Documentary: Circle of Corruption – The Assault Against the US Constitution

chicago-politics-inkedWhile a Milwaukee county sheriff joined others to fight against the Democrats assault against the Second Amendment, the police chief of the city of Milwaukee joined the Democrats along with people providing emotional testimony to reinforce the number of Americans agreeing to firearm bans, ammunition and magazine limitations, and eventual firearm confiscation after forced registration. One law enforcement official honors his oath of office, while the other violates it. It all had the markings of a political PR show. All this after Obama promised that he was not out to take away Americans shotguns, rifles and pistols in his 2008 campaign for president during campaign 2008.

What Obama has done was choose (and still does, Hagel for example) individuals in his cabinet and heads of agencies and departments not for their efficiency and expertise, but for their loyalty and agreement to Obama policies. Someone willing to obey orders no matter if it is unconstitutional and unethical. It is why he has been screening his military leadership in order to determine if they will attack American citizens if ordered. Whether it be law enforcement, government officials, or members of the military — an unlawful order obeyed is a violation of US military ethics and regulations, clearly against the US Constitution.

On the Coronation of Lord Obama The Fast and Furious scandal sent firearms to Mexico in the hands of the cartel there, the same ones that Americans will not be allowed to own if the Feinstein and other draconian gun control bills are passed in Congress. Eric Holder and others have yet to pay for their policy and actions that caused the death of a border agent and many Mexican citizens across the border.

On the Coronation of Lord ObamaThe Benghazigate scandal has not been propelled or given its limelight in the definite suspicions presented. Obama lied and people died, something that GW Bush was accused of by the Leftist Big Government media mouthpiece. No doubt, GW Bush was not a constitutional president nor did he even attempt to establish government reform, despite the plea to do so. He was too busy establishing his father’s dream of a world government – the New World Order.

On the Coronation of Lord ObamaHillary Clinton was evasive and hostile in her testimony before a congressional committee concerning the Benghazi scandal – she was obviously covering up for herself and Obama. Ambassador Stevens was involved in running arms to enemies of the United States and free nations – died because the Obama team refused extra security and an official attempt for extraction of Stevens and personnel there. Ironically, Hillary Clinton was part of the legal team formed to impeach Richard Nixon over the Watergate scandal – for covering up and illegally using executive privileges to do so. Now, many years later, she is part of yet another scandal (remember the real estate scandal she and husband were involved in Arkansas), guilty of the same things Richard Nixon was.

The difference between BenghaziGate and Watergate is the latter did not cost any lives or provided arms and funding to enemies of the United States. If proven, this means that Obama and those involved are guilty of treason. The other major difference was that Richard Nixon, rather than put the nation through an impeachment process, resigned. That was not the case of William Clinton nor is it the case of this president. They will lie to the end, continue cover ups, for their power and prestige is far more important than the people they are supposed to serve and our nation. How much will this president do before Congress performs their job and begin impeachment proceedings?

On the Coronation of Lord ObamaThe following is a compelling video whose subject is about what I just discussed. Please view it and see what dangerous waters our national leadership has steered the USS America, endangering its people, aiding enemies while suppressing its own citizens. Everything that is occurring today was not entirely the fault of this administration or even Congress – but it is clear that instead of improving the situation, reforming OUR government back to a constitutional republic instead of a Marxist democratic welfare state, the United States is heading for some seriously bad times. The video clearly demonstrates that government gun control with eventual confiscation has occurred in places around the world – warning liberty-loving Americans to take action by cleaning out Congress and insist that the legislative body initiate justified impeachment hearings and carry out constitutional law. Any government who does not trust its citizens to defend itself (and their country), unless indoctrinated in a military or law enforcement entity, cannot be trusted.

On the Coronation of Lord ObamaBH Obama and cohorts want to take away firearms from lawful citizens, while providing enemies of the United States and global Islamic conquerors weaponry far more damaging than a semiautomatic “assault” rifle. Weapons that will be turned and pointed towards US — like Saddam Hussein did and other rogue national leadership. Governments cause war, even so-called terrorists are organized thugs or members of a theocracy that spans across the globe,  and justify their actions with propaganda and delusional violent religious doctrine.

It has taken decades to reach the fiasco, taking place today – a government growing in tyranny, operated by unethical persons, whose purpose is ultimate power and control of the people.

The long-term movement toward where we are now has been caused by members of both political parties because it has come to be that loyalty to political organizations supersedes loyalty to our nation, which equates to the People.

We the People have been lied to for decades – it is time to insist upon truth and a constitutional republic returned to the American people. The mainstream corporate media needs to be put into its ethical place – they are supposed to be the eyes and ears of the People, not a mouthpiece for Big Government and tyrants.

This narcissist person does not deserve to be our president and members of Congress who support or put up with his antics should not stain the halls of the US Congress.

He [and his fans] has claimed to be like Lincoln as a president who unites, but instead he has caused the opposite, reinforcing racism, the welfare state, and not delegating authority to state governments.

There is no other answer than to impeach Obama and fire his team of incompetents and political prostitutes.

Too often, and for some decades, has the American people given up rights and liberties over false promises of security and the propaganda that it is good for the People and their children. It is the opposite – our children are going to suffer and not experience the liberties our parents and their parents had. Our government has abused privileges and used tragedies and national crisis to increase their power — all in the name of security and what is best for our children. Those lies have been told on both sides of the aisle, and if they were not lies, they do not possess the common sense or the responsibility to make decisions and operate OUR government.

Take action. Email, write and call members of Congress. Remember how they vote and what they try to pass in Congress when it comes to choosing who is supposed to represent you. The Second Revolution has already commenced and we must use the vote and the pen as our ammunition, before tyranny forces a solution that no sane person wants.

At the same time, we need to clean up our act within our society as well, as the video presented clearly points out. It also shows things that the mainstream media refuses to focus upon: that firearms are not the problem, but our society and not ensuring that mentally ill people are not allowed access to firearms. The media must be shown and reminded that they are the eyes and ears of We the People, not the moutpiece of government. Indeed, the media’s responsibility is to ensure our government stays upon the straight and narrow, the US Constitution and its amendments. Big media is just as dangerous as big government, as one can readily see if they look objectively.

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