Global Warming Theorists Back Again

Just as amnesty for illegal aliens is being pushed through Congress, the firearm ban, and other bills hurried through Congress without oversight or committee research, so it goes with the hype about global warming – again. As usual, the data is misrepresented by the mainstream media. Warmer temperatures have been the norm of recent history, but it certainly is NOT global. They are forgetting that Rome, Italy last year had unusually cold temps with snow falling in the capital of the ancient city – when most residents have umbrellas because of rainfall, they were instead out with umbrellas as snow fell. The same cold snaps were recorded in other places where such things do not happen.

NBC and ABC is reporting how 2012 record hot temperatures verifies “global warming”. Dan Harris, of ABC blamed Congress for not taking action.

Can Congress pass legislation to change weather patterns now?
The government officials must really by full of itself and truly believe their leader in the White House can walk on water and perform such miracles.
Here is what Dan Harris was quoted as saying:

Many cities had record warmth, including Washington, DC, where a lack of action on man made climate change is likely to mean 2012 is just a glimpse into an unpleasant future, according to many scientists.

Global Warming Theory was proven just that, are they forgetting about those scientists being caught in covering up the fact that their computer module that the whole theory was based upon was inaccurate – proven by email released to the public in the Global Warming Scandal? This change in weather patterns has occurred throughout human history and even before that – it is not caused by humans. Indeed, the temperatures were quite warm before humans had even the smallest footprint upon Earth’s ecology. Just take a look at the dinosaur age.
The New York Times wrote:

Even so, the last year’s record for the United States is not expected to translate into a global temperature record when figures are released in the coming weeks.

Living in a cold belt of the United States, I have been enjoying the warmer temperatures.
Meteorologists like Joe Bastardi explains how extreme weather, like hurricanes, are in a normal cycle. If any cause of temperatures is to be explained, one need only look at the star we call the Sun. When solar flares increase, so does weather change all over the planet, from time to time, region to region. He and others like him relay upon common sense and technology, not junk science and frivolous claims for ulterior reasons.
In the last ten years, especially in the United States water and air is cleaner with less pollutants – it just doesn’t add up to the “sky is falling” rhetoric coming from these morons.
Congress has wasted enough tax payers money on this subject – from both sides of the political aisle. No matter how much they spend, Congress can never change the weather – just be prepared for it like the rest of us.
I am so sick of politicians devising ways to spend (and overspend) our tax dollars and when the debts rise insist that We the People pay more taxes – especially those nasty wealthy people who should pay for others just because they are wealthy. Strange how so many of those “nasty wealthy people” are Democrats, and their biggest benefactor is George Soros, one of the wealthiest individuals in the world and who enjoys using his money for power and prestige. Talk about a guy who makes his money at the cost of others, check out the link to his biography entry above.
Tax dollars should not be spent on junk science.