Obama Policy: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Barack Obama acts like a spoiled child when he does not get his way, rather he acts more like a tyrant – threatening to override Congress with executive orders, and now to ensure that the result of automatic spending cuts being enacted, that his ranting about how it will ruin government operation is actually true. First, let me say that the spending cut is only 3% – hardly anything to persuade Obama from closing public tours of the White House.

The White House is the People’s house, built with the people’s money and maintained with the same. People have planned to see the White House while visiting our nation’s capital – and now are out of luck. Speaker Boehner says it is just silly – and it is. Of course, pundit heads like Huffington Post blames the cancelled White House tours on the Sequestration. Yeah, right, like the national debt is so enormous because the government is not getting enough tax funding. All of this thanks to useful idiots, the title of Mona Charen’s book. These people put the blame of the world upon the United States, yet to some degree concerning our foreign policies over the decades it is true. The answer is not to turn to Marxism and the welfare state, we can see how well that is going for the European Union; but instead ensuring that government enforces the articles of the Constitution – for this trouble was caused from steering away from it, not because of it.

So now, while Obama speaks publicly and wails about cutting important things like security and the jobs of White House tours personnel, he goes on a 3-day golfing tour and attends a “peacemaking” dinner at Plume at $85 per person, excluding tax, liquor and tip – reliable sources [Keith Koffler] stated that Obama paid for the dinner. One blog stated it was $1,175 per person – a testament against posting incorrect information.

Americans are making decisions as to whether pay their mortgage and utilities or eat, and this prima donna the Plume. Looking at the menu, I cannot fathom how it could cost that much PER PERSON. Are dancing and Geisha girls included?

If BH Obama is the worst president in history – why is he still tainting the rooms of the White House?

Detroit is a model city of how well the welfare state works; indeed, it is a look into the future of other cities across America. Obama and the Sociocrats cannot blame the Republicans, anyone, or anything else because it has been operated by Democrats for fifty years.

With Americans’ income dropping lower than in 20 years, this president, like any tyrant, does not really care – he escapes from his responsibilities by going on tours, playing golf, posing with shotguns so people think he is not against the Second Amendment, and enjoying expensive dinners to woo political prostitutes to his bidding.

How much more will it take before Congress enacts impeachment proceedings and the American people wake up enough to demand it?

It is not happening because the Republican house is divided and in turmoil after losing an election they thought they would win with the GOP establishment poster boy.

As Business Week’s cover page puts it Obama & Failure – go hand-in-hand.

President Obama announces his sadness in the passing of a South American dictator while ignoring the death of an American Navy SEAL hero, murdered by a mentally ill veteran.