State of OUR Union: Obama and Associates Double Standards

Does anyone remember how Obama, as a presidential candidate in 2004, spoke of attacking the corrupted lobby system in Washington, DC?

I do.

Captain of the USS America is IncompetentObama and associates have developed a new group to increase their money and people power: Organizing for Action, financed by what appears to be unlimited donations of $50,000 or more. They call it their grassroots movement, copying conservative and constitutionalist terminology, but the name is where the similarity ends. Jon Carson is the Executive Director along with Jim Messina, considered political strategists. Their goal is to raise $50 million to be become among the top Washington lobby groups, as reported by The New York Times-Washington Examiner and donors are provided special access to the president for their donations. Huffington Post (pro-Obama and leftist blog) reports that donors are not getting special access to the president for money. It puts the president smack into lobbyist corruption where money talks instead of ethical lobbying.

BH Obama has a history of special interest politics, also used in his political campaigning against the GW Bush administration and his adversaries like Mitt Romney. Solyndra was an example of how special interests encouraged him to push for alternate energy and electric cars through government and union controlled General Motors who has moved or in the process of moving overseas [mostly China] most of its manufacturing after tax dollars provided bailout money. Alternate energies companies that Obama pushed in his zeal for alternative energy, while reducing and destroying coal and oil production in America is a part of the corrupt legacy of BH Obama and associates.

Organizing for Action is a tax-exempt entity and does not abide by federal campaign regulations concerning contributions. It stinks of corruption and reinforces the grab for power by Democrats and its progressive-socialist platform. This revelation even shocked former progressive allies because it once again demonstrates the double standards of this president and members of Congress, where they campaigned for more strict campaign finance reform as well as strict limits for political donations. Democrats (and too many Republicans), like they view the Constitution, either look for loopholes or ignore the rule of law.

Jay Carney, White House spokesman stated there was nothing new or unusual going on.

Viable Solutions Require Truthful Problem IdentificationRight – business as usual in Washington, DC. The organization is being used to ensure success of Obama’s gun control agenda, first a permanent ban, controlling ammunition, and as history clearly reveals will lead to total confiscation. Over 3,000 US Sheriffs are fighting this major move against the Second Amendment to the United States government and that number is growing. Meanwhile, there are shortages of ammunition on the shelves and firearm manufacturers are having difficulty keeping up with orders as the People prepare for the worst. DHS is getting prepared by ordering two billion rounds of ammunition, reportedly latest order was for 46,000 rounds initially and 200 million .40 caliber hollow-point bullets [including .308-caliber] recently ordered that was banned by the federal government as they push hard against Second Amendment rights. It is no coincidence and demonstrates that the feds are preparing for civil unrest; clearly showing that OUR government is not For the People or By the People, but instead against the People. Clearly, the Obama government is demonstrating the reason for the Second Amendment. We the People should be fighting against criminals, terrorists, and foreign invaders – not the government. Reportedly, Congress approved 30,000 drones to be used in the United States against its own people. This is all in conjunction with the firearm and magazine ban, and reduced ammunition sales. This has nothing to do with reducing crime.

Jan-Brewer_ObamaGovernor Jan Brewer, Arizona was right when she stated that Obama’s reelection will be a real scary time for America.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton’s replacement, John Kerry, pushes globalization at the expense of US sovereignty as he tells American diplomats: We Are Also Citizens of the World. While his boss is setting up corrupt organizations, Kerry is preaching that money in politics is a form of corruption. He should know all about corruption and his party’s fraudulent voting practices.

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