Now, Tell Me About How Semiautomatics is the Problem …

The anti-fiream, anti-Second Amendment folks want to blame magazines that hold over ten rounds and semiautomatic “military” style of weaponry on horrific crimes — all the while punishing lawful citizens by taking away their Second Amendment rights in the name of reducing crime when it has been clearly proven otherwise.

I am talking about a mentally disturbed person living in a typical American dysfunctional family lifestyle killing his mother and dismembering her … read all of it at Maggie’s NotebookChildren need unified families, someone to mentor, someone to bond — both father and mother. It is long past due that our society realize that without a family nucleus, the nation crumbles. Between that and big government, the United States is in big trouble.

Maybe we should ban knives, hatchets, chain saws, automobiles – they all can be used by morons.

Result of Dysfunctional Family Environment

Obviously it is our society’s lack of morality, civic duty, family unity, et cetera that is the problem — coupled with the prolific use of mind-control psychotic drugs prescribed all too frequently to young people, to include members of combat teams in the US military.

Of course, the liberal court system will whine, caring more for the perpetrator rather than the victim and will never see a death sentence. Meanwhile, the taxpayer will pay for his upkeep including mental illness treatment. This bad egg is not fit for rehabilitation and if the whining liberals were so concerned – he should have been rehabilitated or given some serious mental care BEFORE this occurred. Is it not ironic that everyone says, after people like this commit horrific crimes, to include shooting up theatres, shopping malls, and schools that there was something wrong. So why didn’t somebody do something!

It is not semiautomatic firearms whatever way they look or magazines — it is our society and the government that has come to control it.

Those we elect to operate our government think they can legislate crime away — even legislate away climate changes.

I have come to the conclusion that the world has gone mad — thanks to government and those who think self-discipline, values and morals are out of vogue.