Captain of the USS America is Incompetent

Hal G.P. Colebatch (American Spectator, Australian author and columnist) has written a great analysis of the man who sits in the Oval Office, for the second term. He has likened BH Obama to the character portrayed in the Pulitzer Prize winning novel, The Caine Mutinyby Herman Wouk, where Barack Hussein Obama is Captain Queeg. Indeed, Christina Wilkiereported that Paul Ryan stated that Hillary Clinton could have fixed this fiscal mess. Of course, I disagree with that because of her inability to protect ambassadors as the Secretary of State, now JohnSwiftboatKerry. A guy who joined Hanoi Janein Maoist anti-war demonstrations and committed perjury in a congressional hearing, who was taken under Senator Ted Kennedy’s wing and provided advice like some criminal uncle. He married into more wealth than his family already had by marrying the Heinz family heiress. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

This president is not capable of being a senator, much less President of the United States. Somehow, he has charmed 65 million people, counting votes that were fraudulent or illegal. Of course, he was assisted by powers of evil and the most powerful political machine in America – Chicago, Illinois, the Land of Entitlements and Tyranny.

Scary Guy with Scary Assault Weapon
He is the globalist’s poster boy, like Mitt Romney was the Republican establishment’s poster boy, and all the while the real person who could get the US out of trouble and return to a constitutional republic with a limited federal government; assuming, of course, that he could get the political prostitutes in Congress to cooperate was Ron Paul. The media either ignored him or tried making him look like a radical or a class clown. Of course, truth prevailed, but not enough Americans woke up to realize that Dr. Paul had predicted much of what is going on back in the 1990s. He warned the people, he warned Congress – but not enough listened.
What can one expect from someone who was a social organizer and alleged to be a constitutional professor, whose unconstitutional actions have been in place since the first day he took office after the 2008 election of his first term. Anyone with any knowledge of economics knows that no one, not a business or an individual, and especially a government can spend its way out of debt.
If anyone has read his self-proclaiming books, he wrote (who writes an autobiography at such a young age that is not egotistical?) There is an underlying feeling that his home life was seriously dysfunctional, and he has been tutored by communists, former domestic terrorist turned professor, and racist religious leadership. Bill Clinton was a liar (he still is), but at least he had his limits, and used far more logic than this president has been using. When it comes to a crisis, the only thing he knows to do is try to cover it up; so much for the promised transparency. So many important issues and all this president thinks about is transgressing against the Second Amendment (which he also promised not to do), support homosexuals (there are those that still thinks Obama is AC/DC), and pushing for women in combat – a huge mistake. He is obsessed with the small stuff, while a huge crisis looms over America, primarily concerning its economic future.
Colebatch wrote:
Yet Obama does not project any sense of urgency, merely a smug, radiating sense of his own greatness. The one fiscal measure to which he seems committed — taxing the rich — is infantile stuff, like Queeg’s obsession with who ate the wardroom strawberries. … Like Queeg, Obama shows an inability to change course when such a change is desperately needed. Giving 20 F-16 fighters and hundred of tanks to Egypt was never, in my opinion, a clever idea. … Obama seems to show no awareness that Egypt and other major Islamic countries have changed from being friends to something like enemies in a few months. …
The dancing is still there, the golf, the celebs, the multi-million dollar holidays … The one much-boasted triumph, the killing of Osama Bin Laden, was the work of other men. One of those most responsible, Dr. Shakil Afridi, rots in the hellhole of a Pakistani jail, abandoned. Obama’s oath to bring the Benghazi murderers to justice seems to have been forgotten as soon as it was made … Allies have been lost or slighted in almost every part of the world, the Afghan war has brought the U.S. and NATO humiliation and Russia and China lead in Space. The defenses of the U.S.’s major allies, such as Britain, are in an even more dire situation. This does not even consider the exploding levels of domestic poverty. … What, exactly have things come to when a cockroach of a country, apparently run by real, certifiable lunatics, can threaten the United States with nuclear weapons? The typhoon waves are starting to break over the bridge.
Reasons for Impeachment – I already published a short list. He would be more comfortable as a leader of a Third World Nation, but who could wish that on any nation?

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  1. […] The United States was attacked on September 11th, 2001, an anniversary days away, which provided the right of the United States to seek out enemies of the free world and destroy them. The enemy is not cut-and-dried like in World War II; where the combatants wear no specific uniform, kill women and children indiscriminately and use the ‘flower-power’ mentality of today’s leadership who have never personally engaged in a combat situation or even served any time in the US military – except for ‘Swift Boat’ Kerry. […]

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