Keep Pressure on Legislators: Federal and State


As Mark Alexander, Patriot Post wrote:

We often use the term “non compos mentis” to describe particularly outlandish pronouncements made by NeoComs or other “useful idiots” of the Left. The words are Latin for “not of sound mind,” or, in short, insane. To be sure, that sums up all of so-called liberalism, but there are some subjects that seem to bring out the craziness more than others. The Second Amendment is one of them.

In order to portray BH Obama as someone who is not against the Second Amendment a photo was released by the media portraying the president firing a shotgun. An Obama action figure doll is now available. This president has been placed as a celebrity since he first took office. The whole affair reeks of propaganda.

VP Joe Biden stated in his ignorance of constitutional law:

It is clearly within the right of the government to determine what type of weapons can be owned by the public.

While Biden and others have wailed that firearms have killed 1600 people since Newton (his statistic not verified), he failed to mention that mothers with the help of the same government that transgresses constitutional law, murdered 3,000-3,300 children in ONE day via government controlled abortion clinics nationwide. Worldwide this is 125,000 per day. Add that murder count of innocent people involved in drone strikes and law enforcement officers shooting the wrong people. These same people are telling law-abiding citizens that they can only have firearms approved by the government.

Let us make one clear statement to these morons, useful idiots, and tyrants who are transgressing against the US Constitution … the article of the United States Constitution clearly provides listed powers of the federal government by branch: executive, legislative, and judiciary. The amendments to the Constitution, especially the first ten (Bill of Rights) provides written rights and liberties established by the framers of our Constitution. The statements made by Obama and Biden are NOT in the Constitution and clearly demonstrates that they intend to violate their oaths of office. It is alleged that Obama was once a teacher of constitutional law. Did he teach how to circumvent it? He certainly is applying his lawyer skills in trying to find loopholes in constitutional law. He is failing – both as the leader of our nation and his oath of office. Clearly, these are impeachable offenses. Where is the outrage? Where is the proceedings to impeach hearings? Now you know why some people believe a coop is about to take place and other fears. People have lost confidence in their government, at least the people in it.

Here is some irony … the same web entity that wanted Obama reelected is now calling him a murderer. We warned them that he lies; now they are wailing. It is because no one took the time to inquire just what kind of change Obama had in mind.

Anti-constitutionalists are figuring out ways to scramble statistics and cloud the issue with nonfactual rhetoric. Patriot Post:

White House adviser David Axelrod struggled this week to account for Chicago’s shocking murder rate (42 already this year at the time of his comments), claiming that it’s because “all around us are areas with weak laws and with very lax background checks and a lot of illegal guns flow into this city.” Technically, he’s correct: Guns used in Chicago crimes are often bought outside the city. But that’s because there aren’t any gun stores in Chicago. Criminals don’t generally succeed in buying from licensed gun dealers, either. And Axelrod doesn’t explain the low crime rate in surrounding communities.

Watching the antics of Washington elitists is like watching a Three Stooges film, except it is not funny. Our rights, liberties, and even our lives are at stake. The Democrat Party is dividing us so they can step in – the former pro-slavery political entity is going to reinstitute slavery again on a different scale and agenda. Their chains are now invisible using government entitlements as a lure to put We the People into their control. And it is not just the Democrats.

Keep pressure on your legislators – secure the Second Amendment and regain other liberties, like freedom of choice and property rights. A constitutionally limited government can only perform efficiently without transgressing rights of the people. The NRA and firearms are not the enemy, it is those that anti-constitutionalists.

How can anyone misconstrue the following simple paragraph, Amendment II, Constitution of the United States:

A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The semiautomatic rifle, pistol, or shotgun is today’s musket – the government has no right to not allow a law-abiding, mental able citizen from performing their duty as a constitutional militia member or defending property, self, family, friends, neighbors – fellow citizens.

If the police can have semiautomatic weapons for defense, so can lawful, mentally able citizens. The recent spout of horrific tragedies is perplexing, but it does not mean that the rest of US firearm owners fall into their category.

Shall we punish (categorize) all police officers for what the LAPD did to those two innocent women in a pickup truck?

Shall we paint all law enforcement officers as gun-toting morons?

In order to remain free, We the People must have the arms to ensure that freedom and protect the Constitution by voting for constitutional elected officials. We the People must guard against enemies, both foreign and domestic. Those who choose to be operators of our government must obey their oaths of office. This includes members of the armed forces, which means that any commanding officer, including the commander-in-chief who gives an unlawful order (against the Constitution) they must protect those rights and refuse to transgress against We the People. Members of the armed forces are fellow citizens.

Our Constitution that many died for and put themselves and their property in jeopardy for is in great peril. Our federal government has become a clear and present danger to the Constitution and the very existence of our nation. Those that claim to be patriotic are allowing foreign nations to dictate our laws, transgress against our Constitution and its amendments, and either bury us in foreign debt or infiltrate through US real estate.

Has our federal government become puppets to globalists and foreign national leadership with evil intentions? It has taken decades of irresponsible leadership to reach the level of crisis we now face, warned by the Founders and even as recently as Ronald Reagan.

We the People have been tasked, generation after generation, to safeguard our rights and liberties – and we have failed. Our failure lies in the fact we allowed generations to be brainwashed by government controlled schools who dictate and do not teach the principle of learning that makes a truly good citizen, a citizen who is not afraid to ask questions, and a learning environment that encourages open discussion. Government-controlled schools are not teaching children about their Constitution and what it means to everyone, learning only what the government wants them to learn. It is why they are against private schools and home schooling – but the statistics of success in knowledge and intellect cannot lie. We have dumb-downed our children who now are the adults that will vote and become part of our national, state, and local processes. They are guided by propaganda and emotions instead of the Constitution and common sense (logic). We have placed ourselves farther down the list and no longer a nation of the top ten in overall education and knowledge.

It is a disgrace that the media and government ignore.

You cannot rely on politicians to reform themselves – WE the People must insist upon it.

Start now, we should have done so yesterday.