Traitors and Politicians

hand_point2Fox NewsThe Army private arrested in the biggest leak of classified material in U.S. history pleaded guilty Thursday to 10 charges that could send him to prison for 20 years, saying he was trying to expose the American military’s “bloodlust” and disregard for human life in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Bloodlust by American troops?
First, this soldier never served one day on a battlefield. Second, US military do not target unarmed citizens, and US military justice quickly deals with any atrocities. Atrocity and shooting unarmed civilians or mistreating those who surrender is not part of the code of the US armed forces. However, the enemy of the free world, Islamic fascists, whose agenda is quite clear when it comes to global domination and forcing their medieval theocracy upon the rest of the world, is full of instances of “bloodlust”. Talk about an enormous body count. Leadership warned since September 11th, 2001 that this war against Islamic fascism {“terrorism” is a tactic, not a theocratic-conquest movement) – let us call the enemy for what they are, especially since they praise Hitler and his book Mein Kampf and are determined to exterminate Jews after destroying Israel.
Military prosecutors said they plan to move forward with a court-martial on the 12 remaining charges against Bradley Manning, including aiding the enemy, which carries a potential life sentence.
I hope that the dirt bag gets a life sentence – most nations would administer the death penalty for treason.

Private Bradley violated his oath of service (as too many politicians violate their oath of office), violated his security clearance, as well as the trust of the US Army and the American people. The damage done by Bradley is still being assessed because his leaks developed into others.

In a world of military code and justice without political correctness and liberal bed-wetters, he would be standing in front of a firing squad or at the end of a rope; saving the taxpayers the costly upkeep of the dirt bag languishing in prison and sending a message to all traitors. Now that this traitor is about to pay for his despicable actions, is it not time to begin hearings and trail procedures for the traitor in the Oval Office and his associates?


Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security plans to release 10,000 illegal aliens from detention centers in defiance of sequestration budget cuts claiming they cannot afford it – yet building new detention centers for illegal aliens that costs taxpayers more money. It is strictly a political move demonstrating that Democrats care more for their political power than the Constitution, national security, justice, and the safety of Americans (“children”). This, in the midst of dead children used for an excuse to violate the Second Amendment demonstrates that sociocrats Marxist tactics are coming out of hiding and they have come out into the open to accelerate their agenda of tyranny with the help of RINOs. The looming budget cuts will put a 6% dent in DHS funding, not enough for Napolitano to order a release of criminals into American society.


The Obama “Chicken Little” scenario is getting old. Thanks to useful idiots and “moderate” conservatives who kept him around for four more years.


hand_point2 Guntersville, Alabama … Mayor Leigh Dollar wants to imitate the Louisiana firearm confiscation by passing an ordinance that would allow police to “disarm individuals” during a disaster. In major disasters, there are always dirt bags that loot and commit violent crimes – like murder and rape. What that mayor wants to do is disarm the populace entirely, leaving citizens with no means of protecting their homes and families from marauders.

The following video is what the Guntersville mayor wants to enact (this incident happened during the Bush administration):

The excuse of “I was just following orders” did not help Nazi SS pigs – it is certainly not an excuse in the United States, be it US armed forces, National Guard (state) or state and local law enforcement. If they confiscate firearms from lawful citizens as in the Katrina disaster they are violating their oath of office AND the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.

In 2006, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 5013 [Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act] in the 109th Congress in order to reinforce what the Second Amendment provides – but it died in the Senate. The Senate is a legislative body that has been a big problem for decades, not that the clear short paragraph of the Second Amendment is not clear and should be enforced.

It is long past due to clean out the Senate and replace Democrats and RINOs (like John McCain) that are not constitutionalists. The Senate is the body that approves a president’s nominations for his cabinet, his agencies, and the Supreme Court. If senators use politics instead of constitutional law and government ethics – they are violating their oaths of office as well as not worth the salaries they receive, courtesy of the American taxpayers.

However, that responsibility falls upon the American citizen voters to ensure those in government enact true reform and adhere to constitutional law. Politicians and their political clubs, as well as the corporate media have had their way for far too long – we are seeing the result.

hand_point2 We the People are the fundamental cause of those troubles because voters continue to vote based upon negative ad campaigns and media pundit propaganda instead of investigating voting records – and whether the politician actually keeps promises and honors the US Constitution. Constantly I hear complaints about the situation across America, but they continue to vote for either the same politicians or those that are the lesser of two evils.

hand_point2 Reformation of our government cannot take place if you vote for “business as usual” politicians. Reformation cannot take place without Americans reforming their ideology and remove themselves of any obligation to any specific political party, but instead look upon candidates not only as how they present themselves but if their voting and political record matches their rhetoric. I cannot emphasize the importance of primary elections. It is a method of choosing the best among those running in order to make the final campaign for the office of the President of the United States, as well as the importance of who resides in the Senate and the House of Representatives.

hand_point2 The United States government needs to seriously examine its policies, both domestic and foreign. We can no longer be the world police and still survive economically; yet we must ensure that our armed forces are prepared for any situation. Instead of the amount of forces stationed overseas in hundreds of installations we have today, it should be reduced to ten strategic locations that are capable of addressing any crisis until reinforcement from the United States arrives – strategic in the sense of quick response to different regions of the world.


The funding saved could be used to ensure that our military is strong enough, supplied enough, and armed enough to deter any nation or coalition of nations who declare war or jeopardize our national security. Our government needs to quit funding our enemies; indeed, the government needs to quit funding nations and people of nations. It has been proven over a long history of failed foreign policies that we cannot purchase friends. We can make friends with honest trade, not foreign aid that is nothing but foreign welfare. Domestic welfare needs fine tuning, of course, but foreign welfare needs to stop first.

hand_point2 It is wrong to put foreign peoples and governments ahead of the safety and welfare of the American people.

hand_point2 It is wrong to put foreign invaders who violate our laws ahead of the safety and economic stability of the American people.

hand_point2 It is wrong to secure the DMZ between North and South Korea and leave our southern national border open to invaders. Border security is to keep the uninvited out, not people in, like in North Korea. Honestly, those who want our traditions, our constitutional laws, our heritage to be changed to their ideology need to go back from whence they came – or if they are legal citizens consider moving elsewhere to a place of their ideological liking.

hand_point2 Instead of the DHS releasing those 10,000 criminals, they should have instead been escorted to the border of US-Mexico and told if they return they will suffer severe punishment. Why should we cater to and constantly appease a government like Mexico has, who dictates to us false claims of Aztlan ideology, and whose immigration laws are more strict than ours?

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