Weird Science: Junk Scientists Claim Mass Extinction in 200 Years

The latest from the climate watch people at Climate News Network … only people of Hobbitsize will survive in about 200 years with a projected rate of 6-degrees (C) rise in temperature. Reported by John Brown, London claims that:

Animals, including humans, will shrink in size to survive in a warming world, according to scientists studying the last time the planet’s temperature rose rapidly by 6°C. What scientists call dwarfism was the successful strategy to avoid starvation for a large range of species including horses, many insects, and even earthworms. The widespread response was partly to do with the heat but mostly because many plants became less nutritious, forcing mammals and insects to eat fare more to survive.

Strange, unless there has been a change in what they teach in grade school science, dinosaurs (very large creatures) died out because of cooling temperatures and plant life dying out and/or catastrophic meteor or asteroid hits upon Earth.

The largest animals, predecessors of today’s specie like shark were larger that today’s species. Those who were large lived during a time when Earth was extremely tropical with prolific plant life that fed off the higher concentration of CO2, which in turn produced more oxygen. (That also is grade school level science). It is called photosynthesis– which also turns light energy into chemical energy. Even the woolly mammoth died out because of lack of food because of the Ice Age. Those that were able to survive to migrate lost their hairiness and reduced in size and became today’s elephant.
Also according to modern junk scientists, the mass distinction will begin in a shorter amount of time – 200 years. If, as they say, plants produce less nutrition when CO2 increases, how did the dinosaurs (veggie eaters) get so big and sustain themselves? Today, the elephant is the largest land mammal and requires an extensive amount of food to survive. It is true that if an area becomes like the Sahara Desert – if they do not move into another area, they will perish from lack of food and water – or adapt, like the camel.
It is reports like these that give the general populace, those who remember what they were taught in grade-school science, pause to doubt these so-called global warming experts and who mistakenly identify themselves as scientists. If a global climate change turns to warmer temperatures, the polar caps will disappear and return to the way they were before the Earth was knocked off its axis (theory). We know from drilled samples that the ice and snow was not always there and a temperate climate existed supporting animals and plants, much of who have seemed to die off quickly and in a great mass.
The sad thing is that our tax dollars pay for these projects.
Normally in Wisconsin the temperatures in January are in the teens or below zero at night, but lately the temperatures have been in the 30s in the day and 20s at night. I have not heard anyone complaining except the snowmobile enthusiasts, but most of them have sold those and bought 4-wheelers which can be used all year long. Whether this is just a climate-change swing or long-term, it saves on winter heating bills.