Firearms Prevent Crimes

Weapon Statistic GuideIt amazes me how solid, black-and-white figures on statistics clearly show that states that have draconian gun control laws have more violent crimes than those states that understand how firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens can make a difference. From the FBI Uniform Crime Report:

California, strict gun control versus Florida constitutional firearm laws:

California, 2001, 2206 homicides; Florida, 2001, 874 homicides.

California, 2002, 2395 homicides; Florida, 2002, 911 homicides

California, 2003, 2407 homicides; Florida, 2003, 924 homicides

California 2004, 2392 homicides; Florida, 2004, 946 homicides

California, 2005, 2503 homicides; Florida, 883 homicides

California, 2006, 2485 homicides; Florida, 1,129 homicides

California, 2007, 2260 homicides; Florida, 1,201 homicides

California, 2008, 2142 homicides; Florida, 1,169 homicides

California, 2009, 1972 homicides; Florida, 1,017 homicides

California 2010, 1,892 homicides; Florida, 2010, 987 homicides

California, 2011, 1,792 homicides; Florida, 2011, 984 homicides

There are many more instances of people using firearms to protect life and property – but you will never hear about it in national mainstream media news.

Background checks must include information about a person’s past/present illegal drug use and mental condition. Otherwise, the system is not efficient. Even then, there will be those who commit crime with weapons that were not obtained legally, such as those that are stolen in burglaries or in the case of Adam Lanza taken from home, owned by another person.