Obama, Democrats, and RINOs – Fiddle While US Burns

Election 2012: Knowing Importance of Constitutional CongressIt has taken the Democrat controlled Senate four years to pass a budget supposed to be done annually. Government spending has pushed the national debt to over $16 trillion, and it continues to rise while unashamed politicians continue to fund other nations, foreign people and organizations, spend on mandatory “culture diversity” classes for all federal department employees, funding illegal alien students, and on and on.

The national debt equates to $52,000 per citizen of the United States, including children. So writes John Boehner at his blog.

Recently the Speaker finally spoke back to President Obama and senators who has been putting the blame on and stated that it is long past due to take proper action …

Mr. Boehner reiterated his position on the sequester on Tuesday, saying that it’s up to the Senate to act. President Barack Obama and Democrats have been pushing to replace the cuts with a combination of tax increases and more targeted cuts. Republicans have said they already passed two bills in a previous session of Congress to replace the sequester and that they agreed to tax increases in the year-end fight known as the fiscal cliff. “We should not have to move a third bill before the Senate gets off their ass and begins to do something,” Mr. Boehner said. He criticized the president for traveling the country to promote his plan to replace the sequester.

As Mr. Boehner and others have stated for some time – spending IS the problem. Obama and Democrats, like too many politicians do, think that Americans are a money tree where if spending is too much, just raise or create a new tax. This mentality also is in too many state governments. One of the spending problems is that government employees are overpaid in comparison to the same jobs other taxpayers have, on the average. That is because the government allowed a private entity to control employment called trade unions, clearly not constitutional. Congress controls the money, not trade unions.

Taxes have gotten unbearable, but wait until ObamaCare kicks in, so it is no wonder that the government is preparing for civil unrest – between the government caused economic crisis to the federal government defying constitutional law, currently visible is the assault against the Second Amendment.

Today, congressional leaders and President Obama are dedicating a statue paid for with tax dollars, while the budget problem looms. During the budget debates, the Speaker was correct – he was out campaigning for his assault against the Second Amendment in the name and memory of children who died because the present gun control laws are not enforced or has proven in the case of background checks, inefficient. But that is the way with Big Government – the bigger it gets, the more inefficient and the less constitutional law and rights are honored.

VP Biden met with retired military officers to discuss gun control (actually banning and future confiscation). One retired general (Stephen Xenakis), a former Army physician, told The Hill:

The vice president has a great overview of all these issues. He has a plan and he’s working with leaders in Congress to get it done. He’s got great instincts on this. The vice president understands that when it comes to communicating with credibility on guns, the two groups with the most credibility are law enforcement and military officials. We have experience with both having weapons and using them responsibly, so we can get that message out.

One would think a general, retired or not (or is that retarded?) would know better. Firearm banning and registration now to make it easier later to confiscate firearms later, and the “message” the retired general is putting out is that only specially selected individuals, the elite – government, military, and law enforcement are allowed firearms for defense.

What about active members of the military general?

What about veterans, general?

Good enough to fight the generals’ and politicians’ wars, but not trusted to have firearms for defense (not just hunting or target shooting).

Even in the military, we had privately owned firearms, and if living in the barracks we secured them in the arms room and signed them out for target practice.

Of course, Biden spoke to a group of Newton, Connecticut citizens:

When I look at the courage you’ve shown, it’s incumbent on politicians to show some political courage too. If you’re concerned about your political survival, you should be concerned about the survival of our children.

Both sides of the political aisle are always using sensibilities, fear mongering warning that our children are in danger.
They are in danger from a government spending their future away and stealing rights and liberties one step at a time.
What he really means is if you do not agree with him, Obama, Feinstein, other socialists and RINOs, then you’re days are numbered. Constitutionalists are “radicals”, “racists”, and “outdated”.

If the Second Amendment is outdated, so is the first, fourth, fifth and tenth. Do you think these socialists are going to stop at the Second Amendment once they succeed in their assault upon rights and liberties in the name of dead children or any other tragedy they can use the emotions of citizens?

If Biden and other socialists were so concerned about children, the Sandy Hook school would not have been a “Gun Free Zone” – but instead an Authorized Firearm Zone Only. That principal that bravely died trying to stop that lunatic at Sandy Hook could have fared better with a 1911 Colt, Glock, S&W, or Beretta. Staff and faculty should have the option of a concealed weapon permit and trained how to stop maniacs who care nothing for laws. The Aurora, Colorado theater was also a posted “Gun Free Zone” – why do you think those lunatics chose those places?

Logic, not emotion prevails when addressing issues and resolving problems.

Emotion and class jealously is the tool of the Marxist – a well-used tool by the Democrat (progressive socialists and their RINO political prostitutes).

I suppose Obama and associates are afraid some sort of civil unrest is in the horizon – they continually piss people off.

All we have heard is how the American people want firearm bans and unconstitutional actions – another big lie. Recently it was exposed that Democrat organizations were providing false email to make Americans believe that the majority is for firearm bans, magazine limitations, and firearm registration.

People are shaking their heads and wondering: Why Did Rand Paul Vote to Confirm Hagel? [After he provided a list of reasons not to] Four others joined him.

Are conservative-constitutionalists [alleged] capitulating under the thumb of Obama and associates?

I believe we have gone beyond redemption, not that I have ever been a quitter. But then, that is what the sociocrats want. The most depressing thing is too many Americans (over 65 million according to the vote count) are a major part of the problem. Of course, we cannot know how many of those voted illegal or committed voter fraud. Still, it should not have been a close race, although I understand of being wary of Romney – but he was the lesser evil. He most likely would have listened to reason, unlike King Obama who bullies Congress and if he does not get his way figures ways around it, like executive orders. The man is a slick tyrant, understandable why some people would fall for his BS.

They let the media choose primary candidates and the political party elite, and then wonder why they must choose the lesser of two evils. I do not believe that Romney could have done much better with too many Democrats controlling the Senate and his habit of changing in midstream, his Massachusetts version of ObamaCare (who erroneously state it worked and the people like it), and one period of his career he was for government controlled abortion and then not. His state is one of the top repressive states when it comes to the Second Amendment and wanted us to believe he would stand against the likes of Senator Feinstein. Even the American Socialist Party is pissed at Obama and associates.

It all reminds me of Nero, Roman emperor, who reportedly fiddled while portions of Rome burned, ordering it to be done to solve the ghetto problem with crumbling houses, and then blaming it on the Christians.

Just in: Obama says the sequester he signed is not fair and will hurt tha economy — “we cannot cut our way to prosperity” – copying the more logical thought of more spending and deeper debt will not promote prosperity. Problem is: both sides of the political fence cut in the wrong places and in other places not enough.