Anti-Gun Forum, Benghazi Hearing, and School Shooting Update

As the anti-gun useful idiots continue their ranting, at one meeting, a veteran spoke up (see video below], especially after Nazi pictures were shown that represented the NRA as neo-Nazi. Lie. The Nazi took away firearms from citizens, leaving then only in the hands of the SS, the military, and the German law enforcement officers. The meeting took place in Chicago, one of the most crime ridden places in America, whose had three governors serve time in prison, and whose draconian unconstitutional gun control is against the 2ndAmendment and 48 other states. The audio has an echo, but you get the picture. The anti-gun and anti-concealed carry person asked if we needed citizens to be armed today, meaning modern society does not need to defend itself.

The FBI yearly reports state differently. More people own firearms than ever before since 1992, but as of 2012, the violent crime and murder rate has dropped about 49%. It is because at last 48 state have recognized the Second Amendment and allow citizens to lawfully keep and bear arms and use them if necessary to protect life and property since 1992, and this is true in 48 states. The two holdouts are Illinois and New York who has now renewed their bullcrap because of the recent mass murder caused by lunatics and used a firearm that has been used in 1.6% of all murders committed in the past year.
Returning veterans from foreign wars, like Afghanistan are now being singled out as people that should not have personally owned weapons. This means it is okay for government to order them to kill, but not okay when they return to civilian life to have weapons for self-defense.
And on the subject of dead Americans, there is the Benghazi scandal hearing
What Ron Johnsonshould have been asking is why calls for help and previous week request by the ambassador killed had been ignored. No question was asked if Hillary was knowledgeable of those requests that were unanswered and why security forces were told to “stand down”.  Hillary was right at one point, however, that four Americans were brutally attacked and murdered and those involved should be found, killed or captured; however, accountability remains for whoever gave the order to “stand down” and refused to provide needed security. Johnson was pinpointing too much on the insistence by White House that it was a demonstrations gone bad and angry protestors, instead of an organized militant attack.
Sandy Hook School Shooting UPDATE: The next video asks some unexplained questions and contradictions in media reporting (and what medical examiner stated) :