Obama Banana Republic and Meteor Explodes over Russia

The basic principle Marxism:
Karl Marx envisioned that socialism would eventually give way to a communist stage of social development. Economical history and development is from slavery (Graeco-Roman) to Feudalism (Medieval) to Capitalism to Socialism and to its final form, Communism.
Capitalism promotes individual ownership of property (free enterprise and property rights) that the founders of the United States and framers of the Constitution established. While socialists believe that capitalism leads to inequality and concentration of power at the leadership level, negative aspects of capitalism can be held in check by regulations, as long as it does not interfere with productive free trade. Socialism relies primarily on collectivism, but as it progresses it becomes total collectivism to where the power is once again controlled at the top – just what socialists hope to achieve with Marxism.
Social justice is also a concern of socialists under the principles of Marxism that is why there could be a form of socialist democracy in which BH Obama, H. Clinton, D. Feinstein, Joe Biden and others are intent to use this form to replace the constitutional republic.
Nevertheless, the system is unfair and provides delusion instead of the ever-elusive utopia.
Obama and associates cannot see the forest for the trees and, clearly, does not have the people in mind in his agenda. As Karl Marxpredicted, socialism will eventually give way to communism, a classless, police state and poor society based upon common ownership.
Did they not learn from the mistakes of Soviet Russia? As pure democracy, it ends up eating itself into ruin. Government cannot provide efficiently the individual needs of society in a collective welfare state – it bankrupts those that produce trying to stay ahead of continually rising inflation and national debt.
Obama and friends, like the Clintons, feel they have established an American-style democratic-socialism that will work. The illusion that our constitutional republic has run into trouble because of an outdated constitution is false and delusional. The United States is in trouble because over the past five to seven decades we have progressively turned away from constitutional law, circumventing and ignoring its guidelines.
In Obama’s recent State of the Union address, it is clear that he thinks We the People are stupid, although some of us are, that speeches misinformation and fantasy tales should have awaken those that support Obama and his associates in Congress – to include political fence riders and RINOs.
Any normal American would say that such an income tax system is more than fair, or that “the rich” actually pay more than their fair share. So what is wrong with President Obama? Why does he keep saying that the rich do not pay their fair share? Is he ignorant?
BH Obama cannot be “ignorant” – he once instructed constitutional law class. Obama has been seen several times carrying around a socialist subject book written by SaulAlinsky. Hillary Clinton is also aware of his Rules for Radicals. Alinsky is a student of Marxism and applied it to community organizing and development, of which Obama learned The Alinsky Ethics. That is not coincidence, like it was not coincidence when it was proven that BH Obama in election year 2008 had associates that was a former Weathermen member, (one of them a bomber terrorist now professor in Chicago), a friend who helped him get real estate cheap that later was convicted of felonious crimes,  and members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Included in that list are four former terrorists  supporting him in 2008, and a racist anti-American minister of the church Obama attended for twenty years. He now courtsthe same Muslim Brotherhood as president.
It did not seem to concern the Obama starry-eyed fans. He was not just the first African American president, but also a social celebrity – thanks to the PR and corrupt political machine of Cook County, Illinois. What other state has three former governors who are, or were, serving prison terms?
President Obama’s belief that “the rich” still do not pay their fair share can only be explained on the basis of Marxist principles. To a Marxist, the top 1% earning anything more than the middle class is not fair, no matter how they earned it, fairly or not. So “the rich” are not paying their fair share as long as they are left with more than they “need,” as in a true communist system. This is the only logical explanation of Obama’s rhetoric, and it is fully consistent with Obama’s entire background, and his own published writings.
Obama has publicly admitted that he believed in income redistribution (Marxist principle), yet not enough Americans seem to care. No one is perfect, and, after all he IS the first African American president. One would think that in order to save integrity of the “black” community they would have looked for a better candidate – even if he was independent.
The best that can be said for Obama is that anyone who thinks we should increase federal income taxes on “the rich” still more is maybe a pirate rather than a Marxist. … During Obama’s first term, unemployment was over 8% and above for the longest period since the Great Depression, and that only begins to illustrate the Obama unemployment crisis. Moreover, despite all of Obama’s rhetoric championing the middle class, median household incomes declined by 7.3% (a month’s worth of wages) during his first term, even faster after the recession supposedly ended in 2009.
Moreover, the Republicans, the majority, are not helpful. Read what Karl Rove did to a real conservative “Tea Party” woman who won election by no small margin at American Spectator. It is as if he is out to sabotage the GOP or is just a part of the elite establishment who has lost sight of constitutional law and lost intestinal fortitude for fighting against those who violate it; as Phyllis Schlafly put it: Karl Rove is an embarrassment to the Republican Party. The GOP elite leadership certainly is.
But let’s humor the little communists, and look at the relative shares paid for all federal taxes. Again according to official IRS data, in 2009 the top 1% paid over 22% of all federal taxes, while earning 13% of the income. That is down under Obama from the nearly 27% of all federal taxes paid by the top 1% achieved by Reaganomics in 2007. President Obama also continues to promote the illiterate false narrative that the rich pay lower tax rates than the middle class, along with his trained seal sidekick Warren Buffett. But the IRS again reports that in 2009 the top 20% paid nearly 70% of all federal taxes, while earning 50% of the income. The middle 20%, the true middle class, paid 9% of federal taxes, compared to their 15% share of income. The top 1% alone paid well over twice the total federal taxes as the entire middle 20%, while earning less in income. The bottom 20% paid 0.3% of all federal taxes. But it is not just Barack Obama. It is the entire Democrat party that has been taken over by Marxists. … This and more is what your friends and neighbors are contributing to and voting for when they support the Democrat party. They are effectively engaged in a personal assault on you and your family, or at least on your freedom and prosperity, in attempting to turn this most prosperous and successful country in world history into just another banana republic.
Obama’s Quiet Ally: Who’s behind gun control bill no one is talking about by Mark Guarino
According to the Boston Globe, the meteor is unrelated to the asteroid to pass close to Earth tonight, (or today, wherever you may be) February 15th.