Sequestor, Sequestor – What Happened to the Required Budget? – And More Un-American Insanity Across the Nation

On the Coronation of Lord Obama  The Wall Street Journal:

And when the RepCommunityOrganizer_SnakeCultublicans opened the seventh seal of the sequester, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black and the stars fell unto the Earth; and our nation’s ability to forecast severe weather, such as drought events, hurricanes and tornados, was seriously undermined. Lo, and the children were not vaccinated, and all the beasts starved in the zoos, and the planes were grounded. Or so President Obama and his Cabinet prophets have been preaching ahead of the automatic budget cuts due to begin Friday. The bit about the weather is a real quote from the White House budget director. … The truth is that the sequester already gives the White House the legal flexibility to avoid doom, if a 5% cut to programs that have increased more than 17% on average over the Obama Presidency counts as doom. According to Mr. Obama and his budget office, the sequester cuts are indiscriminate and spell out specific percentages that will be subtracted from federal ‘projects, programs and activities,’ or PPAs. … Not so fast. Programs, projects and activities are a technical category of the federal budget, but the sequester actually occurs at the roughly 1,200 broader units known as budget accounts. Some accounts are small, but others contain hundreds of PPAs and the larger accounts run to billions of dollars. For the Pentagon in particular, the distinction between PPAs and accounts is huge. This means in most cases the President has the room to protect his ‘investments’ while managing the fiscal transition over time. … This White House has never been fussy when a statutory text or even the Constitution interferes with its political ambitions. … Could it be that Mr. Obama is exaggerating the legal stringency of the sequester in a gambit to force Congress to shut it off? … Neither the legal details of the sequester nor the practical work of reforming government are as interesting to the media as Mr. Obama’s invocations of plagues and pestilence. The real revelation is that if the world does end, it will be Mr. Obama’s choice.

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John Boehner, House Speaker:

We have moved the bill [to replace sequester] in the House twice. We should not have to move a third bill before the Senate gets off their ass and begins to do something.

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The Washington Examiner:

Obama the UniterObama cannot enact his second-term agenda without significant help from outside groups. Those outside groups can channel resources through Obama’s old presidential re-election apparatus, which has now been rechristened ‘Organizing for America,’ an IRS 501(c)4 tax-exempt ‘social welfare’ organization. The sole purpose of OFA will be to advance Obama’s policy agenda, and to that end, Obama will meet personally with OFA’s national advisory board in the White House at least four times a year. And, here is the money part: You too can become a member of the national advisory board for the bargain basement price of just $500,000. … If that isn’t selling access, then we don’t know what is. And it’s also a clear case of hypocrisy — of Obama doing precisely the thing for which he harshly criticized others, and with which he formed the very core of his political identity as a candidate of ‘change.

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Thomas Sowell, economist and columnist – [from Shepherds and Sheep, National Review]

HopeAndChangePoster-766867Think about the First World War, from which nations on both sides ended up worse off than before…. Think about the Holocaust, and about other government slaughters of even more millions of innocent men, women and children under Communist governments in the Soviet Union and China. … The Great Depression of the 1930s, in which millions of people were plunged into poverty in even the most prosperous nations, was needlessly prolonged by government policies now recognized in retrospect as foolish and irresponsible. One of the key differences between mistakes that we make in our own lives and mistakes made by governments is that bad consequences force us to correct our own mistakes. But government officials cannot admit to making a mistake without jeopardizing their whole careers.

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Fox News Radio more nonsense from the sociocrats moonbats:

American Student Punished for Refusing to Pledge Allegiance to Mexico

Aztlan - ReconquistaA Texas high school student has filed a federal lawsuit against her school and her teachers after she was punished for refusing to salute and recite the Mexican pledge of allegiance. The Thomas More Law Center filed the suit on behalf of Brenda Brinsdon alleging the McAllen Independent School District violated the 15-year-old girl’s constitutional rights when she was forced to recite the Mexican pledge and sing the Mexican national anthem. … The district also has a written policy that excuses students from reciting text from the Declaration of Independence if the student “as determined by the district, has a conscientious objection to the recitation.” “There is a sad trend in public schools across our nation to undermine American patriotism,” said Richard Thompson president of the Thomas More Law Center. “But it’s encouraging to see students like Brenda stand up for America despite pressure from school officials.

The Mexican invaders are winning while our government tolerates the Mexican government. In World War I and World War II, the Mexican government was neutral, yet favored diplomacy with enemies of the United States and free nations. Mexico does not recognize US sovereignty, teaching in their government-controlled schools that the US has stolen real estate belonging to Mexicans.

Obama File: Yet Another Scandal and Lawsuit……The recitation of the Mexican pledge and the singing of the Mexican national anthem was part of a 2011 Spanish class assignment at Achieve Early College High School.  The teacher, Reyna Santos, required all her students to participate in the lesson. When Brinsdon refused to back down – she was punished, the lawsuit alleges. She was given an alternative assignment on the Independence of Mexico. The teacher gave her a failing grade – and then required the student to sit in class over a period of several days to listen to other students recite the Mexican flag. … it was especially troubling to watch video of students in the class standing up, extending their arms straight out, palms down and reciting the pledge of a foreign country.

Sieg Heil to Mexico?!? In the United States?

That teacher went well beyond discussing other cultures; in fact, it is downright indoctrination and disrespect to Americans and the United States – where she gets her salary from. Government may provide the paychecks, but it is We the People that fork out taxes in order to pay for that salary. It is time that our educational system become detached from the Big Government umbilical cord – yesterday!

AlamoBattleSantos should be fired and deported to the nation loyal to. Who would ever think Texas, once a sovereign republic who fought against an invading Mexican army would allow this nonsense. Mexican Americans or rather Mexican Texans fought at the Alamo and elsewhere against the Mexican invaders – so why are Texans of many origins tolerating this nonsense. It sure does not sound like the Lone Star state it used to be, and the one that Alex Jones broadcasts his fight for freedom against tyrants. Obama’s campaign army intends to turn the patriotic Lone Star state into a blue democratic-socialist state. This president has caused more damage, more division, and more misery than any other president I can think of – and he does it with a smile. American moonbats just cannot see through his façade.


And, mentioning invaders …

The federal government released groups of illegal immigrants from custody across the country Monday at the same time the White House was making its case that impending budget cuts would harm efforts to protect the border and enforce federal immigration laws. Advocates reported “waves” of illegal immigrants being released from at least three detention centers in Texas, Florida and Louisiana.

President Obama, who has placed the blame on others since 2008, blames Janet Napolitano and denied knowledge – as he denied knowledge of Benghazi. No doubt he will blame this on the sequester.

As the Ace of Spades HQ wrote:

President Obama will allow Americans to be preyed upon by criminals, to get his way.

The last time someone released scads of foreign criminals into the United States, it was Fidel Castro, and it was called the Mariel Boat Lift.

Why is it so surprising from a President who uses dead children and fear tactics to push his destruction of the Second Amendment?

Meanwhile, Obama is going around as he did to push more gun control and firearm bans to whine to Americans about jobs to be lost, national security compromised, and any other bad thing he can think up to make those who vote against him and his policies look bad.

Hey, Mr. President – you have already made the economy more ruinous than GW Bush – unfortunately 65 million Americans believed you in 2012, when you lied during the four years previously.

Is there not enough in Congress to begin impeachment proceedings? I cannot stand to hear his voice anymore, as daughter of JFK stated some months back. I had to obtain the transcripts of his State of the Union address because I could not bear to hear and see his play-rolling lies.

Obama File: Poor Policies, Scandals, and BenghaziGate is NOT Going Away

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