Glenn Beck’s 2012 Predictions Unfolded

A general dissolution of principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy. While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but when once they lose their virtue then will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader.
Samuel Adams, letter to James Warren, 1779

Last year, 2012, Glenn Beck produced hundreds of broadcasts across radio and television programming, covering various topics, evaluating past and present events and the foreseen impact upon the United States as a result. He has also covered potential domestic and political disasters, offering predictions of what might occur if something is not done.

The political left, picturing Beck as a “right wing” nut or fanatic, vehemently attacks him. However, much to the distaste of his critics, Beck has proved more accurate on many of his evaluations and predictions than they want to admit. For example, the Arab Spring, increased loss of privacy of American citizens, reduced freedoms and liberties, stalemate congressional power (as prescribed in the Constitution) with President Obama illegally using executive orders without congressional approval, and the rise of gun sales following 2012, et cetera.
Few have spoken more truthfully and candidly as when Beck discussed Arab Spring:

For instance, he cautioned Americans and Israelis to be particularly leery of the Arab Spring lest its agenda not truly be one of freedom and democracy. He also accurately predicted the ambitions of the Muslim Brotherhood and its clear goal to implement a hardline theocratic agenda in the countries to which it had set siege.

He had words for those that criticized his Muslim Brotherhood predictions, warnings, and exposure of their subversive intent in the United States, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere.
In the video above, it is clear that Glenn Beck is not cut from the cloth of Rush Limbaugh, for he, unlike Rush, speaks out against the GOP establishment that has stained the party’s original platform and thus its name: Republican. Just as the Democrat’s progressiveness toward democratic-socialism, the GOP establishment is just as detrimental to the future of the United States.
If Beck’s predictions of ObamaCare is scary, it should be, for he is right on the money and what he warns will come true unless a miracle happens and Congress, by majority, votes to rescind it and closedown that aspect in all departments and agencies involved with it.
What makes Glenn Beck successful is his thorough research, and he certainly is not nor has ever took sides with the Republicans when their policies and ideology were wrong or they waivered from the platform they declared was their ideology. Beck knows that both political entities that monopolize politics, ensuring no third party can ever gain hold, have a single-minded purpose and it has nothing to do with the Constitution or maintaining a constitutional republic – the political party’s majority is above all else, all in the misconception that it is for the betterment of the United States and its people. Both political entities are guilty of this selfishness. Both parties, for example, refuse to get rid of the income tax system, or even dilute it with a flat tax and no deductions, reducing its encroachment and unfairness. They refuse to take seriously the Fair Tax Act, a bill that has languished in Congress since 2002, which would make the IRS merely a smaller department for the sole purpose of auditing. Its tax base would be consumption, not income, which would greatly reduce encroachment upon the personal lives of Americans – and keep government out of our means of income, where they have no business with in the first place.
Glenn Beck invites guests on his program that are professionals from across America, like when he spoke with doctors who provided information as to what impact Obamacare would have – both negative and positive. …
President Obama has misused and bypassed the Constitution – with no outcry from the media, while reporting what he is doing as if it is what the executive office should do. In Obama’s first term he signed 139 executive orders, and since the illiterate “useful idiots” – 62,611,250Americans – and, alarmingly, that number may grow as more government-controlled curriculum in most schools across America produce more of these dumb-down citizens.
Few, since AndrewBreitbart, (see and Alex Jones InfoWars program, have fought so hard to awaken Americans from their apathetic slumber. NewsBusted is another source to go beyond mainstream media’s misinformation and non-objective reporting. Offering weekly videos of sarcasm (NewsBusted) hosted by Jodi Miller. Glenn Beck describes America’s push towards being a Nanny State as an out of control freight train.
One of the things that came true in the Beck predictions of 2012 was that in October 2012, he made a prediction that Obama’s reelection would mark the biggest day of gun sales in the history of the world.  He stated:

There will be more ammunition and more guns sold in the United States than any place at any time in the history of the planet next Wednesday. And let me make another prediction: If Obama wins, you are going to be very angry that you didn’t buy your gun in advance because they’re going to be hard to get, and ammunition will be hard to get. Because there will be a run on ammunition. Maybe I’m crazy, but I don’t think anybody who is an NRA member has any doubt on how much of a friend President Obama is to guns, and everybody will want to be grandfathered in.

Apparently, Senator Dianne Feinstein has been listening to Beck and has added in her firearm ban draft bill that would force those already owning firearms banned will have to get a $200 federal stamp with photo, fingerprints, and form certified by a local sheriff in order to keep them.
Beck also discussed how government is printing money with nothing to back it up and how the Federal Reserve is unconstitutionality obtained power through bankers, et cetera.
Despite being religious, Beck took the stance of a constitutionalist when it comes to the discussion of same-sex marriage:
When Beck considers it treason that the media does not report anything negative or dwell upon it when it comes to Democrat party members, especially in the White House and Congress or even the Supreme Court – he is also correct. The media is what was formerly called the “press” and so stated in the Constitution, and their sole responsibility is reporting truth and providing both sides of the discussion for the American people. It is the People they are obligated to – NOT the government. Indeed, they should be an ever watchful eye upon government operatives. This only occurs for presidents like Bush and not for Obama. It certainly is quite obvious that members of Congress, despite documentation and factual data, do not have the intestinal fortitude or for whatever reason, to even mention impeachment – when members of their party was on that crusade against Bush for years, primarily over the Patriot Act. For Beck to claim that Obama will go to prison, is not feasible because Congress will not bring impeachment charges against him. He was specifically speaking of the Benghazi scandal. Fast and Furious was proved to be a major scandal, but the US Attorney General is still in that position – neither fired or asked to resign by President Obama. The executive orders that Obama signed alone are impeachable offenses.


Glenn Edward Lee Beckwas born in Everett, Washington on February 10th, 1964 in a German descendent family that immigrated to the United States in the 19thcentury. He was raised as a Roman Catholic and attended a catholic school in Mount Vernon where the family moved when he was young. His mother, Mary Beck, drowned in a boating incident, speculated that it may have been suicide. Beck also lost his stepbrotherby suicide, and soon started drinking Jack Daniel whiskey regularly, relocated to Utah working at a radio station. Beck left Utah after six months and took a job in Washington DC at WPGC in 1983. There he met his first wife, Claire. They had two daughters, Mary and Hannah. Mary has cerebral palsy because of a series of strokes in 1988. The couple divorced in 1994 and Beck continued to struggle with substance abuse. He became a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, diagnosed with ADHD. By 1994, Beck became suicidal and credits the AA for helping him to get straightened out. He was clean by November 1994, and stated that he had been high since the age of 16 and was now finally cured.
In 1996, while working for a New Haven radio station, Beck took a theology class at Yale University with a written recommendation from Senator Joe Lieberman, who was a fan of Beck’s show at that time. Beck started his self-education and spiritual quest by reading a wide-range of books by various authors.
In 1999, Beck married his second wife, Tania and they joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in October of 1999. Beck and current wife, Tania, have two children – Raphe (adopted_ and Cheyenne.
In July of 2010, Beck announced that he had been diagnosed with macular dystrophy.
Glenn Beck’s Fox News one-hour show ended in 2011 and he started a new two-hour show with his own television network, which began as a subscription internet TV network called The Blaze. It was originally estimated to generate $27 million, but according to The Wall Street Journal, that later upgraded to $40 million with subscriptions over 300,000. On September 12th, 2012, The Blaze TV announced that the Dish Network would begin carrying The Blaze TV.
Beck reached Number One in the New York Times Bestseller in four categories in 2010, writing several books listed in Bibliography after this article. He also does stage shows and speeches and has regularly attended Tea Party gatherings. His famous event was the Restoring Honor Rally held at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC, on August 28th, 2010. Beck was head of the international tour of 2011 called Restoring Courage in Jerusalem, Israel. After Jerusalem, Beck visited Cape Town, South Africa and visited Venezuela.
Beck actively supported Mitt Romney in the 2012 election campaign.
Beck describes himself as a conservative with libertarian leanings. His core values are personal responsibility, private charity, and the right to life, freedom of religion, limited government, and family as the cornerstone of society. [A Case Against an Out-of-Control Government, Inspired by Thomas Paine]
While not totally discounting the phenomenon called global warming, he clearly shows there is lack of evidence that the cause is human activity. [See Inconvenient Book in Bibliography] However, he has performed his part by purchasing a “Green” home. He also has pointed out that the American Clean Energy and Security Act is a form of wealth redistribution.
Beck declares that the disease of America is progressivism – the cancer in America and it is eating our Constitution! The progressive movement came from the progressive ideas of John Dewey, Herbert Croly, and Walter Luppmen – influenced by Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson (both Republicans); however it became solidly founded by Franklin D. Rooseveltin his New Deal.
Influence upon Beck comes from W. Celon Skousen (1913-2006) who was a conservative political writer and American Constitutionalist. Beck is an anti-communist supporter of the John Birch Societyand limited-government activist.
Those leading in mockery of Glenn Beck are Jason Sudeikis, Jon Stewart, The Onion, The Buffalo Beast(most loathsome person in America in 2010), and Stephen Colbert.


You cannot take away freedom to protect it, you cannot destroy the free market to save it, and you cannot uphold freedom of speech by silencing those with whom you disagree. To take rights away to defend them or to spend your way out of debt defies common sense. [Common Sense, 2009]