Pelosi Demonstrates She Does Not Understand Constitution She Supposedly Protects

More evidence of Nancy Pelosi’s stupidity revealed in a recent statement. Endorsing the Obama and Feinstein anti-Second Amendment rhetoric, she stated that members of Congress took an oath to “protect and defend”. (“…protect and defend the Constitution and the American people”). This is also another example of how these sociocrats and its media mouthpiece adds and alters what has been said or written. The actual oath, and apparently Pelosi did not take it serious enough to remember it, is to:

…support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

In effect, she just pleaded guilty to the fact she has broken her oath of office, not only not understanding what the Constitution’s article means, but also has no clue what her sworn oath of office is. Pelosi is an embarrassment to the nation and shame on Californians for keeping her in office for such a long time.
If she agrees with Obama, Feinstein, and company, then she is not defending the Constitution. If she defends gun control actions that has already been in place and apparently has not worked, than she is not “defending the American people”. In either aspect, Pelosi and others like her in Congress are not worth the salary they are paid.