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The products that you purchase from PCH is often inferior.
Warning: If you have an item that is broken or does not work as advertised or anything wrong with it, when you return it, your account will be credited for the product. You will not be reimbursed for postage, or return postage. You get reimbursed for the product cost and tax paid only.
Another way they cheat you is in postage and handling. You order three items and it is shipped in one container. They charge you shipping and handling for each separate item coming to the amount of just under $12, (even when shipped in one container) but when checking with the USPS, you find it costs when shipped in one container of that size $5.00. Even if one counted the cost of the cardboard box and paper stuffing it does not equate to $12.
For over twenty-five years my family has submitted the PCH sweep stake and prize offers and won NOTHING. The only item purchased where you cannot go wrong are when you order subscriptions to magazines.
I recommend that you do not purchase any of their advertised products. You are more apt to win something in a state-run lottery than any offer from Publisher Clearing House.
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