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– As reported previously at Lighthouse Patriot Journal – taxpayers are paying for expensive “Cultural Sensitivity” training and required for every executive branch department that merely equates to racism. Maggie at Maggie’s Notebook informed me that the issue was discussed on the Bill O’Reilly interview with Alexis McGill Johnson who is in the process of turning those tapes over to the Judicial WatchThomas J. Fitton. See Tom Fitton on video – CLICK HERE. Those mandatory classes given by racist Samuel Betances cost taxpayers $2.8 million. How would you like to give classes and make $2.8 million in one year? Why do government employees have to take such classes? It is because the government must indoctrinate EVERYONE – our children and those employed in the bloated federal government system that still exercises political correctness with statements like “Pilgrims were illegal aliens”.

On the Coronation of Lord Obama– For GW Bush it was the secret North American Union. BH Obama is expanding that to Europe and the Pacific Rim nations in a Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.  Two days ago he was trying to get Japan to join the agreement. Protests have been ongoing against TPP. The Senate is pulling a fast one:

…Democrat majority in the Senate will seek passage of the TPP by a simple majority vote rather than a two-thirds vote, as required for the ratification of a formal treaty.

No wonder Obama and associates are declaring the Constitution “outdated” and useless – not really a concern for those who circumvent and blatantly ignore constitutional law. Those articles and amendments are clear and designed to prevent tyranny and majority political party takeover in the legislative branch and executive branch. It is called the check-and-balance system, and that definitely is being ignored. According to the Tea Party:

A leaked copy of the TPP draft makes clear in Chapter 15, “Dispute Settlement,” that the Obama administration intends to surrender U.S. sovereignty to an international tribunal to adjudicate disputes arising under the TPP. … The TPP draft agreement does not specify that the arbitral tribunals must render decisions in compliance with U.S. law. … The result appears to allow foreign companies doing business within the United States to operate in a legal and regulatory environment that would give the foreign companies decided economic advantages over U.S. companies that remain subject to U.S. laws and regulations.

The globalists are winning, folks. It started with Woodrow Wilson in a small way, accelerated with GH Bush, continued with Clinton, furthered with GW Bush, and now on a fast track with the Obama regime. The GOP establishment poster boy, Mitt Romney never addressed the issue in his campaign for president. Evidently he is a globalist supporter, just as I suspected. As the Tea Party reports:

Romney did not make the TPP an issue because his free-trade strategists enthusiastically supported the Obama administration’s pursuit of TPP negotiations, objecting only that Japan should not be permitted to join the discussions until it opens its markets more to U.S. competition. … The TTP “has been mentioned exactly zero times by the Presidential candidates as far as we can tell, but if/when it is secretly approved it will become the most significant foreign and domestic policy initiative to come out of the Obama administration,” or out of the Romney administration, the writer said, “since both parties support it.”

This report was written by Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D – author of The Obama Nation and Unfit for Command. He also writes for the Tea Party Research Team,

On the Coronation of Lord Obama– The tyranny of New York continues …

An Army veteran in New York is facing up to seven years in prison for possessing five empty 30-round ammunition magazines. Nate Haddad told WGRZ-TV he was parked on a road last month waiting to meet someone interested in buying them off him when police approached. According to the station, the magazines were for an AR-15 rifle, the same type of weapon Haddad once carried in combat. Magazines over 10 rounds have been illegal in New York since 1994, unless they were manufactured before the law went into effect. Haddad says he thought his were legal, until he found out otherwise. … Haddad — who retired from 12 years of active duty in 2010 after sustaining a shoulder injury — now faces five counts of criminal weapons possession, punishable by up to seven years in prison. An online fund for his defense started by his brother has raised more than $40,000. He was offered a deal this week to plead guilty to five misdemeanor counts and avoid jail time, but declined — citing, for one, how it would impact his job at Fort Drum, where he still works as a civilian employee.

How can possession of empty magazines be a criminal weapons possession offense, especially since they were manufactured and bought before those magazines were banned?

On the Coronation of Lord Obama – The outrageous VP Joe Biden spouts more outrageous statements …

Obama File: Congress Stops Pay Raise - Look At Fiscal Cliff Bill Common sense facts are these assault weapons are unnecessary and dangerous weapons that put our law enforcement personnel at risk. You guys know a lot of departments around the country. I’ve been working with the police agencies for 35 years. I am going to say something outrageous: You’ve had no better friend over the last 35 years than me. We have to speak for all those voices, speak for those 20 beautiful children, who died 69 days ago, 12 miles from here,” the vice president added to applause.

Using the dead children as PR and emotional propaganda in order to continuing the campaign against the Second Amendment is despicable. The shootist at Sandy Hook school knew it was a “Gun Free Zone” and could terrorize and kill at will. If that brave principal had been armed with a concealed weapon, she most likely would not have died heroically attempting to save those precious children. Government and criminals ARE the problem, not firearms. To the progressive, at least for now, firearms are only for hunting, target shooting, and sports competitions with limited types of firearms allowed. Biden thinks that it is okay for government officials and law enforcement agencies can have the firepower that they insist the lawful citizen cannot have. Republican political prostitutes are stating, like the Mayor of Danbury, Connecticut

We have changed and I believe it is now time for our laws to do the same. … The most effective gun reform happens at the federal level. … We support the Second Amendment. We want to work with everyone and if they’re law-abiding citizens and they’re doing the right thing and owning their stores they have nothing to fear. [LIE] If they’re making their living off selling assault weapons, they should be afraid.

Gunmakers and lobbyists were not invited to participate in the Nazi-style conference.

On the Coronation of Lord Obama– Good news … 44 companies have stopped selling to law enforcement in anti-Second Amendment states (from six when last reported). That is thanks to you readers and Tea Party organization sending email and letters to companies asking for their support – if citizens are not allowed semiautomatic weapons and magazines over ten rounds, why does law enforcement need them? If it is because criminals have the firepower, then citizens who have the right to defend life and property should match the firepower law enforcement can have. It is also a testament to the fact that gun control laws only punish and limit lawful citizens, NOT CRIMINALS. The following is a list of those companies and retailers, which it would be a good idea to send an email thanking them as well as making purchases from them for their important stance against tyranny:

Barrett Firearms

Exile Machine

Tier One Arms

Bravo Company USA

Primary Weapons Systems

Crusader Weaponry

Top Gun Supply

Kiss Tactical

Clark Fork Tactical

OFA Tactical

One Source Tactical

Templar Tactical Arms


Old Grouch’s Military Surplus

Big Horn Armory

Midway USA


Rocky Top Tactical

Badger Peak

Controlled Chaos Arms

SRT Arms

Norton Firearms

Huntertown Arms

Evolution Weaponry

Doublestar Corp

JCW Industries

Citizen ArmsDue to legal, ethical and moral concerns, Citizen Arms offers only those custom firearms that are legal for all lawful citizens of a given state to possess, regardless of law enforcement status. LE personnel living in states where citizens must have restrictive features will only receive like product support from Citizen Arms. We’re very appreciative of the sacrifices made by the law enforcement community but we’re even more appreciative of the right guaranteed to all law-abiding citizens by the Second Amendment to the US Constitution: “A well-regulated militia, necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

On the Coronation of Lord ObamaThe Blaze …  In a “disturbing report” posted on Red Flag News, Constitutional Attorney Michael Connelly writes that he has received a letter and heard several stories of what might “sound like something right from a documentary on a tyrannical dictatorship somewhere in the world.”  

The Tea Party organization and InfoWars reports that the federal government is making the move to disarm veterans. How grateful, after sacrificing for our country, which truthfully equates to the policies of the federal government.

On the Coronation of Lord ObamaRon Paul is writing a new book: New School Manifesto: A Libertarian Look at American Education, to be released on September 17th 2013.

The book description:

Dr. Ron Paul’s latest book, NEW SCHOOL MANIFESTO, will delve deeply into one of the most important issues facing us today: the state of education in America. The vast majority of Americans agree that our education system is broken and that action needs to be taken. This book will be a focused guide to Dr. Paul’s position, which centers on a strong support for home schooling and free market principles applied to education. He makes the case for individual freedoms as they pertain to educating our children, and nimbly dissects the most pressing issues that need to be addressed from the libertarian point of view.

On the Coronation of Lord ObamaPatriot Post:

Ten states have proposed legislation to preempt federal gun bans and protect lawful gun owners. Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Washington have all proposed legislation to protect firearms made and kept within their borders. Alaska, Arizona, Montana and Tennessee have already passed such laws. Finally, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia thinks state guns bans will reach the Court. We agree, and we don’t doubt Scalia is itching to reiterate that the Court meant what it said in its Heller and McDonald rulings, and that the Second Amendment also means what it says.

Richard Henry Lee, Federal Farmer XVIII:

To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them.

On the Coronation of Lord ObamaEvan Todd, Columbine survivor, wrote a letter to Barack Obama opposing gun control …

I personally witnessed two fellow students murder twelve of my classmates and one teacher. The assault weapons ban did not deter these two murderers, nor did the other thirty-something laws that they broke.

Todd was a survivor, shot and wounded in 1999 and is a strong supporter today of the Second Amendment that GUARANTEES the right for a citizen not only to keep and bear arms, but use them in self-defense. NO MENTION of firearms for hunting and target shooting is in that short paragraph – because it was a given and a no-brainer that if firearms could be used to defend life, property, community, the state from foreign OR domestic enemies, it certainly could be used for hunting. The only thing changed in hunting is hunting permits and certain periods of hunting allowed to prevent overhunting. In the military we had a tradition called KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid – which government bureaucrats and political prostitutes cannot comprehend, much less implement. Government has become a complex bureaucracy because they did not follow that acronym, instead choosing to create a constantly growing government that regulates and controls citizens from cradle to grave, instead of keeping to the articles of the Constitution’s limited powers clearly described and listed. This is most certainly true of the federal government. Powers not listed are delegated to the states, who then delegate to the local government in order to retain a government BY THE PEOPLE and FOR THE PEOPLE. It is so simple, except for the portion concerning electoral vote, that my son, when he was six years old, understood it! Today, political prostitutes and tyrants certainly understand it; they choose not to abide by it – thereby, violating their oaths of office. They pretend and convince useful idiots, who are members and/or supporters of both the Democrat and Republican parties and their established elite leadership.

On the Coronation of Lord ObamaAndrew B. Wilson wrote a compelling article entitled Obama Fiddled, who also compared the Benghazi affair to the death of Ted Kennedy’s car passenger, Mary Jo Kopechne. Ted Kennedy was never punished and continued to be a senator in the US Congress, or rather for what he did not do. Diver who recovered the young woman’s body, John Farrar stated in testimony:

It looked as if she were holding herself up to get a last breath of air. It was a consciously assumed position.… She didn’t drown. She died of suffocation in her own air void. It took her at least three or four hours to die. I could have had her out of that car twenty-five minutes after I had the call. But he (Ted Kennedy) didn’t call.

President Barack Obama deserves similar obloquy as “the Commander-in-Chief who went AWOL” on September 12, 2012 — during the eight-hour siege in which heavily-armed terrorists burnt the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. … If nothing else, Obama is guilty of excessive passivity … indeed, dereliction of duty … on the night of Sept. 11, 2012. And so, too, were others high in the administration, including three outgoing members — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, and Joint Chief of Staff General Martin Dempsey — along with the Chief of Naval Operations (responsible for the deployment of FAST anti-terrorist teams), and the head of the Special Operations Command. [Read More at American Spectator]

On the Coronation of Lord ObamaWe’re History by Bill Croke

In New York City and Philadelphia “flashmobs” rob and vandalize newsstands and stores. This is a national phenomenon. In Chicago, the police department now won’t immediately respond to 911 calls if they involve post-burglaries, petty, or non-violent crimes. They’re too busy dealing with the daily carnage that is the nation’s highest murder rate, one that bested the number of military fatalities recorded in Afghanistan in 2012. When crazy people shoot up movie theaters and elementary school classrooms, we’re told it’s the gun’s fault. On a lighter note, the Wall Street Journal recently informed us that the demands of hip-hop fashion dictates that boys insist — despite the protestations of Mom, Dad, and school administrators — on wearing shorts to school in bitter winter weather. The girls prefer flip flops as their toes turn blue while waiting for the school bus. “Things fall apart; The centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world” (William Butler Yeats). … Cursive writing is leaving the classroom and those kids in short pants won’t be sending handwritten love letters to their “partners” and “significant androgynous others,” etc., anyway. If they do they’ll have to hire the equivalent of literate medieval monks to do it. Orwell wrote 65 years ago that “Our civilization is decadent and our language — so the argument runs — must inevitably share in the general collapse.” … and, of course, literary culture erodes. Most new works of “literary fiction” aren’t worth reading because they are written by academics for academics. Most contemporary poetry is unfathomable or juvenile in its design. E.L. James’ wildly popular Fifty Shades of Grey series main motif is sadomasochism.

… H.L. Mencken said: “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.” The 2012 Election makes the Sage of Baltimore’s quip ring true. All the bizarre political, sociological and economic theories that we have heard from the left for years are now being put into practice (in fact, President Obama showcased it in his Second Inaugural and State of the Union speeches). The result is a germinating dystopia sprouting from an executive branch contemptuous of the legislative and judicial branches of national government. Barack Obama is the embodiment of a country in willful decline in both domestic and foreign affairs, and he seems to relish his role. The president is a political Dr. Jack Kevorkian assisting our slow, national suicide.

Omega File: Jihad and the United StatesMaybe some historian will write about the Rise and Fall of the United States of America, like Edward Gibbon did The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire:

….the Roman government appeared everyday less formidable to its enemies, more odious and oppressive to its subjects. The taxes were multiplied with the public distress; economy was neglected in proportion as it became necessary…. If all the barbarian conquerors had been annihilated in the same hour, their total destruction would not have restored the empire of the West: and if Rome still survived, she survived the loss of freedom, of virtue, and of honour.

Today there are Americans demanding reformation of our federal government back to the constitutional republic for which it was created by 56 great men of 1776 era. In reality, as John Adams and other founders warned, a good government cannot exist without a good people, and looking at our society. It is that entity that must reform in order to succeed in regaining and retaining rights and liberties of a reformed limited federal government who properly delegates authority to the state governments where it belongs.

It might help to begin to teach integrity, honor, and important virtues rather than political correctness, cultural diversity, and Marxism. These truths are self-evident …

Character and worth cannot be found in the wallet, bank account, or value of one’s belongings.
Keith A. Lehman

Now that we opened Pandora’s Box with tobacco litigation, ‘hate crime’ bills and politically correct groups who act like Speech Control Incorporated are heading America into dangerous waters. Remember 20-30 years ago, today’s gun control addicts would have been scoffed at as nut cases. Today anti-constitutional sociocrats are winning the hearts and minds of the sheeple citizenry by convincing them that the gun is the offensive inanimate object that causes humans to commit crimes. Taking away the guns from law-abiding citizenry does not affect criminals who use them, just makes their job of crime easier. Getting rid of firearms out of the hands of law abiding citizens will not reduce violence in youth today or circumstances of crazed shooters, for society has corrupted itself and the youth of America because of their liberal attitude towards what should be discipline and teaching the fundamental values and morals of a civilized society.
Keith A. Lehman

The moment you complain about government injustice and the outright corruption, you immediately become ‘anti-government.’ Those that preach constitutionalism become “radicals”. Patriots are revolutionaries trying to overthrow a tyrannical government. Patriots are counter-revolutionaries trying to prevent government from overthrowing the US Constitution. Patriots are citizens who are loyal to each other and their national identity and heritage; the government only being a necessary evil.
Keith A. Lehman

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it – unless it agrees with truth, facts and common sense. The media constantly reminds of the First Amendment that expresses the right of freedom of speech and the press; yet clearly abuses that sacred right by becoming a mouthpiece for a corrupt government subverted by political prostitutes and corporate lobbyists who no longer represents the People, but instead thinks of them as useful tools and not capable of understanding the “workings” of government nor has the capability of governing their own lives.
Keith Allen Lehman 

On the Coronation of Lord Obama– Hope among the states of the Union – Missouri bill makes proposing gun control illegal – hopefully more states will follow. We can count on California, Illinois, Connecticut, and New York states being among the few that do not get it.

On the Coronation of Lord ObamaObama’s illegal immigrant uncle has been tracked down. Why should he care about US immigration laws when millions cross the border invading our nation and the executive office does not enforce laws, only continues to make new ones that slowly diminish the United States as well as toward its inevitable path toward becoming a Banana Republic.

On the Coronation of Lord ObamaWhat are the best and worst states for Second Amendment Fans? The most restrictive states are: California, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Hawaii. The states least restrictive are: Arizona, Alaska, Utah (top three). The top ten best states for firearm ownership are: North Dakota, Oklahoma, Florida, Wisconsin, Texas, Wyoming, and Mississippi.  See map at The Blaze.

On the Coronation of Lord Obama– Actor Kevin Sorbo speaks out against Obama and Hollyweird. The star of the once popular Hercules TV program and other acting accomplishments is not ashamed of his stance against Tinseltown and the Obama regime. He also starred in Andromeda and after the final episode was filmed, he wrote a poem for the cast and crew and shared it with his fans. [Amazon sells the complete five-year series in a DVD Box Set]

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