Odessa Files: Obama Agenda and Legacy of the United States

Captain of the USS America is IncompetentThis article is nothing you have not seen or heard before, however, this article puts events, ideologies and policies into historical perspective in order to awaken American citizens to the clear and present danger that the New World Order big government presents.

I certainly do not put the blame of the origins of this calamity upon Barack Hussein Obama, much as he blames everything he is responsible for and promised to do upon previous administrations despite having four years (soon eight) to reverse our economic crisis and put the United States back on track as a great nation. This is something that has progressed in increments for decades beginning with the Woodrow Wilson administration. However, he has been allowed, with help of members of his political affiliates that are both Democrats and Republicans in Congress, the accelerating factor towards the fall of our constitutional republic to be replaced by tyranny and a welfare state that can only fall to the glee of its enemies.

The following video created by the Hillsdale College [Kirby Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship] – Please patiently follow this important revelation of how our government has come to ignore constitutional law and quickly pass laws with a large impact without proper oversight committees …


It is quite clear that BH Obama is not the first president to sign a legislation into law that was not constitutional. Woodrow Wilson helped pass the 16th Amendment that has grown into an intrusive, complicated, and unfair tax code with an agency (IRS) that has unconstitutional power – hated by Americans and compared to the Nazi Gestapo.

Modern politicians and media pundits believe the US Constitution is “nonsense” – what they mean is that it gets in the way of their political agenda and power policies.

GH Bush - New World Order

As mentioned in the video above, GW Bush signed the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance bill into law – putting the burden upon the Supreme Court to dispel it and thereby violating his oath of office and duties as President of the United States. Delegation of authority is a requirement by the Constitution, but shifting the responsibility is not. His father, GH Bush leaked the GOP elite agenda of a New World Order. GW Bush secretly put together a North American Union pact that would even change the currency. GW Bush did not enforce immigration laws or secure our southern border — instead, he catered to the whims of the Mexican government whose corruption is well documented.


Congress has developed a system where legislation furthers bureaucracy, is not examined closely enough in a process what is called oversight, (oversight committee) and too often clearly not a power given to Congress by the US Constitution. Many mistakes in legislation is that the text is in too broad of terms thereby inviting abuse.

Congress voted against the bailouts initiated by GW Bush, but the Secretary of Treasury went ahead with it with the blessings of GW Bush because, as the video points out – was because of unconstitutional power provided to the executive office in a previously passed EPA legislation.

The so-called ObamaCare legislation, that should not have passed or signed by any constitutional president, was not thoroughly read by members of Congress nor was a proper oversight committee instituted by Congress to examine it for constitutionality and impact upon economics, et cetera.

TSA Stormtroopers Other agencies besides the IRS has become too powerful and clearly overrides constitutional rights and just plain common sense – a good example would be the TSA, also formed (and further refined by Obama) by GW Bush administration in the name of the war against terrorism. Clear complaints about our government adopting Gestapo agencies [there is even a youth corps established by Obama in his first term] and departments can be seen across cyberspace: Renew America, Canada Free Press, Wichita Observer, and Natural News are good examples.

It is no wonder why Americans fear a police state is on the horizon, especially when at the same time an severe economic crisis looms in the horizon (caused by the people in government that are paranoid against citizens) and the extensive firearm and magazine ban bills as well as several others intending to weaken lawful citizens to defend themselves and clearly a violation against the Second Amendment.


History shows that this is a prelude to firearm confiscation.

The following is a presentation comparing the Obama Youth Corps and Hitler’s Youth

This does not mean that the sociocrats (Democratic Party and RINOs) of America are conscientiously imitating the Nazi party of German in the 1930s-1940s; but clearly demonstrates the orchestration of a tyrannical power. Yet the similarities are just too clear – like using children as props for their agenda …

Tyrants Use Children

Tyrants Use Children to Gain Trust By the People

  • Systematic destruction of rights and liberties, blaming issues on everything except where it belongs.
  • Power over the mainstream national media used as a propaganda tool and prevent negative news about government policies – especially about the Democratic Party, et cetera.
  • Military presence and conflicts are demonstrated against, unless it is orchestrated or operated by Democrats.
  • Campaign promises not fulfilled like “I am not going to take your rifles, shotguns, or pistols away and I support the Second Amendment” [BH Obama, 2008].
  • Blaming economic crisis that continues expansion of national debt with NO reductions upon previous administration.

obama_propagandaDo you find it a coincidence that the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) ordered two billion rounds of ammunition, and early this year added 7,000 M-16s (military automatic version of civilian AR-15) claiming it is for “target practice” – and at the same time attempting to make it legal to ban and force every citizen with banned firearms and magazines to pay a $200 fee and register them?

Is this also because the government knows, despite denying, that we are heading to financial ruin and angry people are going to demonstrate in the streets and things may get ugly?

Those who stay home will not be able to defend themselves against looting, raping and other violent crimes in the midst of such chaos.

Do you think the government will protect you?


Think again, and remember what occurred during the Katrina disaster, the roadblocks that prevented anyone from leaving, and other oppressions by government tyrants. For National Guard and law enforcement (violating their oaths) – the excuse of following orders is NO excuse. Unlawful orders should NEVER be obeyed.


If two billion rounds of ammunition and 7,000 additional automatic rifles are required by the DHS for “target practice” – why were targets depicting pregnant women and children bought from manufacturers?

greetings-from-camp-femaWhy do FEMA camps have thousands of plastic coffins sitting around? Are the FEMA camps for helping citizens or containing them? If you do not think that could happen, remember what the 32nd President of the United States did with an executive order – NOT an act of Congress. Of the legislative body did nothing to stop it, despite the terrible legacy of those camps. There were ten of those internment camps. FDR was a Democrat and stayed in office like any dictator would – sanctioned by an ignorant populace of voters who clearly did not know what was really going on in Washington, DC. Roosevelt shrewdly stacked the Supreme Court and enacted the infamous income tax payroll deduction policy, “improving collection efficiency” as well as furthering the power of the Internal Revenue Service.

bar_goldcableObama has done this as well, making the IRS the agency in charge of collections concerning ObamaCare.

Despite the fact that a series of polls showed that at least 58% of Americans did not want ObamaCare – this narcissist president did not listen.

BH Obama has repeatedly stated publicly that if Congress did not legislate what he wanted he would use his executive authority (executive orders).

U.S. President Barack Obama (L) high fives children who wrote him letters about guns and gun control before sitting down to sign executive orders on a series of proposals to counter gun violence during an event at the White House in WashingtonBH Obama has used propaganda as tyrants of history have done; using children to demonstrate how much government cares, all the while indoctrinating our children with government policies and political correctness into our educational system. He recently used children (dead and alive) to push his incremental steps into dissolving the rights of the Second Amendment – demonizing lawful citizens with firearms by comparing them to mentally ill individuals who have committed horrific crimes. The media pinpoints upon these subjects and make themselves the propaganda media and mouthpiece for Big Government. If the 2nd Amendment dissolves, the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 10th will soon follow, not that these have not been circumvented and ignored over several decades during several administrations. The only break we had from this assault was when JFK and Ronald Reagan were in office – but even then, Congress did not cooperate in true reformation and rescinding unconstitutional legislation. The income tax system remained, despite President Reagan asking for it to be replaced or at least made less intrusive and fair – because politicians do not like any changes that diminish their power and prestige while in office. They have even arranged to provide for themselves, elected officials – not employees, retirement programs paid for by taxpayers.
President Obama just signed a bill that would allow Secret Service protection for all presidents for life. Now he has caused a panic (via people who believe it) stating that the automatic 3% budget cut will cause lack of security, government employee job loss, et cetera – all a bold lie that the media does not call him out for.

Obama is looking for a scapegoat folks because he knows that he has not and will not be able to fix the economy because his policy is raise or make new taxes and continue overspending.

If he is really worried about the American people (and their children) – why does he and Queen Michelle take so many vacations, especially during such troubled times? It has been claimed that those excursions were funded by Obama’s income – but that is a lie, just do the math. Meanwhile, Americans are making decisions whether to pay the month’s utility bill or eat less. People cannot afford medical care because of the system – not because of not having a national health care system controlled by government. That is the system established by the US federal government, and if you look at every intrusive legislation or regulation (from federal-state-local), it invariably accounts for the rise in cost of everything – fuel, food, homes. Forty-eight percent of the price at the fuel pump goes to the government agencies of city, county, state, and federal taxes. One hundred percent of taxes (versus cost) is laid upon tobacco products, specifically cigarettes – far above the actual sales and excise tax rate, which means government has been using taxes to punish people or for social engineering – not raising revenue as the Constitution clearly states. There are other abusive taxes as well, alcohol, fuel, communication devices, et cetera. The rate should be universal like sales taxes are in the states, as well as fair – not forcing certain portion of the people to pay more because of whatever choice they make. If insurance rates are higher for tobacco users, there is at least a viable reason.

Where is Obama when important things are discussed? He campaigns across the country for firearm ban legislation and draconian gun control that will end up with confiscation.

Where was Obama (and Hillary) when an ambassador insists that he receive extra security because things are not looking good?

Where was Obama when an ambassador asked for direct assistance while being attacked by an organized paramilitary operation by people that are soon to receive weapons and ammunition courtesy of American taxpayers?

People died, Obama lied – a quip taken from Democrat rhetoric about GW Bush. Nero takes vacations and campaign tours while America burns.

bar_goldcableThe economic ruin has spread around the world as this video explains in a manner reminding one of the comedies routine “Who’s On First” with Abbott and Costello


The federal government frowns upon citizen militia, even if they are constitutional militia and not radical paramilitary groups. If so, then whey are Islamic fascist training camps still operating across the United States?


We the People need to prepare and at the same time tie up phone lines, fill up email in-boxes, and mailboxes of politicians in state government and federal government and demand that constitutional law be enforced once again, and demand that common sense take the place of political propaganda.

Amidst the possibilities that will occur if the people do not insist elected officials perform their duties within limitations of the constitution and quit spending tax dollars on foreign nations, the Internet, the last bastion of freedom of speech will also fall under government control – something that government has had its eye on. It will begin by taxing it, which already takes place through taxation of communication systems – and then it provides them the avenue to control it.

Senator O’Connell made a speech concerning the Internet about three years ago when politicians were trying to pass legislation …

bar_goldcableA year ago, another YouTube video was released concerning the FCC and Obama …

bar_goldcablePolitical tyrants will not give up when it comes to rights and liberties, whether it be the Second Amendment or the Internet. It is because they feel that the populace must be controlled to make life better for all, a naïve and Marxist ideology to say the least, which will put them, the elite, in charge where the rules for you do not apply to them.

It is why the framers of the US Constitution purposely installed clearly defined limitations of government within the articles of that document, and the first ten amendments, called the Bill of Rights, were established. The corporate big government friendly media would love that to happen because then they can further their agenda of control of information.

It is time for Americans to wake up and be more responsible for who operates OUR government. Maybe this video will explain what is happening …

bar_goldcableThe following video features Thomas Sowell, one of today’s prominent economists and constitutionalists, like Walter Williams, explains …



Allen West: Patriot

Those who voted for BH Obama forgot to get the details of just what “Change” he was promising and had in mind. They would have known if they had listened to whistleblowers and investigators just what type of character they were asking to be the “first black president” who only told them what they wanted to hear, not what he had planned with his Marxist associates and donors. If the first African American president was so important why not choose people like Allen West – or even Star Parker? What about Thomas Sowell?

The real change required is to revert/reform to the constitutional republic established with a limited federal government that delegates authority, who looks upon lawful citizens as an asset to government who will gladly protect and defend the Constitution of the United States whether it is foreign or domestic enemies of the US, its traditions and heritage of freedom and liberty. We need fellow citizens willing to step up to the plate and combat political party mentality that has pushed its political platform further from truth and constitutional law – making those entities more important than the People and OUR nation.

Obama and his associates, as well as false conservatives, are truly dismantling our nation as Mr. Sowell states. It is happening because We the People allowed subversives to infiltrate our educational system to indoctrinate our children’s minds to where there is no respect for the Constitution, none for the heritage of liberty, and products of rewritten history and textbooks tailored for the New World Order leadership planning to be established within this or the next generation.

If so, the United States will be a footnote in history, if that is not entirely rewritten as well.

The Tea Party movement has been demonized by the media as racists and radicals, discounted by the Sociocrats, ignored by the GOP establishment, and used by the RINOs within OUR government. It is time to stand up angrily and shout that We the People count and that our Constitution is the best document ever devised between a people and government. If constitutionalists, like the Tea Party members are radical because they fight to protect OUR Constitution; and they are wrongly called racists when members of the Tea Party and their supporters represent the diversity that has been our nation since it was created.

If you are tired of lies, if you want rights returned that have been lost and protect those that are in the sights of tyrants – than do something and join those already on the march against this real and present danger that faces our beloved constitutional republic.

We all have a common bond as citizens of the United States, and that is the Constitution and its amendments – let us unite instead of divide, which the tyrants want for their ticket to totalitarianism and a welfare-police state.

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