Senate Democrats "Nuclear Option" for Firearm Ban Bill

The Democrats are pushing hard to pass Feinstein’s firearm ban bill. History has proven that hurried bills with little discussion or committee research have been legislation that should not have passed and when it does, it is bad legislation. It is because the Democrats are taking advantage of the national emotion of what happened at a Connecticut school. Indeed, in the Democrat political rule book  a crisis or tragedy always presents an political opportunity. The standard rule for a constitutional republic is never trust anyone in government that wants to disarm the citizens.

As Senator Rand Paul stated:

Our Founders intended the Senate to be a body where legislation was slowed down and subject to improvement through extended debate and amendment. Reid’s proposed ‘reforms’ would remove two of the most fundamental rights traditionally reserved to all Senators — to freely debate and amend legislation. I shall not stand for that.

Senator Reid has proven repeatedly demonstrated his corruptness and his evilness concerning many areas. His false statements against other congressional members have never been met with outrage by the mainstream media, the voice and tool of politicians and not for the People. Speaker of the House, Boehner, recently lost control and cursed Senator Reid after the Democrat senator taunted him with his usual hateful rhetoric and false accusations. The press immediately demonized Boehner, which should not be a surprise to the American people.
This bill is not about Newton, Aurora or other horrific occurrences; it is about the long-term agenda of the Democratic-Socialists who falsely identify their membership as the Democratic Party and their goal of disarming Americans.
No matter what facts or statistics is presented to prove them wrong, they continue. Senator Feinstein is an example of their hypocrisy who has carried a concealed weapon and obtained a permit to carry one. It is typical of political leadership today, especially in federal government, where they place themselves above the citizens. Feinstein’s claim that she had a concealed carry permit and firearm because she feared for her life and safety – yet denies fellow Americans the same opportunity in defense for the same purpose.
If law enforcement is authorized semi-auto firearms for protection, citizens should not be denied such firearms for the same reason. If law enforcement takes away firearms of law-abiding citizens, they are violating their oaths of office. That is what is occurring in the state of Illinois.