Protecting Constitution: Letter to Senator Johnson

January 30th, 2013
Senator Ron Johnson
386 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
[All Members of Congress] 
Keith A. Lehman
RE: Senator Feinstein’s Firearm Ban and Registration Bill
For too longWe the People have been fighting to keep liberties and rights of the Constitution of the United States and its amendments, allowing those that operate OUR government to weaken what the Founders had written and discussed in the Federalist Papers. The federal government has consistently passed legislation and policies that should have been delegated to the states of the Union and ignored the limitations of power clearly prescribed in the articles of our Constitution.

Those that have been granted the important responsibility of operating our government has now come to a point in our nation’s history where the Constitution is being held as outdated and not useable in “modern” society, blaming issues we face today upon that premise. This is an outrage and plainly, a lie. We are at dangerous crossroads in our nation’s history because We the People allowed elected officials to circumvent and dilute the articles and amendments of the US Constitution. Our problems are not caused by the Constitution, but instead politicians who do not obey constitutional law.

The Constitution was not perfect, so the Founders instituted a system where by two-thirds majority of Congress and state ratification could produce an amendment that would clarify and correct those errors. Specifically, amendments were made to make slavery illegal, the right for women to vote, Civil Rights issues, and limited terms for the executive office.
The Second Amendment, like most of the articles and amendments of the Constitution, is written in plain language …
A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.
In the recent mass shootings, every incident occurred in a “Gun Free Zone” – where citizens were not afforded the opportunity to defend themselves. The perpetrators knew this and carried out horrific crimes that is unimaginable to a sane and lawful citizen. The answer that the present administration of the Executive Office and too many in the US Congress want to punish the lawful citizens for a minute segment of society who is mentally ill and/or criminal. That is what the Feinstein bill represents.
Despite clear and factual evidence provided by annual FBI Reports showing that while more citizens own and use firearms, the violent crime rate has been reduced significantly since 1992.
History clearly shows us that government who insist upon registering firearms is just a tool to make it easier for the ultimate agenda: confiscation. Tyranny does not always occur overnight, it is established in increments.
Supreme Court cases have consistently shown that politicians who gained the trust of citizens to be elected in office, have consistently tried to override or ignore constitutional law. …
1997: Printz, Sheriff/Coroner, Ravalli County, Montana v. United States. While this background check was overturned in violation of the Tenth Amendment, it is clear that in order to prevent convicted criminals and mentally unstable citizens from obtaining and owning firearms. If you examine the shooters of those mass murder incidents, the perpetrator had some background of mental stability – which means the government must establish a system where psychiatrists and mental medical facilities must make reports to the national background check system to prevent them from obtaining firearms. In the case of Adam Lanza, his mother did not secure her firearms from her son, known to have mental problems. Crime can never be stopped, but reduced as much as possible without punishing lawful citizens. The FBI annual report and other statistics clearly show that a sensible and enforced background check is the solution – not firearm and magazine bans.
It is tyrannical for any government to say that law enforcement and government officials can have weapons that citizens are not allowed to possess. A government with such an agenda and ideology must not be trusted. We the People have conceded that weaponry used by the military is not logically needed by civilians, even acting as local militia available in case of emergency; which includes automatic firearms (selective fire), grenades, rocket launchers, et cetera. The system in place establishes that a person, who qualifies and complies with the law, can receive a Federal Stamp, which provides lawful permission to own an automatic firearm. Senator Feinstein wants this Federal Stamp system for semiautomatic firearms. This is not acceptable.
The corporate media is as much to blame as the unconstitutional politicians. The report news about mass shootings and keep it in the headlines for at least one week, while ignoring that every day there are cases of lawful firearm owners deterring those who would commit violent crimes. The media, the “press” in the Constitution, is protected under the First Amendment, but it does not afford them the right to manipulate information or become a mouthpiece for the government instead of For the People.
Tyranny and despotism has reared its head in different forms, conforming to the time in history towards the social climate. The Constitution and its amendments were designed to stand against such actions. We are facing dangerous times, as we have throughout history, but the blame is upon those who do not adhere to the articles and amendments of the Constitution and their oath of office that is to blame – not inanimate objects or partisan politics.
Politicians may quibble and compromise over ideology, but the Constitution of the United States must NEVER be compromised. If changes are honestly required, then the amendment process must be enacted – not congressional legislation.
I implore you, Senator Johnson, to stand by your oath of office and fight against these transgressions against our Constitution and its amendments.This executive administration, members of the Supreme Court (Ginsberg and Sotomayor) and its allies in Congress have consistently shown they do not respect the Constitution or comply with their oaths of office.
You have actively helped veterans in their plight against congressional bureaucracy in the past, I was one of them. I thank you for myself and in behalf of other veterans. I truly believe that you will disregard political party lines, and instead let the Constitution be your guide and protection of it and our nation’s future your goal. All branches of government have been established as a check-and-balance system, but it is failing because We the People have turned our heads and politicians have been systematically destroying constitutional law. What kind of government wants to impose a firearm and magazine ban upon lawful citizens after turning loose those weapons across the border for drug cartels?
It is time for elected officials to be constitutionalists, not Democrats or Republicans or Libertarians or Independents – Constitutionalists foremost. Leave the partisan nonsense for campaigning, perform the tasks expected by the electorate, the Constitution of the United States and its amendments the foundation of everything good about our nation – it is their oath. Sheriffs also make that oath, and thus far, 225 stand against this assault upon the Second Amendment. I expect you to be in the front lines on this and every unconstitutional issue, against the present systematic dilution of our nation’s heritage.
Our nation should be the role model of a constitutional republic. We do not need to conform to other nations whose history clearly shows that their government systems do not work. Government is For the People and the Constitution, not the other way around.
Thank you for your service. I have faith that you will have the fortitude to fight this war against our Constitution and the future of the United States in a clear and present danger.
Most Sincerely,
Keith A. Lehman
Author’s Note to Readers:  Feel free to use this letter as a template to write to your senators and representatives or writing to the president. I doubt the latter would pay attention, he is fully confident in his agenda after winning a second term. He believes, because he was re-elected, that the majority of the American people are behind everything he does and everyone else are just “radicals” and “racists”. Only impeachment will fix the problem in the executive administration.
Trust no one who states and believes that those who protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States and its amendments are “radicals”.