Obama File – The Lawless President

Captain of the USS America is IncompetentThe twelve senators who dined with President Obama should be held accountable by the taxpayers. It would have been more frugal to have a meeting at the White House. This 113th Congress has a useless senate, whose members did not pass a budget for four years – and with all the wailing and hand-wringing of Congress (all just a political farce), the few sincere members of Congress, led by Rand Paul were criticized by senators McCain and Grassley, turned against a fellow Republican, taking the side of the tyrant in the White House and Obama’s disciples in the Senate.

The following is a PJ TV video that accurately describes actions that this president clearly has committed high crimes and misdemeanors; indeed, if they were listed and described accurately, it would fill a standard hardcover book. Bill Whittle


Property Rights, Contracts and Law - American Citizen Arrested for Trespassing on His Land

Mother's Day and Same-Sex Marriage Issue

Impeachment proceedings should have started in 2010 and now this tyrant has finagled his way into a second term. Congress will not do the right thing because most of them are not constitutionalists and they fear of being deemed “racist” by any meaningful criticism against the worst, unconstitutional president in the history of the United States, following FDR’s example. All he must do to equal that record is to execute an executive order to use internment camps.  Of course he has surpassed FDR’s record before his second term. Apparently, too many voters do not care or play the role of mushrooms.

A government allowed to ignore constitutional limited power punishes innocents with the guilty. The Second Amendment becomes invalid because of a number of lunatics who use firearms to commit despicable acts and anyone who points out the problems with the growing federal government are “anti-government” and/or on an enemy of the state watch list.  If you are ever falsely or incorrectly denied the purchase of a firearm because of a background check – the government refuses to correct it, despite having an appeals department. Just ask David Sartis.

Inept would be too kind of a descriptive word.