Heeding the Warning Signs

constitutionallawThis essay represents what I call “brain food”, a presentation that asks questions and makes points, but ultimately it is a brain exercise for fellow citizens who have fallen under the spell of indoctrination by those who have gained power over our constitutional republic. It is an exercise of common sense and self-education.

During the course of the history of our government there have been those whose original purpose was not inherently evil when it comes to their elected tasks; they just did not stick to tried and proven principles – US Constitution and Bill of Rights – but instead thought they came up with a better mousetrap. This movement did not truly become evil until those organizing this assault upon rights and liberties Of the People became systematic and with a long-term agenda used by Marxists like Lenin and Stalin. That agenda was to place government in a powerful position, operated by a selected elite, in order to control the people. They craftily started with the federal education program taking advantage of that entity’s control over what is taught to children of the United States, slowly eroding those principles that made our nation so great in so many ways. The gist of that greatness, inspiration and fortitude, is because of the People, not the minority of self-esteemed elites who believe they can control other people’s lives for their own good.

220px-Decalogue_parchment_by_Jekuthiel_Sofer_1768People enjoy freedom; yearn for it if it is not present. It is a natural condition within the human soul and even within the spectrum living beings. One can recognize, whatever religion they believe or if no religion at all, the fundamental concept of the Decalogue and the Code of Hammurabi, as well as the Magna Carta as being great laws that were used in framing the US Constitution and establishing civilized societies. There are established international and historical Golden Rules and recognized sensible ones, like within the ancient Hebrew Ten Commandments – the Decalogue.

The first commandment established the monolithic religion of ancient people, the second commandment established a rule against idolatry, the third commandment established that the name of God will not be profaned, and the fourth commandment sets aside a holy day in honor of that one true God.

Except for those commandments, we can readily agree that it is a good guideline for all civilized peoples to follow, established by the Judeo-Christian theology and doctrine and honored by those who founded our nation and framed our constitution. [Deuteronomy 5] …

  • Honor thy father and mother, …that thy days may be prolonged, and that it may go well with thee
  • Thou shalt not kill.
  • Neither shalt thou commit adultery.
  • Neither shalt thou steal.
  • Neither shalt thou bear false witness against thy neighbour. [lying]
  • Neither shalt thou desire thy neighbour’s wife; neither shalt thou covet thy neighbour’s house, his field, his manservant, or his maidservant, his ox, or his ass, or any thing that is thy neighbour’s. [envy]

These “commandments” can readily be applied to any society of any civilization. It is common sense and the golden rule added that one has rights of freedom as long as those rights do not transgress the rights of others.

If an undomesticated animal is caged, it constantly attempts to escape until it is conditioned into being domesticated, but that “wildness”, yearn for freedom and natural instincts are always present until it is bred out of them. It is natural to yearn for and seek freedom.

Defend ConstitutionFifty-six men helped produce the Declaration of Independence, a document called the Constitution of the United States with ten amendments added that is called the Bill of Rights, which founded the government of the United States of America. A multitude of colonists once loyal to the British Empire fought and suffered hardships in order for those documents’ foundation to be realized.  A handful of colonists devised and pieced together the Constitution and its amendments from experience with tyranny, knowledge of Greco-Roman philosophy, classical history, and the concept that developed Saxon-English law of the motherland, derived from the philosophies of Aristotle, Cicero, Thomas Aquinas, and Augustine of Hippo. The early Church Fathers of Christianity, Augustine defined natural law to being divine law. Aquinas, in his Summa Theologiae, restored Natural Law to being independent. Importantly, he established that all human or positive laws were to be judged by their conformity to the natural law. Politicians and political scientists may deny it, and/or refute its wisdom, but the United States and the articles and amendments was established based upon the Saxon Natural Law and the fundamental concept of freedom of choice within the Judeo-Christian fundamentals. Those who have established power within the federal (and state governments) have pushed an agenda of a slow erasure of those principles. They ignore what made the United States so great in many ways, becoming a prosperous and powerful nation to be viewed as a role model of individual freedom. The gradual disintegration of constitutional law has culminated in the great schism and economic crisis we are experiencing now. Despite what the socialists have ingrained within our educational system, indoctrinating a generation, the decline of power and prestige of the United States was not caused BY the articles and amendments of the US Constitution; but quite the opposite. The federal government has become dangerously powerful and bloated with bureaucracy because the People allowed it. Therefore, it is the People who must ensure that constitutional law is once again the foundation of all laws and regulations emanating from the federal and state governments. In the United States, the Bill of Rights applies to ALL citizens, whichever state they reside – and those state, county, and local governments are obliged to adhere to those articles and amendments regardless what they have established in terms of laws within their own states. Tyranny can only succeed by the people who do nothing about it. If transgressions against rights and liberties occur, the People must quickly act. The people have been wooed by those who would see the Constitution disappear by believing it be for their own benefit.

If so, ask yourself this: Why did those politicians not submit an amendment to the Constitution to legally change what they consider to be a shortcoming?

It is because they know it would not pass or be ratified. They know they are replacing individual freedom with collective slavery. They know they are replacing a limited government with one that imitates a type of government that has repeatedly failed during the course of the history of civilization. It is all about power to the minority over the majority, yet hypocritically state they promote “democracy”.

Magna CartaIn 1215, a legal document of democracy that afforded certain rights of natural law was ignored, put in effect by force, and put in writing within the Magna Carta.

Francisco Suárez, Thomas Hobbes, Hugo Grotius, Samuel von Pufendorf, John Locke, Francis Hutcheson, Jean Jacque Burlamaqui, and Emmerich de Vattel influenced the concept of natural law even further. These names may be familiar to those who have studied philosophy and the history behind the founding of our nation.

It continually amazes me how the endeavor and wisdom of those great men who we have come to know as the Founders could not only conceive the ideas that led to the founding of a great nation, but inspired others around the globe.

The Founders knew what provided tyrants the power to counter natural law and the fundamentals of rights and liberties. It is why they put it into writing. The Constitution, created with enumerated with specific powers spread across three governing branches of government: executive, legislative, and judiciary. The enumerated powers are listed in Article I, Section 8, for example, the authoritive capacity of the Congress of the United States. It provides a list of powers of the central, federal government, who then is required to delegate powers to state governments. Those state governments created their own constitutions with laws pertaining to the national citizens of that state as long as it did not counter the established national laws of government, and its amendments, ratified by the states within the US Constitution.

This was accomplished not out of happenstance, but with a clear knowledge of the philosophy and history of politics and types of governments. It succeeded and considered to be the hallmark of the history of civilization.

The Founders were wise enough to know, and indeed in their lifetime, foresaw and experienced how if the People did not safeguard that which was established in the US Constitution and its amendments it would be lost. Those elected to operate the government By the People and For the People would take advantage of citizens who take those freedoms for granted, do not protect those established rights and liberties, and who have allowed their society to lose the principals of virtue and values.

Knowledge is PowerKnowledge is power, coupled with experience; it is a powerful asset and foundation of wisdom. Any government that limits knowledge, through controlled media – the “press”, as well as through government-controlled educational system is establishing or has established tyranny.

One would be astonished how many the people elect those who do not understand the articles and amendments of the Constitution of the United States. These people would be considered ignorant, but is no excuse because they asked to be elected to a position that requires that knowledge. Shame on them, shame on those who elected them.

Those that do understand, but ignore those articles and amendments or abuse their clear and enumerated powers have a selfish and evil agenda.

State of OUR Union: Jesse Ventura Interview with Alex Jones

The following is a list of my personal “commandments” or litmus test for those seeking election to any position of government, be it federal, state, county, city, town, or the local committee. It is not really commandments, but a list of guidelines for voters [legal] to consider and aid in returning the course of our nation back to when it was a constitutional republic. …

  • Trust not those who say that “transparent” government is for benefit of the people.
  • Trust not those who are determined to undermine, change, or dissolve the Constitution of the United States and its amendments.
  • Trust not those who use their station in society or position within government who place themselves above the Rule of Law.
  • Trust not those who seek election who have no character or have transgressed virtues and values within their personal lives. Association with evil and subversive entities DOES point to the character of that person. Those who do not believe this truth are either delusional or liars, or both.
  • Trust not those who seek to interpret constitutional law in order to tailor it to their political perspective and/or political agenda.
  • Trust not those who declare that the US Constitution’s limited powers are outdated. The US Constitution provides the ability to be amended by a two-third majority vote and ratification by the state governments of the Union. Circumventing without this due process means that their reasons are clearly suspicious.
  • Trust not those who hold their political party loyalty above the Constitution and its amendments as well as the welfare of our nation and its people.
  • Trust not the leadership who states because of national security or national crisis that the rights and liberties must be suspended or diluted.
  • Trust not any member of government who believes the United States government has the right to interfere with foreign national governments, provide funds without any way of paying it back via a loan or trade agreement, or provide funding for people of other nations without due cause. An example of “due cause” would be aiding a nation who has experienced a natural disaster.  However, that aid should be in the form of materials, not funds, in order to ensure it is utilized in the manner for which it was given and not for the benefit of a foreign government but its people. Intervention should only be exercised if a nation has interfered with the reasonable interests of the United States and its people.
  • Trust no commander-in-chief who sends troops and military infrastructure without approval of Congress and that legislative body has declared war according to the articles of the Constitution. Justifiable intervention or military action would be like the unjustifiable invasion of Kuwait and where an international coalition was formed to stop and destroy the invading nation. We cannot be nor afford to be a power that builds nations; but we should fervently strive to be a role model [once again] of a constitutional republic in order to persuade other nation governments to adopt freedom and liberty its people.
  • Trust no leadership who constitutes the welfare of the people as justification for control of the people and disregarding individual rights replaced by the collective. It only creates a welfare state that cannot possibly survive economically and creates generations of people who mistakenly believe it is their right to live off what others produce. This is redistribution of income and redistribution of wealth – clearly a Marxist principle that has been tried in history and always failed. Like pure democracy, called Ochlocracy [Rule of the Mob] – it is a nation’s suicide.
  • Never allow the persecution of one religion by another who demands tolerance but does not exercise tolerance. Never allow any person in government to transgress the First Amendment by falsely and erroneously stating that the words “separation of Church and State” is within the Bill of Rights – it is a myth. Trust no one asking for election to office that does not understand the First Amendment.
  • Look for those who seek election and convince fellow citizens that freedom of the press does not mean that the media has the right to report news nonobjectively or practice journalism that constitutes bias and misinformation in favor of an individual or a political entity. The media is not the mouthpiece of government or the enemies of the United States and the principles for which the Constitution stands; but the eyes and ears of the People. Insist that journalist educational systems teach their students journalistic ethics that are based upon the aforementioned values.
  • Do not rely upon television and radio political ads that are for the sole purpose of destroying the image and character of a political opponent rather than presenting what the candidate intends to do, if elected, and what he or she can do better. It is a tactic using fear, and usually are lies.
  • Rely upon the voting record, previous public statements, and the character of the candidate, which is readily available on the Internet being watchful of sources. American history shows that political candidates who are lawyers are not good leaders because in their profession they are trained to look for loopholes in laws rather than enforcing them or, if required, to amend/rescind them according to established constitutional guidelines.

Despite what has been written, the two terms of Ronald Reagan as President of the United States, referred to as the Reagan Revolution provides all presidents an example of good and honest leadership. President Reagan:

  • Established the largest across-the-board tax cuts in American history and at the same time presented the multitude of pages and heavy document to Congress stating that the intrusive, bulky, bureaucratic, and unfair tax system must go. Congress did nothing in that arena. While the US Congress helped President Reagan realize his dream of reestablishing the economic recovery and regained the US as a role model superpower, the Congress also prevented some important reformations. Those economic policies have been called Reaganomics, which encouraged the increase in small businesses, limited growth of social program spending, and reduced intrusive and detrimental regulation that helped in reducing inflation. However, because it was a period when it was required that the military be restructured from the stance of a Cold War to a military infrastructure that required advanced technology and the strategy of military unit strike forces, the national debt increased despite cuts in spending in other areas.
  • In foreign policy, the Reagan administration was clearly anti-communist, justly referring to the Soviet Union as an evil empire, and also ended the 1970s détente. The military buildup was primarily technological advancement making national defense so strong as to intimidate aggression by rogue nations and the two aggressive superpowers of China and Russia. No troops were sent to commitment to long wars and troops were sent once during his eight years in office against the invasion of Grenada. Entitled the Reagan Doctrine, aid was provided for paramilitary forces who strove to overthrow communist regimes, as it was during the JFK presidency. However, this also caused the Iran-Contra Affair, which was not covered up by President Reagan and those involved were put on trial. Every administration, with so many people involved with actions and policies, there is bound to be someone or some group that abuses authority and/or policies. However, every President is held responsible for what goes on within the executive branch because it is his responsibility; therefore, the mark of good character is addressing the issue instead of trying to shelve it. Every voter should remember this when considering the election or reelection of any candidate. Instead of shelving the issue, President Reagan appeared on national television from the Oval Office on November 13th, 1986, and stated:

My purpose was… to send a signal that the United States was prepared to replace the animosity between [the U.S. and Iran] with a new relationship… At the same time we undertook this initiative, we made clear that Iran must oppose all forms of international terrorism as a condition of progress in our relationship. The most significant step which Iran could take, we indicated, would be to use its influence in Lebanon to secure the release of all hostages held there.

It was clear that the White House was not kept informed when it was revealed that Oliver North had destroyed or hid pertinent documents between November 21st and November 25th, 1986. In North’s testimony, he stated that he destroyed the documents to protect the lives of individuals involved in Iran and Contra, the CIA’s network of informants and spies.

The difference between President Obama and President Reagan is that the latter fired Oliver North and forced John Poindexter to resign or fired as well. As a comparison, not one person has been held accountable and punished for the wrongful deaths occurring in Benghazi and the Eric Holder program called Fas t and Furious. Instead there has been nothing by political sidestepping, presenting false statements, and the former Secretary of State [Hillary Rodham Clinton] selfishly and egotistically stating: What difference does it make? I guess it is not a difference when her life is not on the line.

The Benghazi scandal [BenghaziGate] was revealed BEFORE election day of 2012. What were the voters thinking? Did they actually believe the lies that Mitt Romney as president could fare worse than the record of BH Obama’s first term? Granted, he was/is the poster boy of the Republican Party establishment, not in tune with Tea Party movement doctrine – and certainly not my choice for the presidential primary elections of 2012. Out of all those primary candidates, Ron Paul was the most constitutional candidate – but the American voters allowed the media to persuade them he was a radical and to some, a nut case. This did not just come from the Democrat Party camp, but within the GOP as well. Dr. Paul, over a long congressional career, warned of what could happen without true constitutional reformation of the federal government – 90% to 98% of what he predicted came true over the last two decades. He presents the problems and addresses the issues with verifiable solutions – far from what too many politicians do not do. Indeed, few in Congress paid heed to Dr. Paul’s eloquent farewell address to Congress and the American people. The following

  • Trust no individual or political organization that is against establishing or reinforcing elements that would prevent voter fraud. Union thugs and members of the Black Panther Party have been present at polling places, intimidating voters and aiding in fraudulent procedures; yet the person they were ensuring election and his political party are against voter identification and a national establishment of practices to prevent voter fraud using ridiculous excuses for their reasons.

In the state of Wisconsin, state government employees and trade unions gathered enough petition signers to insist upon a recall election, which is clearly against the whole concept of voting and against common sense. It is actually countering against legal votes and the Will of the People. It does not matter what political entity commits such actions or who commits such acts as individual citizens – it is fraud.

Which organization do you believe promotes “democracy” and has viable and ethical advocacy, promoting a better United States and constitutional government – Occupy Wall Street or the Tea Party movement?

  • Trust no individual or political entity that uses social envy to enhance their voter confidence, this is especially true when it comes to the conception of taxation and the poor, progressive income tax system.

Taxation is for the funding requirements to operate a government. It is not a tool to punish a segment of the population and to overtax one segment of the population to pay for another segments benefit. This rule of taxation was clearly established in the US Constitution, the Federalist Papers, and correspondence of the Founders. Taxation was viewed as a necessary evil rather than a patriotic obligation of its citizens. Taxation and patriotism have no common denominator being two separate concepts. It is because patriotism is for country and fellow citizens of that country – not unquestioned loyalty to any government and its policies and doctrines. Therefore, it comes to the difference between the Loyalist and the Patriot. Politics is not patriotism, it is loyalism. We the People hold allegiance to the US Constitution and its amendments – not the government, unless it is constitutional. The US flag (or any flag) is a symbol of the people. The people constitute a nation. When a national flag is desecrated in defiance or to make a statement, they are not insulting the government; but their citizens of that nation. They demonize themselves and fellow citizens; unpatriotic acts. This concept of patriotism is not solely descriptive for Americans, but people of any nation. Patriotism, used as a political tool, as in the case of naming the Patriot Act – clearly a transgression against the articles of the Constitution in the name of national security.  It was named so to intimidate anyone who planned to vote against it and has nothing to do with patriotism – just government control. The present administration who wailed the loudest against it, continues its policies and has added more to it through executive orders (unconstitutional) and congressional legislation.

It is the responsibility of every legal citizen of the United States to safeguard THEIR/OUR Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as well as ensure that constitutionalists are elected instead of political prostitutes. Therefore, voting is not just an inalienable right, but it is a duty that must be taken seriously. Anyone who violates voting regulations and commits voter fraud should be imprisoned upon determination of guilt; thereby losing their right to vote. This problem has occurred within both political parties, but more so being an historical factor of the Democrat Party of the United States. As troublesome is the fact that despite being discovered, those that commit the fraud are either not prosecuted or given slight punishment to fit the crime – and nothing is done to prevent such fraud in future voting polls.

All indications point toward the assumption that with BH Obama’s close victory, he won by prolific fraudulent voting. However, there is more to this picture than people realize. It has to do the Electoral College, a safeguard put in place by the framers of the Constitution, as the following video explains …

As the video explains, there is a threat to the electoral vote process.

  • Trust no individual or political entity who demands that the Electoral College and the total end of the constitutional republic; for contrary to what government-controlled educational institutions have indoctrinated into generations since FDR. We were NOT intended to be a democracy in the true sense of the word and as the Athenians established, it is rule by the mob. In other words, as Bill Whittle stated in the video above – the mob can vote rights away from other citizens. A good example is the homosexual movement where they place their rights above other citizens’ rights in several ways in the name of the misused word of “fairness”. It is not fairness. It is mob rule versus the rule of law. Our nation was founded to be a constitutional republic [rule of law] rather than a tried and failed democracy [rule of mob]. The object here in the United States and what has taken place elsewhere is that power has become consolidated to the federal government and undermining the state governments and their sovereignty. The major constitutional obligation state governments have is ensuring their citizens are afforded the rights and liberties that was ratified by states. At first, it was thirteen states and later that amount grew – but all states must comply with the Bill of Rights because by becoming a state they agreed to its law.

I realize this has been a long essay, but it has actually been condensed more than if the subject material would be further evaluated and presented.

It is the duty of you and I, fellow citizens, from every walk of life, in every ethnic group, in every religious faith and those who have no religion, and every age group to protect, defend, and abide by the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights and know the principles of what is in the Declaration of Independence. If so, you are then armed with knowledge and with that knowledge you can determine if someone deserves your political support and vote.

We the People need to realize that political clubs are a necessary evil that only affords candidates the ability to receive enough funds to operate a campaign for office and beyond that, after election, they are then obligated to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the general welfare of our nation, and the answerable to the people – their constituents.

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