Obama State of the Union: Things That Will Not Be Addressed

Californianeeds sheriffs like Joe Arpaio.
Presently, Steven Seagal, an aging martial arts expert, assists Sheriff Arpaio and action actor training armed volunteers forming a posse to protect Phoenix-area schools to prevent what happened at Sandy Hook in Connecticut. It is a more sensible program than banning firearms (and ammunition as well as limiting ammunition purchase) violating the Second Amendment and lawful citizens who keep and bear arms. Tonight, President Obama will be addressing Congress in a state of the union address exploits a Sandy Hook teacher as he has used the school children as a backdrop and emotional “show and tell” presentation, as he presses his anti-Second Amendment firearm control and confiscation agenda. Ted Nugent will be present, invited by a member of Congress, Steve Stockman of Texas.

 Robert Creamer, mouthpiece for sociocrats at Huffington Post (Obama media) who admits that Ted Nugent, board member of the NRA is an avid and intellectual speaker for Second Amendment rights. He will be among 100 relatives of victims of firearm violence emplaced by members of Congress – sponsored by Mayors Against Illegal Guns organization founded by Michael Bloomberg. Of course, the accolades end after the first paragraph as Creamer then quotes Ted Nugent over the past decades, mostly from Rolling Stone. He depicts him as a problem for republicans likening him to Todd Aiken who made the “legitimate rape” statement in 2012 election cycle.

Recently, I wrote to my Wisconsin Senator, Ron Johnson concerning his stance on the agenda against the Second Amendment. Here was his response, which left out whether he would vote against Senator Feinstein’s bill:
Thank you for taking the time to contact me regarding your thoughts on federal gun control measures in light of the recent tragedy in Connecticut. A terrible and incomprehensible act of violence took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School. We are all deeply impacted by the horror of little children and brave adults being murdered. There are many serious issues that will need to be discussed and considered in the weeks and months to come. But right now, our primary concern should be for the families and the community of Newtown. At moments like this, America comes together to mourn and support one another. We will do so again in the coming days, and then search for answers on how to prevent such tragedies in the future As your Senator, I believe it is my primary responsibility to uphold the Constitution and the Second Amendment is no exception.  I will continue to strongly support our Second Amendment rights.

The senator is sidestepping, he states he will “strongly support our Second Amendment rights” – but failed to provide what his vote will be concerning Feinstein’s bill. I called his office this morning and still received no definite answer of how he will vote. There should be no question. There is not one portion of Feinstein’s bill that is NOT against the Second Amendment, rights of lawful and mentally able citizens to keep and bear arms. If the law enforcement officers and government authorities can have semiautomatic weapons – so can lawful citizens. No compromise.

Back to California (Mexifornia) …

If you want to see what is going to happen in other areas, check out what Congressman Brad Sherman of California is presenting as a bill – to provide permanent documentation for 12 million illegal aliens, which is more likely 20 million. They do not know because they do not ensure that laws are enforced already on the books. Unions are pushing this because it would boost their membership, which has been dwindling after Americans have awakened to their agenda. California is and has been an economic mess because of this issue and their blanket welfare programs.

The GAO (Government Accounting Office) states that …

California’s criminal alien inmates have been arrested on an average of SEVEN times, and 25% of the 102,795 incarcerated illegals (a number which is sharply up) are imprisoned for drug offenses. The author of the article at the Sacramento Bee says the new numbers will help secure more federal reimbursement dollars

California spends $34,000 for each prison inmate each year. Texas spends $12,000. The poverty line for a person in US is $10,890 per year, so California is spending three times more on those convicted of crimes than the poverty level of citizens. What is wrong with that picture? Especially when the Los Angeles County declared they were broke in January of 2011, spending $600 million for illegal children annually. There is an average of 40 illegal children in classrooms in Los Angeles County.

Across the United States, annually, there are more than 72,000 aliens arrested for drug offenses, bringing their culture with them from Mexico. Illegal aliens contain 25% of prison populations, while less than 5% of population in US is Hispanic. Do the math.
In some areas of the US, felonies are 12%, burglaries 25%, and thefts 34% — all committed by illegal aliens. In Los Angeles, 95% of outstanding warrants for homicide are made out to illegal aliens. Two thirds of all fugitive felony warrants are for illegal aliens.
In Lake County, Illinois, Land of Obama, against the Second Amendment, one half of murderers and 21.5% of all criminals are illegal aliens costing that county an annual rate of a little over $4 million.
There are 400,000 illegal aliens who have committed crimes, given deportation orders, but have disappeared. President Obama’s constitutional duty is to enforce laws – he has failed drastically. His answer to all of this is to provide these law breakers amnesty and instant citizenship – stating that the illegal aliens will require background checks, pay back taxes, and a fine before allowed to receive amnesty citizenship.
Illegal immigration costs U.S. taxpayers about $113 billion a year at the federal, state and local level… The annual outlay that illegal aliens cost U.S. taxpayers is an average amount per native-headed household of $1,117… Education for the children of illegal aliens constitutes the single largest cost to taxpayers, at an annual price tag of nearly $52 billion
Most illegal aliens pay no income taxes or little. Those that do pay taxes have illegal documentation, which is also a felony, which also means they can illegally vote. Most of the revenue collected from illegal aliens are refunded when they file tax returns. Many are also claiming tax credits. In Indiana alone, the cost to local and state governments annually is $608 million.
Obama won his second term by 51.1%, a bare margin. How many of those votes were made by illegal aliens with false documentation (or no documentation at all)? How many were dead people? How many recounts were rigged (Florida)? Check out this video:
Democrats (and too many Republicans) are counting on those votes, payback for initiating amnesty.Check this alarming investigation of voting fraud:
Why are these people not in jail?
The corporate media will not promote investigative reporting on the subject. Instead, they publish articles that make anyone look like fools that question voting practices and claim they are making it up. The previous videos show a different story – far more revealing than a printed article.
You can bet these government transparency issues and constitutional law will not be addressed tonight.
Fellow Americans: We the People must take OUR government back; wrestle it from corruption, fraud, and tyranny. It is up to US, for politicians do not want to rock the boat and want to keep business as usual in Washington. Politicians blame it on corrupt corporations, but those corporations support corrupt politicians. It does not matter anymore – Democrat or Republican – both parties are heading towards the New World Order. When the Constitution is destroyed, when people totally lose freedom of choice and rights and liberties guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, it will be too late. Something is wrong when states begin to consider secession. One of the major lies of Obama and friends was unifying America. They have performed exactly the opposite.
How many reasons to impeach Obama and clean out Congress must be presented?

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