill

Some people laugh or make fun of the mention of the United States turning to socialism or worse. Democrat Party members and their media counterparts are insulted when they are accused of such an agenda, while others actually admit what their philosophy and objectives are because more Americans are accepting it as if it is the answer to the solutions of issues in the United States. They do not realize, as Ronald Reagan pointed out, that government is the problem in which those elected sell out the principles of the constitutional republic.

Republican Party members say their policies are in tune with the name of their political organization (republic), derived from the type of government formed by the Founders; but they are also either delusional or have ulterior motives. The move towards globalization in not all just a conceived conspiracy theory, nor is it just in the minds of just one political entity – there are too many factors pointing to its reality. The establishment of that philosophy does not recognize the two traditional parties as anything but political clubs that can be manipulated by the established elite. Those protesting against the “establishment” in the past, are, today, part of that establishment they once protested.

The United Nations is also part of the problem. Instead of insisting that member nations be, at a minimum, some form of democracy or at least striving towards a free nation based upon the working principles of a constitutional republic, they include nations who transgress against human rights and have governments that oppress the people. In addition, there are nation members whose purpose is control and aggressive policies that does not promote unity or address issues concerning individual rights and liberties of the people of their nations. Globalization has become their agenda and the leadership will not be chosen by the people and certainly not for the people, but instead in the interests of those elite that govern without being elected by the people to do so. It will be powerful corporations and wealthy moguls who will be the elite leadership; the United Nations agenda and the globalist agenda are the same. The solution is that the United States should give the members of the United Nation an ultimatum, If not accepted, they must build a UN building somewhere else, and United States will no longer support or become a part of a totalitarian organization whose membership of nations that disregard human rights, human liberties, national sovereignty, et cetera.

With all these looming disasters ongoing issues, our government not addressing the issues to prevent or stop its momentum, it is no wonder that two percent of the population is turning toward self-sufficiency and others are planning it. With the bad economy, people are having difficulty in obtaining resources needed to prepare – sensibly.

Some people are saying and writing that the republic our founders established is dead after the election results of 2012. There is a crisis, but the republic and the freedom and liberties attached to it remain, in part, intact. The United States republic will not be a loss until the youth of America is indoctrinated completely to create a generation that will become part of the government enforcement and boots march in the streets to make it so. The United States will become weakened within before it falls to tyranny from without. The American people incorrectly blame government for its established unconstitutional power, but the gist of the blame is upon the people itself for allowing it to occur.

If We the People want to return and retain constitutionality and limit the powers of the federal government, as well as state governments, than it is up to US.

We the People must create the atmosphere for a beneficial reform by ensuring that who we vote for believe in the Rule of Law and not the Rule of Men or the Rule of Mob.

We the People must condition ourselves to not ask from government that we ourselves or as a community can do, and look more to our state governments rather than federal government. The federal government’s responsibility is to:

— Maintain the postal system;

— Maintain roads, highways, and bridges;

— Collect revenue for the operation of the government and programs, and not for the purpose of punishment or social engineering and establish a tax system that is efficient, fair, and unobstrusive;

— National security against foreign and domestic enemies (that includes religious fundamentalists whose doctrine is violence toward other religions), maintain strong armed forces that promotes peace through deterrence of foreign aggressive actions;

— Enforcement of federal laws of the land, and that includes illegal immigrants who should be deported for breaking the law, not provided amnesty;

— Initiate and maintain treaties and trade agreements that are beneficial to the United States and its people – not just an elite group of American society or dishonorable agreements with foreign entities. This does not include welfare checks (called foreign aid) to foreign nations or peoples, which has not benefit to the American people’s interests. Charity belongs to the private sector, not our government using taxpayer dollars. Americans have a long history of supporting legal and substantiated charity entities and contributing to foreign people funding and material in cases of national disaster. Government has NO right to use taxpayer dollars for charity either domestically or foreign institutions and people – without the direct consent of the People who pay taxes to support OUR government;

— Through federal judiciary, including the Supreme Court, ensure that constitutional law applied according to what is written – not perceived or interpreted or what someone or some group believes it should be.

— Not allowing private entities to take control of government, for example the labor unions in their power over government employment – the federal and state governments should be in control of matters concerning government employees, not private institutions.

— Legislature branch of government is responsible for the national treasury, creating, and maintaining a currency that is stable, not a separated entity like the Federal Reserve operated by the banking elite. Printing paper money and circulating it without gold or silver to back it up is not a sound policy for any government.

— Federal and state governments that have provided social programs, like Social Security (paid by individuals), Medicare (paid by individuals), Unemployment (paid by employers), Food Stamps (paid by taxpayers), and other social benefits that Americans deem as “entitlements” should be provided the necessary funding required to maintain those programs. If the government misappropriates funding or overspends in other areas causing those programs to be deficient, than it is the government’s fault, those operating the government, not the people or any other entity.

— Federal government, specifically the legislature, is responsible for maintaining a budget, and if they find that more funds are being spent than revenue received, it requires them to re-budget to balance the books – not expect taxpayers to pay more for government to continue overspending.

— The media (press in the Constitution) has the fundamental and constitutional right to freedom of speech; however, that right does not include disseminating misinformation on behalf of special interest or political individuals or entities nor using the power of the media to enhance government social engineering. The press, media, has a fundamental purpose of providing unbiased and truthful information for the benefit of knowledge of the people, which in turn provides them useful information that aids in decisions, for example, as to who they should vote for in elections. Abuse of the media must be addressed in ways that does not hinder the gist of prevention of abuse of freedom of speech, like unjust defamation of character, begins with society who can insist through boycott or other legal means that the media reform its manners of reporting news. Opinions belong in the OpEd and opinion columns, not in news reporting.

Addressing issues as to its source is the initial process of finding solutions; however, a continual pointing finger mentality without providing logical solutions is not productive. Politicians are guilty of this, as well as the people who support those types of politicians – regardless of any political party affiliation. Putting political party loyalties ahead of the problem solving of national and state issues should not be acceptable, definitely not practiced. The United States as a nation, as a republic of sovereign states, and the welfare of the people are of the utmost concern, which ties with supporting, maintaining, and protecting the Constitution of the United States and its amendments should be the concern of the American citizen – as a united people regardless of what their ethnic heritage is. This does not mean that families should not retain the history of their heritage, but that they do so as American citizens – for why did original immigrants come to the United States, if not to become American citizens who honor and protect its Constitution, its national traditions, and sovereignty that incorporates freedom of choice and its liberties? For any group that rises up and claims that the United States belongs to them or their cultural or racial group is wrong, and their biased and incorrect thinking should be discouraged. The United States was created for the benefit of its people, all of its citizens; and uninvited immigrants who break our laws have no legal or moral right to break up that established entity we call the United States. They can, and rightfully, be considered invaders of our united nation, for they have not only unlawfully entered the United States, but also promote an agenda and form that promote subversion of our constitution and sovereignty – instilling a revolution against the citizens of the United States. To be more specific, Mexico has a long history of unsuccessful revolutions, unsuccessful in that they traded one tyrant for another. Instead of looking to the reasons of success of the United States, they want to insist that the United States actually belongs to them – ignoring the fact that the people of the United States, from various places and those who were here first, made it successful, not them. Because the United States has successfully created a government, despite its transgressions against constitutional law, and a created a successful and prosperous nation, while Mexico has not, the citizens of Mexico literally want to take over instead of assimilating with American citizens, coexisting as one unified people and abiding by the laws of the United States.

Of course, immediately, when explaining this problem, I am a racist – but that is far from truth. Mexicans, who have become citizens, retained the family memories of their historical culture but assimilated that culture into the established culture, traditions of the United States and have proven a great benefit to society, as well as any greatness established in the United States. They have served in our armed forces with distinction and honor, some receiving honorable awards for their bravery and loyalty to their fellow military members.

Indeed, we have cultural restaurants, for example, where we can enjoy the favorite cuisine of a myriad of cultures and not leave the United States. Mexico’s established heritage is from Spain, as well as the former republics of California and Texas, as well as Florida, New Mexico, and Arizona – but above those cultural origins, we are the united people of the United States, and should honor and protect the Constitution that has afforded so many rights and liberties. Our government has gradually reduced those rights and liberties because We the People allowed it to happen. It is our system of government, created by the Founders of the United States, who created our nation, which made it successful; despite its vicissitudes, throughout its history. It survived because of our Constitution and its amendments, not despite it.

Therefore, I have addressed the problems and issues with an overall presentation of how to solve it. The details are left up to those We the People choose and elect to follow up. Most in our government today, federal, and some states, are not up to the reformation required to set things right, the way the Founders created our system, and what made us a strong nation. Other than their political platforms and agendas, political entities, I call clubs, mean little to me; however, my fellow citizens as a united people and the Constitution of the United States mean everything to me. We can have differences in many ways and forms of thinking, however, ultimately we must remain united under one main cause and that is protecting and maintaining OUR Constitution. All else is idle chatter and rhetoric with ulterior motives. Primarily, We the People must be loyal to the Constitution and ourselves. The government is an instrument of the people to maintain that unity, enforce constitutional and just laws, all the while keeping regulations down to a minimum in order for the private sector, society, to individually, and in within organized groups,  promote prosperity and provide for the important nucleus of the family. Individualism must not be replaced with collectivism in the course of that unity.