Obama File: Lied Then – Lying Now

The campaign poster slogans in 2012 were: OBAMA THEN – OBAMA NOW …

The old saying that it is easier to spend other people’smoney holds true to the Obama “bailout” of GM. According to a report by TylerDurden, it equates to a loss of 50% loss of taxpayer funding. In addition, it has been announced by the GM CEO that the government and union controlled auto industry is moving 55% of its infrastructure to China. This decision was AFTERthe government bailout.

What was the big Obama campaign rhetoric against Romney – he will sell American business out to China?
Democrats are notorious for doing what they blame others of doing.
Plants closed in US and then opened in China – so there are not one plant in US and one plant on foreign soil.
As Ellis Washingtonwrote back in November 2012, four days before majority American voters showed how they favor Big Government over constitutional law and economic recovery …
Are you like me? Are you sick of President Obama at every campaign stop bragging about how he saved GM, how he singlehandedly saved the U.S. auto industry?
Mr. Washington also revealed that the CEO announcing big moves to China (after denying it in media interviews), caught in a lie in the videotape of that meeting. CEO Dan Akerson, appointed by President Obama, of GM, announced in a conference in China:
We have 11 joint ventures in China with SAIC and FAW. We regard out 11 joint ventures as 11 keys to success, not just in China, but globally. Our commitment to working in China, with China, for China remains strong and focused on the future.
Intelligence has long revealed intentions of China – they intend to be the superpower of the future and bring US and Europe to its knees economically – and Comrade Obama (and company) is opening that door and leading the way.
70% of GM’s manufacturing is now based overseas with foreign purchases at only 40% of sales. This means that foreign workers are getting jobs while Americans remain unemployed; yet the biggest portion of buyers are in the United States. Americans should boycott GM until they return their manufacturing back in the United States. I have always thought highly of GM products, along with Chrysler – but if we are going to purchase vehicles from a company whose major manufacturing is in the United States, we might as well purchase foreign vehicles (made in the USA) – like Toyota.
The GM bailout was $42 million and the taxpayers are losing $14 billion of that – never will the US Treasury see that again. Obama and friends want to whine that the Republicans are not playing fair in the “fiscal cliff” game. What Obama and friends mean is that they are not getting their goal: tax the hell out of the productive part of society, redistribute that to another part, and all the while raising taxes in other areas – with no intention of making any real budget cuts. It has been done decade after decade – always raise taxes and continue to overspend.
I feel sad for the people of the United Kingdom who will soon, if not already, be paying 50% taxation upon their productive elements of society. Of course, that includes their spending on national healthcare. That huge tax hike against the “wealthy” turned out to be a bust – and so will copycat Marxist Obama’s solution.
Obama and company are selling 40% of its General Motors stock gained by the bailout fiasco. The rest of its shares will be sold within 12-15 months. What effect on the Stock Market when large amounts of stock are sold out?
Yet, GM Chief Financial Officer, Daniel Ammann stated recently:
Overall, the automotive industry in the U.S. today is in extraordinarily good shape – the best shape it’s been in decades. General Motors is a big part of that. We’ve been adding jobs, growing the business, developing great products, doing well in the marketplace and that’s fundamentally what we’re here to do.
Yes, Mr. Ammann, jobs were added in China where slave labor is legal – no labor unions to deal with.
Investment experts state that a share buyback would be warmly received by the market and attract investors who have been scared off by the government’s ownership position.
Mr. Ammann added:
From our point of view, this is very attractive to the company and to our shareholders. It obviously brings some clarity and certainty around the U.S. Treasury exit and the timeline of that, which has been a question mark in the marketplace.
What about those employers who lost their jobsand retirement investment during the government takeover-bailout program? The labor union came out sweet on that deal. Reason Foundation details the Lasting Implications. The initial loss was felt by Delphi retirees.
The downfall of the American industry is tied in with the power and control of labor union and the downfall of the city of Detroit is tied in with the downfall of the auto industry there which made the City of Wheels a success story in the 20th century. Detroit also fell because more people are on the government dole that working. Moreover, all have met its fate because of our government turning away from a constitutional republic to a socialist welfare state dependent upon big government.
Detroit is a model of the future of America, if the People do not awaken in time and admit that they were mistaken in praising and supporting big government and political clubs who are more concerned about their majority in Congress instead of doing what they are paid to do – For and By the People.
Reason Foundation states there are four hidden costs that will plague the US economy:
The latter has been extensively documented by the Wall Street Journal in government control of industries.
Joe Biden, back in May of 2012 stated that everybody was in on the deal … so was this all for the benefit of the United States and its people or special interest and big money investors? What was that about the 99%garbage sponsored by Obama and friends and its puppet media? Big Money is in cahoots with Big Government, plain and simple. Suspect any political entity that claims otherwise – unless they can demonstrate that they are constitutionalists. None of that in the traditional two-party system. The two political entities fight against and amongst themselves over policy and procedure, but truthfully when looking at agenda, there is little difference between the two except one is more corrupt than the other.
Here is the 2010 GM commercial concerning the bailout:
Political clubs and their members who accept big money donations from big business entities end up owing them something, and that is where corporate welfare comes in. It is wrong no matter what political party does it. If America is to remain a great nation, it must reform back to the Constitution and its amendments that made it great – not the policies of deception, intrusion, tyranny, and corruption.
The DailyKos should replace its stars and stripes logo with the Hammer and Sickle. They’re reporting is reminscent of the Soviet Union media.