Peninsula Snow Storm – First in 2012

First real snowfall this year here on the Door Peninsula, with temperatures in December (and November) that were warmed than usual – global warming? Bring it on …

Icelandic Pony, Washington Island

Starting this morning, with a small amount beginning last night, the snow will steadily fall, estimated up to one or two inches per hour, with winds developing into gusts of 30 to 40 mph. Presently, the wind at the Lighthouse Journal is at 17 mph, gusting to about 20 mph. The storm is across the Great Lakes region and will end sometime in the early hours of Friday the 21st.

Black-Foot Ferret, Little Sturgeon, Door Peninsula

The Door Peninsula, Great Lakes region, and the western mountain states will surely have a White Christmas.

Bayshore Drive, from Egg Harbor to Sturgeon Bay

There is a travel warning so most of us that does not absolutely have to venture out that are not law enforcement, community services, and our friendly postal lady are content with watching the big snow flakes fall over the Door Peninsula landscape.

I would like to take this moment to wish everyone a …

and …
and remember