NRA and Liberty Patriots Pick Up Steam Against Obama Tyrants

Jesse Jackson says that firearm owners are domestic terrorists.

Yesterday’s SuperBowl had Sandy Hook students singing in an ad sponsored by Michael Bloomberg who founded Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Its name is not even truthful – against ALL firearms. It is despicable that they use children to make their point, relying upon the emotions of the public in order to push their agenda. How very comfortable for them if citizens are unarmed while they remain armed to the teeth. How very hypocritical of them to have armed body guards with unlimited firepower against criminals, while We the People are not allowed to do so.

The Bloomberg link I provided above is a blog entitled Go Bloomberg, hailing to the corporate globalists and puppet politicians against the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.Now Bloomberg is claiming that someone can purchase a fully automatic weapon at a gun show and terrorist sympathizers.


It is more likely that one would be able to get a fully automatic from Eric Holder and company through their Mexican-border-walk arms sales.

Their propaganda is pushing the lie that the NRA was established by the KKK and the organization is racist; when in fact, it was the southern Democrats who passed gun control so that the newly freed slaves could not legally own firearms. The NRA has never divided their policy by race and promote responsible use of firearms along with protection of the Second Amendment.

The Democrat Party’s history is filled with racism until the 1960s when they found ways to use their racism as a political tool and a means to enslave Americans as dependents upon the federal government.

The political entity that is behind “hate laws” and “hate speech” come up with and speak the most vile things one can imagine.

However, have heart, true Americans, fellow patriots, the NRA is consistently fighting against this propaganda and doing so without the name-calling and other disingenuous rhetoric. Forbes announced that the NRA is winning. The US Congress already has an historically low approval rating and for some of them, their time is coming to a close in polluting the halls of Congress and their siding with the unconstitutional president, Barack Hussein Obama.

Chris Kyle, author of American Sniper, and credited with an historical record of 150 kills, was killed by a veteran he was trying to help recuperate from combat related problems, a veteran of multiple combat tours. As Alex Jones reports in the following video, the suicide rate has increased because they are forced to commit to more than one tour in combat when it used to be a volunteer option.

Alex Jones mentions about the death of Corporal Patrick Tillman, US Army, 2nd Ranger Battalion, former professional football player. Cpl Tillman participated in the initial invasion of Operation Iraqi Freedom and later redeployed to Afghanistan, where he was killed. The initial army report was that Tillman died in an exchange with the enemy who had ambushed the unit, after investigation it was found to be a case of  friendly fire or fratricide. Brigadier General Gary M. Jones revealed the details of the story at the request of Tillman’s family. He stated that members of Tillman’s unit burned his body armor and uniform to cover the truth of how he died. His personal notebook was also burned, a violation of protocol concerning the personal effects of a deceased military member. General Jones insisted that Cpl Tillman should keep his posthumous silver star and promotion because he had intentions of engaging the enemy and behaved bravely. The Tillman family was not informed until weeks after his memorial service, despite senior Army officers knowing the truth. Tillman’s parents criticized the army’s handling of the incident, and the father charged that the Army purposely interfered in the investigation and Patrick’s mother charged that this lie was to cover their image. Because of the circumstances of Tillman’s death and evidence found, including his personal journal, as well as the report that Tillman was against being used for army propaganda advertisement. Kevin Tillman, Patrick’s brother, also an athlete, was in the convoy traveling behind his brother at the time of the 2004 incident in Afghanistan, but did not witness his death. He testified that the military tried to spin his brother’s death to deflect failings of the Afghan war. The brothers had joined the Army after the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attack to fight against terrorism.

The Obama administration is allowing women to be in combat roles if they qualify, but the Jessica Lynch story should change their minds. Her brutal treatment as prisoner of war was revealed in a biography entitled I Am a Soldier, Too.

Meanwhile, General Stanley McChrystal, retired, speaks out in favor of gun control at MSNBC – Obama media mouthpiece.

Liberty Patriots continue their fight against those who would undermine the Second Amendment with a video of Ted Nugent speaking out:

The NRA sponsors responsible firearm ownership and use and supports the Second Amendment. The Obama crowd who is against the Second Amendment and the articles of the US Constitution who enact irresponsible programs like Fast and Furious and kills civilian people with drones is telling you that you do not need to defend yourself. Any government that allows their ambassador to be horribly murdered should not be allowed to operate – that is, the Obama administration. There are plenty of reasons why Obama should be impeached – so why is he not under impeachment charges and undergoing a hearing? Criminals have been operating our government for too long on both sides of the political fence.

The media manipulation of information and mouthpiece for unconstitutional federal government is a big part of the problem. NRA reports that 18 out of 20 big media corporations are for gun control.

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In Memory of Chris Kyle