Obama File: Congress Stops Pay Raise – Look At Fiscal Cliff Bill

I reported recently the fact that President Obama signed an executive order, the 139thso far as President of the United States, that illegally granted a pay raise that would raise pay for federal workers, members of Congress ($900 per year), and a whopping $6,000 a year for VP Biden (original story: Weekly Standard + Blaze) – a clear indication of President Obama’s disregard for constitutional law and an affront to the process of attempts of Congress to address the Fiscal Cliff. On Tuesday (Jan 1st) the House of Representatives approved legislation that will block the pay raise, with 55 Democrats joining in the vote, it passed 287-129. [H.R. 6726 provides a list of those who voted NO to stopping unauthorized pay raise] Fifteen members did not vote for some reason.

I would like to challenge Americans to contact those 129 representatives that did not vote “NO” to Obama’s audacity to override congressional authority and disregard the debt problems – and tell them they better straighten out their poor congressional records. What makes them think they actually earned their salaries? They cannot even balance the books or budget the government treasury. [See list of new wages attached to Obama executive order] The Senate also approved a block for any pay raise. Constituents should examine who voted “Yes” for pay raise. Those politicians should never be reelected. They are part of the problem in solving issues and ensuring our government balances national budgeting and operates our government more responsibly – whether they are Republican or Democrat or Libertarian or Independent. It is highly unlikely that any that voted for approval of an unconstitutional executive order would be a Libertarian.

Democrats and their useful idiot Americans (over 62 million) mock those of us who are worried that the federal government is progressively (and has progressively) eating away the liberties written by the founders of our nation. They mock us about concerns of the Second Amendment as Senator Feinstein and her cohorts push to pass the worst firearms banning bill in history.
The reason why Obama was reelected was that people were afraid of Romney because of untruthful claims that he would take care of the rich and leave middle class and “poor” Americans in the dirt. His declared plan showed no such agenda. Part of the campaign propaganda was to not like Romney because he is wealthy – voters ignoring or forgetting that when Obama swore in as President of the United States he had declared a $500,000 annual salary that did not include his presidential salary. Is THAT not a wealthy American?
It has been shown that BH Obama is a narcissist, which means he has an inflated ego, demonstrated by his flurry of executive orders instead of securing support and a bill for legislation in Congress as the Constitution requires. It also demonstrates that the conservatives are not “whacky” in saying that Obama has no respect for the Constitution or does he take seriously his oath of office (as too many in Congress and federal staffers are guilty of). It is why they mock the Constitution and state, like Justice Ginsberg, that the Constitution is outdated and useless. I guess it is for anyone who wants to do what they want instead of abiding by its limitations of power of federal government and delegation of authority to the state governments. Anyone with an inkling of knowledge of constitutional law can see that America’s woes and government screw-ups are because of the negative attitude toward our constitution. Besides, the Constitution has a means of changing or adding in accordance with constitutional provision of amendments. If it is so outdated and useless – where are the proposed amendments from those who state this outrageous claim?
Trust NO ONE in government who wants to throw the Constitution out for any reason, especially if they claim it is outdated. When the Constitution was passed and ratified with its first ten amendments, slavery was still allowed and women could not vote. That error was finally corrected by adding amendments. That is how it works. Anyone who wants to do things differently should be regarded with suspicion by any responsible American who enjoys freedom and liberty versus the chains that Big Government places upon them with the false promise that government will take care of them. Our nation became great because of THE PEOPLE, not the government; the government is only in place to serve the People, protect the nation, and BUDGET its funding. Politicians voted for by Americans, pushed upon us by a bias media, and paid for by big money from various sources have failed on ALL accounts aforementioned.
It is well beyond time that Americans (over 62 million) wake up and realize that our nation became a great nation because of two major factors: abundance of natural resources and the self-reliant, hardworking, and freedom loving people. Those operating our government rarely make well thought out and wise decisions – like not using the metric system (more accurate because of system of ten versus twelve) and the 220-volt efficient system just to be different from the rest of the world – by only FIVE votes. It became too costly to change (mechanics were forced to purchase both metric and SAE) after they realized their mistake. Throughout the decades, Congress and presidents falsely declared a “surplus” in the US Treasury. It was because they were stealing from trust funds like Social Security, and instead of accepting that truth; they falsely accuse the “baby boomers” that are presently collecting it. They are hoping that Americans will not use common sense and mathematics and figure out that more Americans that pay into the program will increase the trust fund’s balance. Of course, thanks to government-controlled schools discourage common sense and classic education; have produced nincompoops(useful idiots) who actually believe their propaganda with a mainstream media assisting along with the indoctrination. The result of that is American graduates today are behind other nations, countries that we once considered “Third World”!
Example of the “NOW” and “ME” generation: A young lady who was angry at me because I complained that she slammed her car door into my vehicle and asked her to be more careful, yelled angrily that I should hurry up and die so she would have Social Security when she retires. My wife and I could not respond we were so shocked. Not only was she thoroughly brainwashed, but she did not realize that I was still working and only retired earlier than 65 because of injuries received while serving in the US Army and the VA will not pay until 2016. I paid into the SS system all my life – I do not have the right to collect? 
Social Security was a good idea; unfortunately, it was not handled efficiently, and kept as a trust fund only for Social Security benefits. It is a program where people pay a prescribed amount from their wages and salaries in order to have something in their senior years. It is not part of any welfare program because ALL of us pay for it (who work). The same applies to Medicare, which in most cases people must pay a monthly premium and have supplemental insurance in order to use it. Medicare is crappy and politicians and insurance companies are to blame – both working hand-in-hand with each other for their own selfish purpose. Insurance companies spend huge amounts of money in lobby efforts to ensure that legislation goes their way, not the consumers. A similar problem lies in medical institutions, who constantly pad hospital bills and inflate cost of medications, et cetera. Politicians that are supposed to be serving the People and operating OUR government caused the mess. Both political parties are guilty of these transgressions.
It might be noted that the cost of Social Security and Medicare benefits is 15 cents on every dollar earned. It is an entitlement that everyone (working and declaring income) pay for. When it comes time to collect, people are saying that retirees or disabled do not deserve to collect? 
The down side of the Social Security program is that it introduced a flurry of other programs and now it has culminated into an Entitlement Generation
As far as Obama, he is doing no different this term than he did last term, but over 62 million useful idiots want him as president. Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick*R-PA) stated:

Unbelievably, in the middle of talks this week on tax rates and sequestration revision, in the midst of high deficits and a growing national debt, the president has proposed pay increases for members of Congress. I have to say that nobody in this town saw this coming, and very few think it is warranted.

And one last reminder: never trust a national leader or any member of government that states that the people must be disarmed or restricted in use of firearms for the benefit of the People. History proves different.
Posted signs and political regulations do not stop the bad guys – good guys and gals with firearms do. Newton school and others across the nation need to ask for volunteers within their teaching and administration staff to obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon and be trained how to use it effectively and safely – not armed guards who are not where they could be helpful and would also decrease cost of school safety. If the principal of the school where Adam Lanza did his dirty deed has been armed, she would be alive today and that creep would have died before dealing death or causing any further death and injury. Apparently the family of Lanza felt the horror of what occurred – the body of Nancy Lanza was claimed for burial, while Adam’s body remained until a person who wished to remain anonymous claimed his body for burial. I feel as much anguish for the family of Nancy Lanza as I do for the families of those little innocent children. All of it was senseless and meaningless and despicable.
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