Background Checks Need Fixing, Not Firearm Ban

Instead of hurrying to pass a firearm ban bill, Congress should be investigating the system of background checks.

In the Colorado case of James Holmes who killed 12 people and wounded 54 in a movie theater, he had passed a background check to purchase four firearms and 6,300 rounds of ammunition. One of the testifying officers, Detective Craig Appel stated that he …

Saw no indications that he was under the influence of anything.

Therefore, he did not obtain a search warrant to test Holmes for drug use. In addition, the background check did not indicate any mental problems because none was reported into the system.

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What needs to happen here is to fine-tune the background check system. Any person who has been or is under the influence of drugs should be put on a “flag list” for obtaining a firearm (or certain amounts of ammunition if the legislators see this is necessary). If any person is seeing a psychiatrist or is put on any drug that may be mind altering, should be on that flag list. The doctor in charge or facility should be responsible for ensuring that person is on the flag list. Any person that ever has been in a mental institution or any such facility, to include drug and alcohol rehabilitation considered warranted to be put on a flag list.

The point here is that responsible citizens use of firearms with respect and for personal defense, in compliance with the Second Amendment, not what occurred in Colorado, Connecticut, or other places. Nancy Lanza apparently knew that her son was not mentally stable, and she paid for it with her life letting her son, Adam Lanza have access to firearms or anything dangerous. More sadly, those poor little children suffered for her error as well.
There will always be criminals and there will always be those who are not up to par in the mental department. Ensuring that those people do not have ready access to things like firearms is the priority – not a firearm ban based upon Senator Feinstein’s look at photographs of firearms – “That looks ‘dangerous” let’s ban it”.
All firearms are dangerous when not handled properly.
So are automobiles, knives, chain saws, axes, et cetera. Are we to ban those because some mentally disturbed individual misuses them?
Our society created Holmes and Lanza. So what are we going to do about it? Our government did not create a background check that places those using drugs or mental illness in the system for flagging purposes.
I have no problem having my background checked before purchasing firearms. I had a thorough background check when I was awarded a Top Secret clearance in the military. It made sense.
What Senator Feinstein and her counterparts (on both sides of the aisle) are doing does not make sense. It is just excuse for what Senator Feinstein admitted before the last firearm ban that was allowed to pass – she does not want American citizens, any citizens, to have firearms except people like her, law enforcement, and the military – all controlled by government. No wonder she and others complain that the Constitution is outdated – it interferes with their advocacy and political agenda. Politicians like her is the problem and those that kept in her office this long should be ashamed.
As with most of what government does, they wait until the horses leave the barn before deciding to close the doors.